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Metaphysics & Psychology

We can’t see reality and everything that we perceive is an illusion created only by our imagination

We can't see reality and everything that we perceive is an illusion created only by our imagination 1

The ancient Greeks guessed that our world is not real. This problem is connected not with the world itself, but with our perception of it, more precisely, with our senses.

The main sense organ in humans and many other animals is undoubtedly the eyes. Vision forms our visual representation of the world around us. We see the world the way its eyes perceive it. However, it should be borne in mind that our eyes are far from an accurate tool for observation. Vision is limited by the ability to perceive a certain range of colors.

At the same time, it is also an important fact that in reality there are no colors, because what we perceive as the color of objects is just the radiation that comes from them. The wavelength also forms the color, but this already happens inside the eye. The retina of the eye perceives the waves, transmits them to the brain, which once again identifies them in its own way, distorts them.

And in fact, there are a huge number of wave ranges in the Universe, most of which we do not perceive, for example, infrared radiation, X-rays, etc. We can catch them only with the help of technical means, not to mention radiations that are unknown to us.

Imagine creatures that are devoid of eyes. Their world is a world of darkness, which is their familiar environment. They know everything by touch, by sound, by smell. But they can’t even imagine what it looks like. So we are like blind kittens, for whom the world is simply hidden by a veil of ignorance.

At the same time, of course, we most likely will never be able to see the Reality as it is. And here it doesn’t even matter how real the Universe itself is or maybe it’s just a virtual simulation of the Supermind.

This applies not only to the color of objects, but also to their shape and size. We see many things in the form of solid structures, but upon closer examination, for example, with a microscope or, conversely, a telescope, we will see that they have a completely different structure.

Even the knowledge of the world by touching objects is false, because in reality it is impossible to touch any atom with another. What we perceive as the sensation of touching an object is how we perceive the forces of interaction between atoms.

What we see with our eyes does not convey the true state of things, as well as hearing, touch and smells. Therefore, our world is not real, but only its shadow. Even Plato talked about people who sit in a cave with their backs to the exit and watch shadows on the wall, and what serves as a source of shadows is simply impossible to imagine.

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So our world is completely different, and we see only its pale reflection. All our perception is pure subjectivity.

Everything is simple. Quantum superposition is when elementary particles-quanta (electron, neutron, proton, photon, etc.) are in the state of a wave in all space simultaneously until we observe them. As soon as we turned our attention to them, they immediately (faster than the speed of light) become particles and exactly at that point in space at which we subconsciously expected to find them. That is, they are both a wave and a particle at the same time until we observe them. 

This vividly describes the mental experience with Schrödinger’s cat, where the cat in the box is both alive and dead at the same time until we open the box and see its state. It’s hard to accept, but that’s just the way it is. That is, the space that we do not observe, for example, behind our back, is in a state of wave structure, there are no houses there, there is nothing like trees but quantum waves.

As soon as we turn our heads, quantum waves instantly become particles and, while lining up, they form atoms, molecules, matter familiar to us and become houses and trees exactly as we subconsciously expect to see. The energy of our consciousness structures the space.

Wave-particle duality and the principle of superposition suggest that this is possible. It’s just a question of the levels at which matter is located.

Simply put, our world is an energy fog or ball lightning, if an outside observer looks at it. And only after his observation, the wave structure changes to a corpuscular state, but his possibilities are not unlimited, therefore, he will not see more than what his control and measuring equipment allows him to see.


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