What animal are you according to the Indian horoscope? And what does it say about you as a person?

Even if you’re not into astrology and don’t believe in everything related to it, you probably know your zodiac sign.

In astrology since the times of Ancient Greece, a zodiac sign has been understood as one of the 12 specific constellations of the Zodiac through which the Sun passes. A person’s specific zodiac sign is the one in which the Sun was located at the time of his birth. In astrology, it is believed that by the sign of the zodiac one can predict a person’s character and even his future destiny.

But did you know that the American Indians since ancient times had their own system of giving a person his own birth sign, based on totheism, seasons and animals?

Indian birth totems usually represent a specific animal: depending on the time of year, the corresponding animal will influence your personality and characteristics, much like a horoscope.

1. Otter totem ( born from January 20 to February 18)

The Indians said that a person born under the otter totem is unpredictable and he does not consider it necessary to act according to the rules.

If you look at an otter, you will notice adorable creatures that are fun and cute to watch. They move quickly on land and water, and are also incredibly hyperactive and unpredictable.

Positive aspects of personality:

Those born under the otter sign share the whimsical nature of their birth totem. They are playful and tend to see the world differently. These people often stand out from the crowd and have a unique charm.

Otters have an excellent ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions. They are creative and curious. Otters are also excellent listeners and tend to be nurturing.

In general, the Otter is very attractive and easy-going, which makes her or him a good romantic partner or friend for many.

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Negative aspects of personality:

The unconventional nature of otters can sometimes cause them to act rebellious and even unscrupulous in certain situations. Their brutal honesty can sometimes escalate into arguments, and their curiosity often leads to unpleasant situations.

2. Wolf totem (born from February 19 to March 20)

The idea of ​​the lone Wolf is true to the Indian totem of this animal, since people born under its sign need solitude. Balancing the fact that they like very intimate relationships where their partner understands this tendency and gives them space and freedom when necessary.

Positive aspects of personality:

Wolves take care of the family, they are understanding, loving and compassionate. In a group of trusted people, the Wolf acts as a protector and guardian. Wolves are also very independent, so their desire for freedom sometimes contrasts with their caring nature and family-oriented mindset. Their inner struggle leads them to great spirituality.

They appreciate people who speak and act from the heart, but generally avoid confrontation. Even if a wolf communicates with people, he always remains on guard and knows how to sniff out their true intentions.

The Wolf Totem helps the hunter to be guided by his inner instinct, which is usually very accurate. And the Indians were often surprised that people born under the wolf totem often became the best trackers.

Negative aspects of personality:

However, their high spirituality sometimes makes them feel disconnected from everyday life. Wolves often seem mysterious and aloof to others, forcing people to keep their distance.

3. Falcon totem (born from March 21 to April 19)

The Indians believed that people born under the falcon totem were determined, confident and purposeful people. Like a falcon that flies and dives while hunting fish; he is decisive, fast and goal-oriented.

Positive aspects of personality:

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If this is your totem, you have keen eyes and senses. Falcons tend to be good leaders due to their ability to persevere with a given task and their fiery nature. These are pragmatic and decisive people who are able to set an example for others.

In relationships, falcon is a passionate partner. He or she will express their love and sensuality very creatively.

Negative aspects of personality:

Self-confidence also has a downside: falcons can be vain and prone to boasting. The falcon’s fiery nature also sometimes causes them to be short-tempered and impatient.

4. Beaver totem (born from April 20 to May 20)

Beavers are great forest builders. In nature, the beaver transforms both landscapes and waterscapes. If you were born under the beaver totem, then you have a natural tenacity and hard work that helps you take on any difficult task.

Positive aspects of personality:

Beavers are adaptable and methodical, so their work is efficient and purposeful. They are also resourceful and quite cunning – masters of strategy. In the everyday world, people born under this totem often worry about finances. As a result, they work very hard to create financial security for themselves and those they love.

Family is the key goal in the life of any person born under this totem: the work they do is aimed at the benefit of their relatives.

