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Apocalypse & Armageddon

What awaits us in 2022: global hyperinflation, price hikes and deficits. A reminder of food security

What awaits us in 2022: global hyperinflation, price hikes and deficits. A reminder of food security 1

If you have a bad feeling about 2022, you are not alone in your foreboding. As the new year approaches, everything seems to be going awry. With the widespread introduction of QR codes to enter stores, it even dawned on many optimists that the world had entered the End Times. The prophecy about “neither buy nor sell” came into force and now the elements, hunger and war are next in line. But what will go after what? 

We are facing the biggest supply chain crisis in our history, inflation is spiraling out of control, vaccine mandates are wreaking havoc around the world, and America is rife with the deepest rift ever seen in our lifetime.

Meanwhile, in most countries, the next wave of the pandemic is growing. Hospitals are again overwhelmed with unvaccinated patients. This whole situation is aggravated by the fact that global hunger is growing, and a major war can break out in the Middle East literally at any moment.

Unfortunately, people are fully convinced that many of the problems we are currently dealing with will reach a whole new level in 2022.

war in the middle east

If you think inflation is bad, wait until you see what comes next. In this Walmart video, part of the shelves are covered with films, and where something is on sale is food cans for preppers.

Similar issues have been observed in the UK for a couple of months now, problems with food have begun in other countries. In China, there are already fights for rice:

Here’s another video from a Chinese apartment:

In the neighboring DPRK there is a real famine. The country was shut off entirely with the beginning of the pandemic, so all the information from there is only from defectors. They tell terrible things – people no longer just eat badly, but generally die of hunger – falling on the streets or freezing in their apartments.  

The days of relatively low inflation are gone forever. As wholesale inflation continues to rise at a very alarming rate, it is inevitable that price increases will be passed on to consumers. Unfortunately, some corporations have already announced price increases that will take effect in 2022.

Winter 2022: Price Explosion and Total Shortage of Oil, Gas and Coal

For example, consider the data for the United States. According to the American Automobile Association, gasoline prices rose to a seven-year high.

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Inflation is very painful, and what we see now – is just the beginning of a nightmare. The latest dose of reality was offered by the CEO of Infineon, who said this week that the chip shortage will last “until next year,” Bloomberg reported.

Infineon is a German semiconductor manufacturer founded in 1999 and one of the 10 largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world. Automotive sales account for about 40% of the company’s revenues. CEO Reinhard Ploss commented this week at an auto conference, stating that the company will not be able to complete its backlog until 2022.

Infineon is a German semiconductor manufacturer

Of course, Infineon’s CEO was still trying to be optimistic when he made these comments. In reality, it looks like there is no end in sight to the chip shortage.

The ripple effect of the supply chain crisis continues – now disrupting food banks.

“When there is a shortage in the supply chain, it becomes much more difficult for us to provide our customers with food,” says Linda Hansen, director of Wellspring Interfaith Social Services, a food bank.

Things are bad now, but they will soon get worse.


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