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We are what we think about: A book that helps reduce recovery time from any ailment

The author of the book is Martin Brofman. The book is called: “About the method of working with consciousness, consisting of three steps.” We will look at the main points of reference.

Everything that happens in your body and in your life begins with what happens in your mind.

Every minute, and even now, you choose how to react to this or that situation in your life.

If you react to a situation calmly, you do not upset the balance within you. If something triggers you and you feel tension in your mind, then it causes tension in your body. Over time, this tension transforms into illness on a physical level.

This formula for the occurrence of ailments was derived by the author of books on health, Martin Brofman.

Martin Brofman was diagnosed with an incurable disease. And he was a little over 30 years old. The specialists gave him 2 months. Martin had nothing to lose and decided to experiment.

The experiment was called: “Working with consciousness”

During this short time, he developed his own methodology for working with consciousness, consisting of three stages.

Two months later, Martin was examined again.

For the specialist who worked with him, this day was a shock.

He did not find any signs of illness in his ward.

Martin Brofman was finally convinced that it was possible to part with all the sores and that everything that happens in our life and in our body begins with something that happens in our mind.

When faced with various circumstances, we ourselves choose how to react to them. We ourselves determine what to do, what to feel, what to think about. Sometimes we decide to give up making decisions. And this is also a solution.

This process does not occur at any specific age. This is currently in effect. At this moment. The decision-making process is in each of us in the form of consciousness, in the state of Spirit.

The most amazing thing is that this happens long before we are born in the physical body

This condition continues through infancy, childhood and adolescence, into adulthood and even after we leave our biological host – our body.

When our reaction causes tension, it means we make a mistake in our decision, which throws us off balance. But the normal state of our consciousness is nothing more than balance.

Only when we are in balance and harmony are we able to heal, which means we must strive for this state.

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The harm you cause to yourself

Many of us are convinced that the causes of diseases lie in external factors.

According to Martin Brofman, this prevents us from seeing the main cause of illnesses.

Illnesses arise and develop due to an imbalance in our consciousness. To verify this, Brofman suggests taking a simple test. Imagine that you are walking through the forest and meet a bear. There is tension in your mind from the perceived threat.

Well, now listen to your body and answer: “In what part of your body did you feel physical tension at this moment?” You can circle this place in an imaginary circle.

What would happen if we met a bear every day?

If the tension in our consciousness from some situation continues for a long time and reaches the required intensity, this negatively affects the part of the body that reacts to the tension of consciousness.

This leads to the development of symptoms that reflect the harm you cause to yourself

It is important to understand that it is not the situation that causes physical illness, but our attitude towards it. It is for this reason that different people can get different results in the same situations.

To feel this difference, Martin Brofman gives the example of grapefruit.

One person believes that if he eats these fruits every day, he will lose weight. Another person will think that consuming carbohydrates, which are also found in grapefruits, leads to weight gain. From here the second person will conclude: “Whoever eats a large amount of these fruits will get fat.”

So what will actually happen to a person who eats these fruits daily?

And only what a person tunes in to and what he believes will happen.

The grapefruit example is quite harmless if you compare it with the situation that, through his own fault, Martin Brofman found himself in.

He was unhappy in his marriage and lived with this feeling for a long time, afraid to tell his wife, who had a difficult character, about it.

Martin wrote: “For many years I lived as others expected of me.

I forcibly kept myself in an environment that made me unhappy.

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I did not allow myself to leave, although I wanted it most. I experienced the consequences of this stress every day, in my case they reached catastrophic proportions.

I had to find the path to salvation myself. “

The words you use to describe your experiences create your beliefs and your reality.

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Once your experience has formed your belief, and it begins to create experience that confirms that the reality you believe to be true is true – for you.

You will begin to attract results that confirm you are right and will develop a tendency to notice these results – first.

Martin Brofman spoke about his technique in the book “Everything Can Be Healed”

There are three steps that Brofman took.

The first thing Martin did when he heard the doctor’s verdict was to stop denying himself what he enjoyed in life. He did not follow any special diets and pleased himself with the food that he wanted to eat.

The only thing Brofman followed was a diet of thoughts

He wrote: “When a thought appeared in my mind that made me feel bad, I immediately chose another thought that made me feel better.

In addition, I focused all my efforts on creating an internal belief that my illness was receding. I set a time frame for my healing at 2 months.”

According to Brofman, we live as our beliefs in our reality allow us. Martin compares this reality to a soap bubble.

To change your life and, including, heal yourself, you need to move from one bubble to another. That is, change your reality.

And for this you need to take three steps

When our reality changes, natural processes occur and they entail healing.

The first step is to decide what will be true in your new reality. For example, you can decide: “My new reality is filled with health and vitality. There is no place for pain and suffering in it.”

As evidence, Martin Brofman cites his decision, which he made at the first stage and it sounded like this: “The tumor has disappeared.”

The second step is to create a perception of what is happening now. At this stage, gradual progress towards your goal begins. Anticipating your success in the future, you need to record any, even the most insignificant, improvement in your well-being.

At this stage, Martin Brofman said to himself every morning: “The pain is less severe than before. This reassures me that positive changes are taking place.”

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In the case of vision, Brofman suggests this option:

Now I see the letters more clearly than before.

While Martin was in pain, he convinced himself that he had begun the healing process. And pain indicates that the healing process has truly begun.

Whatever this man did, he convinced himself that his every action brought him health: eating, reading a book, walking, caring for loved ones.

Martin Brofman recorded any positive change and attributed it to evidence that healing is already happening.

In the third stage, when the goal is achieved, you must convince yourself that healing has become real. The physical symptom will no longer bother you.

Healing must be accepted as the new normal

If a symptom was identified as a result of the examination, wait for the results of a new examination, which may show that the symptom has disappeared.

If the results show improvement but do not yet indicate complete healing, know that you are moving in a positive direction.

You just need to devote a little more time to working with your consciousness.

According to Martin Brofman, the healing process also involves the process of transforming a person’s life.

It is necessary to remove from your reality the stress that was the culprit for the appearance of this or that symptom.

Martin Brofman wrote:

“I would not have been able to recover from a fatal illness if I had not changed the ways of my existence. A person either changes something in his life, or continues to suffer from his illness until he dies. He who changes his being Based on the new experience gained, it forms new beliefs.”

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