In relationships, they are generous, sweet and romantic, but they become too attached and rarely know how to let go.

Negative aspects of personality:

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Although at first glance the beaver appears calm and collected, a person born under the totem of this beast still has some pretty serious insecurities that eventually come to the surface.

Often such people have a possessive and tough character. And such people are often stubborn and tactless.

5. Deer totem (born from May 21 to June 20)

The deer totem represents gentleness, creativity and communication that inspires others. Deer are peacemakers with a personable gentleness that endears them to others.

However, do not mistake this behavior for weakness. Deer have a sharp mind that guides them in the wild and saves them from dangerous predators.

Positive aspects of personality:

The key personality traits of a deer are intelligence, a strong social nature, and the ability to adapt. People born under this totem have the “gift of gab” and easily attract others into their circle.

Your intelligence and wit help you carry on conversations with different people. You have no problem with public speaking and should find a job where you can use your talent regularly.

In relationships, deer are compassionate and caring.

Negative aspects of personality:

The Indian totem depicts the deer as timid and restless. Sometimes deer can be vain and self-centered. Also prone to capriciousness and fear, as well as being overly strict with themselves and their loved ones.

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6. Woodpecker totem (born from June 21 to July 22)

Woodpeckers are sensitive and loyal. They are the great educators of the totemic universe of birth. Family is everything to woodpeckers, and they make wonderful parents.

Some Native American traditions consider the sound of the woodpecker to be the fundamental rhythm of the Earth.

Positive aspects of personality:

Woodpeckers are very sensitive, so they usually know how to understand and forgive. They are completely devoted to those they love, putting the needs of others before their own. This means that the woodpecker sometimes puts his needs last and may suffer burnout if people take advantage of his kindness. The woodpecker also firmly adheres to his convictions and honor, and is very generous and magnanimous.

Negative aspects of personality:

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The woodpecker’s biggest challenge is finding a balance between head and heart. Woodpeckers’ extreme devotion can make them very possessive and jealous.

7. Salmon totem (born from July 23 to August 22)

If you’ve heard the phrase “swim against the tide,” then you already have an idea of ​​how the salmon spirit works. Enthusiasm is synonymous with those born under the salmon totem.

Usually such people set some significant goals for themselves and achieve them, even if the whole Universe is against them.

Positive aspects of personality:

Salmon are intuitive and courageous, and they are not afraid to take on seemingly insurmountable tasks. Their boundless energy makes them natural leaders.

In relationships, salmon show great zeal and creativity. In the circle of his relationships, deep mutual understanding is built. Also, if you are in a relationship with a person born under the salmon totem, then be prepared to shower him with praise, otherwise he may swim away feeling unappreciated.

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Negative aspects of personality:

Salmon often have a deep need for praise, as we discussed above. Also, although they rush forward, they can be full of self-doubt. The problem is also that sometimes going against the grain can be dangerous and sometimes it can be futile.

8. Bear totem (born from August 23 to September 22)

The bear is a very strong and massive animal that takes its time when it needs to do something. People born under this totem have a masculine character, even among women. This gives the bear an inner strength balanced with truthfulness, acceptance and sincerity.

The bear represents a pragmatic, stoic nature and deep humility.

Positive aspects of personality:

If you are a bear, then you are the embodiment of balance. As a rule, in most situations the Bear is the voice of reason, they are extremely patient, and they make good teachers, leaders and mentors.

In relationships, bears usually strive to please and please.

Negative aspects of personality:

In a negative environment, the Bear can become an embittered recluse. Also, in this state of affairs, the bear may succumb to laziness.

Bears can also be quite skeptical of the ideas of others, and they can seem overly critical or prone to micromanaging, always trying to solve problems themselves.

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9. Raven totem ( born from September 23 to October 22)

Crows love pretty shiny things. They want to be surrounded by beauty. It is therefore not surprising that the Indians believed that people born under the Crow totem had the charisma and vision that allowed them to achieve financial success. Nowadays, it can be said that crows can be very successful in business and sales. Their sharp mind, cunning and love for the beautiful life usually helps them achieve success.

