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Apocalypse & Armageddon

We can unveil the Beast and it’s Number

We can unveil the Beast and it's Number 1

Dear readers of Soul:Ask

As you probably don’t know, our site was uploaded 2 years ago with a single purpose. To prepare the grounds for the ultimate passing of an infernal message, knowledge that you probably have inside you but not with the key proof we can provide.

Apocalypse – Is it really coming? Do we read the signs? “the conclusion of the system of things”? — wars on a global scale — famine — pestilence (sickness and disease) — lawlessness (crime) — people having no love for one another — earthquakes. Is there any hope? Remember..The Book of Revelation was written in Greek…Who is he? We ALL can guess…


No, we don’t do any provocative propaganda for anyone’s benefit. What can tell you is hidden knowlege you deserve and have the right to know.

The Beast is amongst us for some time now and we feel we are at the critical and historical moment where we have all the signs of the times.

The War in Ukraine

The war and it’s atrocities in Middle East

The Massacre in Gaza

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The Ebola epidemic

..and the Wicked One, looking at us, laughing at us, the Bringer of Peace, the angel of light, the Apollyon, the Deceiver, the King of Babylon, the Lawless One, Serpent of Old, Lucifer, Satan … the BEAST.





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