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“We will take the children with us.” Why are they preparing to declare “Disease X”, the new pandemic?

“We will take the children with us.” Why are they preparing to declare "Disease X", the new pandemic? 1
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Everything is developing exactly according to the same scenario that worked in 2020–21. and was postponed due to the horrendous war in Ukraine. Until recently, it was believed that two scenarios, medical and military, would not be promoted at the same time, because the population would not bear it. But, on the other hand, if both have demonstrated high efficiency, why not try?

Everyone is waiting for the pandemic, since it was predicted by many in the past. You can even name the symptoms of a new disease with confidence. It will be something like Ebola, that is, a hemorrhagic fever, during which people will begin to become covered with bleeding ulcers. The disease is described in the Bible.

Many researchers have begun calling the next agent causing widespread illness around the world “Disease X.” A 2022 statement from the World Health Organization defines the term as follows: “The term Disease X is used to identify an unknown pathogen that has the potential to cause a serious international epidemic.”

However, “Disease X” is something new that has greatly alarmed the minds of conspiracy theorists. It is also disturbing because the world is ruled by signs and symbols:

For the last at least two hundred years, traditional values have included rationality and a scientific approach to solving problems facing society. On the other hand, traditional values ​​have always included and still include at least the “most general” adherence to moral laws, the main ones of which are to treat people as an end, not a means and to treat people the way you would like them to treat you.

So we think about who follows traditional values ​​and who simply mumbles ritual phrases, the meaning of which is not clear and is not important.

On September 20, the UN adopted a document entitled “Political Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.”

The document outlined how to manage the population after the WHO declares another “public health emergency of international concern.”  

As recently as 2019, the WHO stated that pandemics over the past century have been rare and insignificant in terms of overall mortality. But since then the legend has changed dramatically. Now the WHO and the entire UN system believe that far more money should be spent on “fighting pandemics” than on any other international health program.

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An important nuance: what is “spent” by some will be earned by others. States and funds will spend (moreover, states and funds take money from citizens: either by appropriating most of their labor, or directly “out of pocket” in the form of taxes), but business structures affiliated with bureaucratic structures that have “muddied this topic” will earn ” Plus dividends from investments in Big Pharma.

However, this is not the main purpose of making the population miserable with “pandemics”. It is not about making a profit from trading in “new oil” (people). This is just a “pleasant bonus”. The main goal is to fulfill the “agenda”.

The word “agenda” itself comes from the name of one of the bodies of the World Economic Forum – the “Global Agenda Council”. It is not the main global planning body; the decisive role here belongs to the so-called “clubs” of the largest owners of financial and real assets (the most famous of which, but hardly the most influential, is the “Club of Rome”). The WEF and the Agenda Council are the executive bodies of these “clubs”.

That is, everything is very simple: “The real guys have agreed,” and all state and interstate bodies carry out their decisions.

What does the “agenda” consist of?

  1. Image of the future (what will presumably happen in 50, 30, 10 years)
  2. Strategy (what we want to happen in 50, 30, 10 years)
  3. Tasks that need to be solved to achieve the strategic goal
  4. An ideology that allows one to mobilize society to solve these problems.
  • And an important nuance: “mobilize” means not only and not so much “inspire”, but to force – to put in such conditions in which it will become impossible for people to fail to comply with the demands of the “agenda”.

The specific content of the “agenda” can be clarified by analyzing the published documents of the WEF and the Club of Rome. Briefly point by point:

Image of the future: humanity is on the verge of the greatest cataclysm in its history. This is not only a systemic crisis, but also a climate crisis comparable in scale to the onset of the Ice Age. Forecast: extinction of 80-90% of humanity.

Strategy: to prevent a chaotic, unregulated scenario (with unpredictable consequences for the world elites), and to achieve this, organize a gradual and progressive reduction in the Earth’s population. (The principle is “what you cannot prevent, lead it.”)

Objectives: introduce the most effective ways to manage the population, dismantling traditional legal, political and social institutions. (To prevent the population from revolting against the “elite.”)

Ideology: environmentalism, gender diversity, priority of “emotional intelligence” over rational intelligence (in common parlance – “dumbing”), deindustrialization (ten percent of humanity does not need one hundred percent of the world economy).

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So, the “fight against pandemics” primarily solves precisely these problems: dismantling the economy (through lockdowns), abolishing (due to an “emergency situation”) constitutional rights and other “legal delays” in managing society – and so on.

What other scenarios, besides “war and pestilence”, does the “agenda” envisage? Let us remind you: these are “climate catastrophe” and “hunger”.

Albrecht Durer.  Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Albrecht Durer. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

And here you go: the other day the “most authoritative” medical journal “Lancet” (which in 2020 did not give a damn about its authority and completely succumbed to the Covid “agenda”), together with some “non-profit” somersault board called EAT represents the “global planetary diet” necessary to achieve the goals of “sustainable development” and the “Great Food Transformation”.

The key feature of the “planetary diet” is a radical reduction in the intake of animal protein. The diet allows for one serving of dairy product per day, two servings of fish product per week and one serving of steak once a month. 75% of your calories should come from plant foods, including plant protein sources such as beans, peas and nuts. 

Switching from “unhealthy eating” to “planetary eating” will help reduce “greenhouse emissions” 15 times more effectively than completely banning aviation (which, of course, is also a good idea.)

The important thing here is that the food and climate “agendas” go hand in hand, just like the climate and pandemic ones. Due to “global warming,” tropical tiger mosquitoes have spread in Europe – potential spreaders of dangerous diseases, which means there is only one way out: get vaccinated!

The fact that ordinary mosquitoes in Europe, for example, are successfully combated by treating reservoirs was somehow immediately forgotten. Well, we won’t write about the fact that “unusual” mosquitoes can first be made cold-resistant through genetic engineering and then infected with anything, we are “spreaders of conspiracy theories,” which means, by definition, “we don’t believe in science.”

Do we think there was no covid?”

There was – just like the next optimization of the healthcare system, two years before. No, we don’t believe that something is “not there”; we have already gone through the stage of denial with our heads in the sand. Now we are at the “anger” stage. 

Our pathos is not that we are against health protection. And the fact is that we are trying to draw your attention to the following fact: they are not protecting us – they are killing us, under the guise of protection, of course.

What if the designers are right? What if humanity is really facing a cataclysm? So at least someone will be saved

Yes, and not “someone”, but who is known in advance. What if they are wrong? Are you ready to sacrifice your children to save the children of the notorious “five hundred families” of the largest global owners just because of a hypothetical threat?

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To be afraid that “we are all going to die” and because of this to commit suicide is probably the right of an individua. But deciding to kill children? This is impossible under any law. Only Magda Goebbels did this to her children.

“My children would rather die than live in shame and humiliation. In addition, my husband is afraid that they might fall into the hands of Stalin, who will turn them into communists. No, it’s better that we take the children with us.”

These children were poisoned by their mother's decision
These children were poisoned by their mother’s decision.

What to do?

 First of all, don’t be afraid. At least start by telling everyone and everywhere what you think, even if everyone around you thinks differently. And do as you see fit, even if it is many times more difficult than going with the flow.

Secondly, help those who are struggling. Participation, money or dissemination of information – depending on your capabilities. How to look for those who are struggling?

This is not so simple, because the information space is filled with fake information resources that imitate protest activity, but in fact discredit the idea of ​​struggle: the truthful information in them is abundantly diluted with hymn – so that it is clear that this information is disseminated by crazy supporters of “conspiracy theories” (and therefore, it is not true).


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