Positive aspects of personality:

Crows love to be around other people and are very charming. They have a lot of energy, they attract people to them and easily join a new team. They also love making other people happy.

Crows spend a lot of time trying to find a suitable partner. However, sometimes they are indecisive in matters of love, so they may miss out on opportunities in potential relationships.

Negative aspects of personality:

Crows’ people-pleasing nature sometimes causes them to become inconsistent, and their quick changes of direction can be annoying. Crows can also be materialistic, which often leads to selfishness, deceit and cunning. In rare cases, they may go overboard and betray for the sake of career or personal financial gain, but they will happily share their rewards with their family.

10. Snake totem ( born from October 23 to November 21)

For Indians, snakes represent ancient wisdom and great spiritual power. The snake is the traditional sign of the shaman. In Indian tribes, people born under the snake totem often became healers and spiritual guides of the tribe. They have always sought deep, meaningful relationships with others. They were trusted with secrets and sought for wisdom.

Positive aspects of personality:

If your birth totem is the Snake, you probably enjoy solving riddles and secrets. And also explore the world around you, thanks to which you absorb wisdom. Therefore, people around you are often ready to share all their innermost thoughts with you and ask you for advice.

Snakes are also energetic, charismatic and sensitive. Their spiritual nature makes them eternal seekers of balance and harmony. Snakes also thrive on change (think of a snake shedding its skin). Snakes accept change with an ease that most people will never be able to.

The snake’s main goal in a romantic relationship is to establish a deep, meaningful connection with another person. This is not sex, but a relationship in which two spirits become one. If the snake cannot establish such contact with its partner, happily ever after will become almost impossible. The snakes will slip away as quickly as they magically appeared in the first place.

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If you date a person born under this totem and deceive him, then most likely you will never be able to undo the damage. They don’t forgive.

Negative aspects of personality:

Snakes can be distrustful and secretive in their relationships with others. They can sometimes be domineering, even fickle or cruel.

11. Owl totem ( born from November 22 to December 21)

People born under the owl totem are usually endowed with undying stubbornness and optimism, which leads them to great adventures in life.

Positive aspects of personality:

If this is your birth totem, you face life with hope and optimism. Owl people are usually very optimistic. They try to find the good in people and even bad situations.

The Indians believed that owls were able to travel between worlds, so these mysterious and magical creatures have developed intuition. And a person born under the owl totem usually has good intuition, so he is not afraid to take risks.

In a relationship, an owl needs to be able to fly. This means that (if you are in a relationship with a person under this sign) you will have to give them freedom, but in return you will receive more than you could imagine. Because of their independent nature, owls need an understanding and completely honest partner to maintain their relationship.

Negative aspects of personality:

Their immortal optimism sometimes develops into unbearable pride. Failures lead to bitterness, so owls can often be very cold and aggressive towards others.

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12. Goose totem ( born from December 22 to January 19)

Those born under the goose totem are great strategists and hardworking people. They continue to overcome obstacles through their perseverance. For Goose, ambition is also one of the key defining characteristics.

Positive aspects of personality:

Geese are ambitious and others turn to them when they need help. Reasonable and reliable, they make a plan and stick to it. Geese have an excellent work ethic and will not stop until the job is completed.

The goose loves to laugh and gives warm emotions to those he trusts. This carefree quality permeates their aura even when they are deep into ambitious projects.

If you were born under the goose totem, you will usually excel in professional and physical pursuits. Nothing can stop you, especially if you know your family and friends have your back.

Goose is looking for a relationship partner who commands their respect. In the initial stages of a relationship, the goose needs support. However, once in a committed relationship, the goose understands the need to fulfill its duty. People born under the goose totem usually bear great responsibility to their “nest” and all those who are in their chosen circle.

At birth, this totem animal always shows respect for loved ones and works very hard to preserve and strengthen family ties.

Negative aspects of personality:

The most common negative character trait of such people is usually their temper. This hot temper can blind their eyes and make them believe in victory long before the end of the battle.

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