We are all in the Transition, including our planet. What is happening in space now?

So many extraordinary events have happened recently and are still unfolding. We are given a swing so that the electromagnetic fields of the Earth give it the opportunity to change, just like people.

Everyone already sees that due to the decrease in the tension of torsion fields, the northern lights are also seen in Africa. At the same time, a person’s vibrations also decrease, but those who have already reached high values ​​will not be affected, since such people are protected from above.

But still people want to sleep and relax more, their bodies begin to get tired more often. Dark entities have increased their activity around people. Emotional outbursts have become more frequent, deaths and illnesses have increased, and it is more difficult to overcome depression and adversity.

People have reached 4D measurements. Many people have already woken up and are just looking for where to further learn something and gain the necessary knowledge, to know themselves, first of all.

If a person does not develop, then, unfortunately, he degrades. Regardless of what is happening around, it is up to each person to change it all for the better, bringing love and light to the world.

Mother Earth has changed quite a lot. For several years now we have been noticing that the New Sun shines brightly, but gives little warmth, the atmosphere quickly cools down during the night.

Plants don’t have the chance to grow like they used to. The sun has become dangerous for human skin, and this is no joke. Sunbathing can give corneal burns or worse, skin cancer.

The fact is that we have already moved to another Galaxy and you can forget about our “Milky Way”.

We no longer see many stars and constellations in heavens and instead of the Big Dipper, the constellation is made up of “alien” spaceships. For those who don’t believe, watch the constellation and see for yourself how ships sometimes change.

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Previously, we obeyed Orion in our galaxy, but this had a negative impact on our society. And now we are under the auspices of Sirius which is more beneficial for humanity as together with the earth, people were transported by the Argorians from the 23rd dimension. Their ships are so majestic and huge that they are even larger than galaxies.

The operation they carried out was complex, it was necessary to go through spaces, various funnels and portals. This also affected and is still affecting our planet and humanity in the form of cataclysms on the planet, but they did their job brilliantly.

Earth is valuable because it has the vital Logos of the Universe, which previously gave us the opportunity to control the Universe. But we lost our greatness as a result of the war of Darkness and Light.

Now only 4 civilizations have stood up for us. And there are millions of thousands of them in space. The Pleiadians alone have thousands of inhabited planets with humanoids.

Some civilizations have long been ready to give us their technology and land here on Earth. But there are forces that do not allow them to do so.

And that’s how it should be

We have the Akashic Chronicles, where we have all the information about past civilizations that lived on Earth and had amazing technologies that we have never even dreamed of.

We need to discover our abilities and our storehouses ourselves. And we are capable of this. The question is also to apply such new technologies across the entire Earth at once, so that no one can take them away from people.

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We don’t need those who will appear on our doorstep again and say that they helped us and that we owe something to someone. After all, people themselves are perfect, and we ourselves fight for our freedom. And they must build a new society in the 5th dimension for the health, awareness and eternal life of humanity.

The earth in truth is a spaceship that can move around the universe. Her Planetary Logos is the dear asset of the entire Cosmos, and people with all their cells are the keys to it. Many civilizations would give their wealth for it, only people could manage it until now.

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People are cloned in large numbers

There may be people without souls near us, and this is not science fiction.

On the Internet you can find photographs of houses where they were grown at the end of the 19th century. Today these are already highly developed AI. And throughout the 20th century, the Orions tried to create a new person with DNA similar to ours, but only recently they managed to develop such a clone.

As a result, they wanted to destroy humanity, albeit gradually, so that there would be no punishment from space, trying not to violate the laws of the universe.

Today, many prominent and rich people already have their own clones and biorobots; unbeknownst to the majority of people, the world has turned sharply towards artificial intelligence, which is already governing society.

Recently, not only their interests have collided, but also those of other humanoids. Since there are a lot of races on the planet, and we don’t know about most of them now, we are unaware that humanity has historically been constantly crossed with other races.

There are very few true earthlings left, about 10%

Therefore, now there are a lot of diseases that are associated with DNA damage. Many clans are degenerating, and there will be no more of them on the planet.

We have a huge number of types of blood, not 4, as we are told. In New York, there are more than 100 of them on display at the museum. In general, there are even more of them.

The history of mankind is filled with wars for the Cosmic and Planetary Logos and their freedom. There were times when only women and children remained. But the aliens still arrived, and finally conquered humans. Now the time has come when the Creator himself wants to help us continue our evolution.

Everything that happened to us was probably useful to us. Who knows now how our ancestors once became proud of their abilities and their strength, for which they were punished.

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Neither the Lemurians nor the Atlanteans were able to ascend and missed the good times for this. Humanity needs not to miss its Ascension.

Our main human core remains

Some researchers even say that the blood of the Ancients is capable of purifying itself of all introduced genes.

Our ancestors built amazing structures, which remain in some places to this day. They are hiding them from us. But very different times will soon come and only together we are such strength and power, that no one can defeat us. The energies of December will be even more powerful for those who are ready to bring compassion, love and light to people.

Let there be only peace, freedom and joy throughout the entire Earth. Our Creator is with us. We must be filled with His Ideas and thought forms. So many more miracles will open before us. Believe in yourself.


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