We live in the time of the Great Harvest: division of humanity and the departure of undeveloped souls

For the most part, spiritually developed people have their curators from the Highest ones, with whom they communicate, listen to their instructions and advice, and receive information about the future.

Even a few years before today’s events, the curators warned the seers that a great harvest was being prepared. And now we are all witnesses of this great harvest.

More and more people are dying from all kinds of unfavorable factors, and apparently this death will expand more and more, because the civilizations that have captured the Earth need the energy of human souls, which is then recycled. This is now the currency in our galaxy.

This energy is burning radiation of special power, subtle radiation of energy – plasma, which is actively released during the moral and physical suffering of living beings – with fear, shock, hatred, anger, hysteria, anger, resentment, depression, that is, with any negative emotions!

But the strongest release of human soul energy occurs during bloodshed and death. That is why the dark forces, which need this very plasma, are vitally interested in massacres, or any bloodshed. The dark ones cannot exist without death and suffering of living beings.

The great harvest is now being brought not by humans, but by civilizations of a higher level of development. They fought many wars on Earth, and in principle they achieved their goal – they changed the culture of mankind, replaced knowledge with illusions. And now they continue to successfully implement their program.

We were transferred to the category of unreasonable

Ordinary people are trying to resist this process, but, unfortunately, people are mired in illusions and do not perceive reality as it really is. At the moment, humans have been transferred to the rank of unreasonable. 

And since we are unintelligent, everything that is done with experimental subjects or with animals that people breed for food can be done with us.

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Galactic languages

For many centuries, people have lost a lot, including their unique abilities. One of them was telepathy, that is, the ability to communicate mentally even at a distance. The culture of this communication has long been forgotten but needs to be revived.

There are four languages ​​in use in the Galaxy. One of them is the transmission and reception of odors. We used to own it too. Humans have a nasal organ that lines the bottom of the nose, and a person can transmit whatever scent they want. Some concepts are associated with each smell, it is a language, we can speak it.

In addition, there is also the language of movements. There are also mixed languages, similar to those used by bees and ants. By movement and smells, they convey information to their relatives.

The rarest language is the language of emotions. This is the language of evolution, because any emotion creates transformations in the body, everything depends on the strength of the emotion.

People used to know all these languages, now they are long forgotten. But in order to communicate with the Galaxy, our abilities need to be revived. Our task is to return the status of reasonable, or at least raise it to conditionally reasonable, and for this we need to learn to speak galactic languages ​​again.

We were promised help

The invading civilizations planned to leave no more than a billion people on Earth, and let the rest go for soul energy. But at such a rate of destruction of humanity, they will not achieve this soon, despite the creation of new strains and the unleashing of new wars.

Humans are not idle, they resist the great harvest, and those who really want to live can sometimes be quite difficult to destroy.

If we make contact with higher civilizations, as promised, then in principle everything will change. Those who now represent the backstage and feed on the handouts of the invaders understand this, and they are in no hurry to contact. But even among the higher ones there are those who treat us kindly. They promised help. If this happens, then everything will change dramatically.

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