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Was there a secret society of “Nine Unknowns” in Ancient India?

Was there a secret society of “Nine Unknowns” in Ancient India? 1

There is a widespread legend in India about a secret organization that is said to have vast amounts of advanced knowledge. It is believed that the “Union of Nine”, formed over 2,000 years ago, was suspected of political and social manipulation to achieve their personal goals. But did such an organization really exist or was it just a legend?

With a rich culture and historical heritage dating back centuries, India has always been a treasure trove of knowledge, but somehow this secret society has disappeared from the public eye.

People first started talking about the secret society after the release of the novel “Nine Unknowns” by the British writer Talbot Mundy, published in 1923. In the novel, nine men are the embodiment of good and oppose nine worshipers of the goddess Kali, who sow confusion and masquerade as true sages. The story follows a priest named Father Cyprian who tries to take possession of the secret books but wants to destroy them out of Christian piety, as well as a number of other characters who are interested in learning their contents.

Some researchers see in this legend a reflection of the fate of the heirs of the Nine Kings of the outskirts of the legendary Atlantis, who once served the first king, the great Atlas.

The legendary French explorer Jacques Bergier in his famous book “The Morning of the Magi” emphasized:

“Perhaps Bumenor (corrupted Númenor), the mysterious Celtic center of the fifth century BC. e. – this is not a legend, but practically nothing is known about him, although Professor Tolkien from Oxford is working in this direction. Tolkien’s work “has revealed to us the Nine Nazgul-Ulayr, a strange union of “9 immortals, clothed in the dust of the grave.” 

They are the direct descendants of the ancient rulers of the outlying lands, once subject to the Great Númenor. And Numenor – Tolkien does not hide this, at least there is a fabulous reflection of the legendary Atlantis.

But most researchers consider the version that this legend originated in Ancient India.

According to folk, this order was founded 2000 years ago by the famous Indian emperor of the Mauryan Empire – Ashoka, and consisted of nine outstanding sages, whom he considered worthy of building his idea of ​​utopia. These people were entrusted with the task of collecting, systematizing and preserving all the knowledge available in the empire at that time. It was after the Kalinga massacre, where about 100,000 people died, that Ashoka turned away from the path of senseless violence and converted to Buddhism, vowing that henceforth his reign would be peaceful.

Bas-relief depicting ruler Ashoka
Bas-relief depicting ruler Ashoka

The Kalinga state, located between Calcutta and Madras, resisted imperial rule, which led to war. Sources say Ashoka’s superior forces killed more than 100,000 Kalinga warriors and more than 150,000 residents of the region were deported. Even though he had won the war, Ashoka was horrified by the carnage that such a victory entailed. Since then, he renounced violence forever.

Most of all, the emperor is known for his attempts to spread Buddhism throughout India, Ceylon, and Indonesia and turn it into a world religion. His efforts led to an increase in the number of followers of Buddhism in Tibet, Nepal, and Mongolia.

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Ashoka believed that the only true conquest is winning the hearts of people through the observance of piety and laws. He wanted all living beings to live in safety, peace and happiness. They were free to live as they pleased.

Ashoka's messenger declares peace.  Illustration
Ashoka’s messenger declares peace. Illustration

The Emperor was so devoted to this idea that he sought to prevent his fellows from using their minds to commit evil, especially evil associated with war. This task was too much for the emperor alone. Data had to be collected, knowledge acquired and retained. Ashoka decided to summon nine prominent Indian thinkers of the time for this purpose. For security reasons, their names were kept secret. Together, these geniuses formed a secret society that went down in history as the “Nine Unknowns.”

The group accumulated scientific knowledge from various fields, from natural history to psychology and the composition of matter. Only these nine were allowed to conduct scientific experiments and develop theories and technologies. It was believed that if such scientific baggage could be given to ordinary people, they might not be able to bear the temptation and use it for evil.

