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Was there life on Mars?

Was there life on Mars? 1

Was there life on Mars in its distant past? The search for the answer to this and many other questions haunts scientists around the world. To find out the history of the planet, a program for the study of Mars was created. NASA sent to Mars a group of scientific robots. All the missions were aimed at finding out the past of the Red Planet and finding out whether there were prerequisites for the origin of life on Mars.

Was there life on Mars

Was there life on Mars, who could look at the Earth

In fact, the study of Mars is not fixated on elucidating the secrets of one space object. NASA’s goal is to study the entire solar system. Data obtained on Mars can become the basis for the emergence of new theories and hypotheses regarding space. The vast expanses of the Red Planet, its seas and oceans, all this, once was a real oasis in a cold and hostile outer space.

The innumerable theories of the origin of the universe continually arouse imagination. Philosophical thoughts do not leave our heads and are increasingly drawn to learn the innermost secrets of the universe. One of these secrets – was there life on Mars? The question is not rhetorical, but it will not be possible to answer it with absolute accuracy until people land in these deserted expanses. However, the information available to date suggests that Mars was similar to the Earth as a “twin brother.”

There was life on Mars

The terrestrial planet dotted with impact craters was blooming and very bright. This is evidenced by soil samples taken from the last century and up to our times. None of the known groups of microorganisms were found in the soil, however, there are traces of liquid water.

Judging by the estimates of recent studies on the surface of Mars, there was a lot of liquid water. Accordingly, there was air necessary for the life of living organisms.

The calculations showed that the atmosphere of Mars was filled with 4,582 billion tons of air (4,582,000,000,000). For comparison – on Earth, there are currently about 1 102 billion tons of air.

This indicator suggests that Mars, inferior to the Earth in size, was more favorable for life than the Earth! The level of development of living organisms was probably very high. But at the same time, Mars is 200 million years older than the Earth. In other words, in its historical past, Mars was a chic planet with a good climate, where the rational reached notable heights of development.

Yes, in the past, Mars was a wonderful planet. Therefore, the fact that a terrible disaster killed all the efforts of nature and the last 4 billion years, Mars is in a half-dead state.

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There are many theories about how the planet was destroyed and what kind of catastrophe ultimately disfigured the face of Mars. But in one of the theories, which today is readily supported by many people, it is clearly stated – Mars is the cradle of mankind!

However, we will have answers to all these questions, because the planet will be investigated by people already in these 10 years. There is a high probability that the very first expedition will allow to debunk all the myths and legends associated with the Red Planet.


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