To better preserve scientific knowledge, each of the nine was assigned to write a book on a specific topic. The book had to be replenished with every new experience, every discovery. When one of the nine was forced to leave his job due to ill health, retirement, or death, he had to prepare a successor. The number of members of the society always had to remain constant – 9 people. Thus, the society of the “Nine Unknowns” supposedly exists for more than 2000 years.

Was there a secret society of “Nine Unknowns” in Ancient India? 2

What did the secret society do?

It is believed that the Nine Unknowns were the guardians of scientific, philosophical and political knowledge and had an unrivaled influence on history.

Ashoka knew about humanity’s tendency to abuse power and knowledge, so the main goal of the Unknowns was to protect people from themselves. Each of the nine were given ancient treatises and scientific direction to study, and their life’s mission was to continue to fill these books with new discoveries in their field. If a member were to retire for any reason, he would first select a worthy successor to continue his mission.

Some researchers directly connect with the Union the founding of the Knights Templar order by nine brave knights – the Order of the Templars. But all its activities and probable diminishment on Friday the 13th are also covered in a heavy veil of secrecy. There are a great many scientists in the world who have devoted their entire lives to unraveling at least a small part of their mysterious activities.

An ancient 17th century Devimahatmya text written in Nepali script.  Photo:
An ancient 17th century Devimahatmya text written in Nepali script. Photo:

More detailed information about the secret Union of the Nine Unknowns was left to us by Louis Jacolliot, who served as the French consul in Calcutta in the 19th century. He was a great lover of ancient manuscripts, and a great many of them passed through his hands. For posterity, he left a rich collection of rare books and manuscripts, which were mainly devoted to the secrets of ancient civilizations and humanity. He is also the author of several novels.

Jacolliot himself was extremely categorical in his discussions about the Nine Unknowns – this is a historical reality, and their activity has continued for several millennia. 

In 1923, English writer Talbot Mundy published his study of the secret society and listed nine books:

  • “Propaganda” (about methods of psychological warfare);
  • “Physiology” (it talks about how you can destroy a person with the help of touch);
  • “Microbiology”;
  • “Alchemy” (how to get gold);
  • “Communication” (about all possible means of communication);
  • “Gravity” (about how to make an ancient Vedic vimana);
  • “Cosmogony” (study of the Universe);
  • “Light” (how to use it as a weapon);
  • “Sociology” (rules of the evolution of societies, laws of their functioning and decline).

According to Mandy, the first of these concerned propaganda techniques and psychological warfare. Talbot wrote:

“Of all sciences, the most dangerous is the science of controlling the thoughts of the crowd, because it allows you to control the whole world.” 

It is worth noting that when the Briton wrote his book, the science of psychological influence was just emerging; only later did the German Nazis begin to use the term “psychological warfare.”

The second book was devoted to physiology. It describes how “nerve currents” flow in the body and how to kill a person with just one touch. According to a number of researchers, many martial arts (in particular judo) appeared thanks to information leaks from this book. Perhaps the famous Bruce Lee paid with his life for revealing some of the secrets of martial techniques that he got from secret sources. By the way, it seems that they killed him with a blow of the so-called delayed death.

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The third book dealt with microbiology, which now includes such sections as bacteriology, mycology, virology, etc. But the fourth book was devoted to chemistry, in particular it talked about the transmutation of metals. From the latter we can conclude that the attempts of alchemists to obtain gold from mercury or lead were not so hopeless. According to some sources, gold of the highest standard could actually be obtained from cheaper metals.

The fifth book contained information about all means of communication, not only terrestrial, but also extraterrestrial. Physics, mathematics, the mysteries of gravity and antigravity were discussed in the sixth book. The seventh volume contained information about light – solar, lunar, stellar, electric, etc. The eighth book was devoted to cosmogony and the laws of development of the Universe. Finally, the ninth book talked about the laws of the evolution of society, which make it possible to predict the stages of its development and decline.

Some researchers believe that the knowledge of previous civilizations – the Lemurians, Hyperboreans and Atlanteans – was also in the hands of the “Nine Unknowns”. If this is true, the secret society has at its disposal a colossal amount of knowledge, capable of both raising humanity to unprecedented heights of technical and scientific progress, and destroying it, throwing the accidental survivors into the Stone Age.

The Nine Unknowns, although always anonymous, supposedly reveal information to the world in portions from their texts when humanity needs it and thereby help the progress of science.

According to legend, they are like a perceptive Big Brother, always watching over the species and ready to intervene to prevent the complete destruction of humanity.

Modern judgments

When information about the “Society of Nine Unknowns” leaked to the world, many naturally had a question: who belonged and belongs to the nine leaders of the secret society or was associated with them? There have been many speculations trying to answer this question.

Pope Sylvester II, also known as Herbert of Aurillac, was suspected of having connections with this society. He was born in the town of Aurillac (or Aurillac) in the French province of Auvergne around 946 and from a young age began to show a great desire for science.

The most popular legend about Herbert of Aurillac says that, while studying with an Arab sorcerer, he stole a book with magical secrets from him. A chase was organized after him, but the young man, showing extraordinary resourcefulness, was able to escape from it. According to another legend, Herbert created a bronze head – a teraphim, capable of answering “yes” or “no” to any questions that require a definite answer. Allegedly, this head, with its “advice,” helped him achieve the highest rank in the church hierarchy. There is also a version that Herbert received this head, a kind of robot, as a gift from the “Nine Unknowns”; in this case, he undoubtedly not only contributed to the activities of the secret society, but also could receive from it some knowledge that would not push humanity onto the path of self-destruction.

The latter version explains that as a scientist, Herbert was far ahead of his time. He contributed to the introduction of Arabic numerals in Europe, which had certain advantages over Roman ones. He reminded Europeans of the geometry they had forgotten and even began to develop the design of an astrolabe, which started to be used in Europe only a century later. After the death of Sylvester II, the magical robot head was destroyed, and all the knowledge obtained by the unusual pope was hidden.

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The “Nine Unknowns” also include Leonardo da Vinci, Roger Bacon and Paracelsus. Let us remember that the same Leonardo created a prototype of a parachute drawing, a tank and a number of other inventions that were realized only several centuries later. Perhaps Leonardo borrowed knowledge about these inventions from the “Nine Unknowns” books. However, there is no evidence of this, but in the history of mankind there are many facts that indicate that unusual knowledge suddenly “surfaced” that was completely inconsistent with a particular time.

For example, in 1729, a certain author from Monteborg published a description of the process of obtaining black-and-white and color photographs. It is curious that the author had no idea about the chemical processes that precede the acquisition of an image. And how did Jonathan Swift know about the two satellites of Mars a century and a half before their discovery? They also remember Dante Alighieri with his description of the constellation of the Southern Cross, which he gave in The Divine Comedy, which Europeans became aware of only two centuries later. Of course, it is unlikely that all of the above-mentioned great people were among the “Nine Unknowns,” but they could well have been connected with them.

They write that the medieval knight Roland of Roncels, dying on the battlefield, shouted: “Cursed be the coward who invented a weapon capable of killing at a distance!” If the “Society of Nine Unknowns” really exists, traces of its activities should be traced in history. It may have been involved in the appearance of a papal bull condemning the use of a tripod to strengthen the bow. In combination with a tripod, the bow made it possible to inflict more significant damage on the enemy, so this weapon was considered inhuman. This bull was observed for two centuries.

It is perhaps no secret that the invention of rapid-fire weapons immediately led to a significant increase in the number of casualties on the battlefield. It turns out that such a deadly weapon could have appeared much earlier if Louis XVI had not turned out to be a real humanist. It happened as follows. In 1775, the inventor Du Perron came to see the young French king and presented him with a “military organ.” This invention was clearly a prototype of a machine gun, because with one movement of the handle, 24 bullets were fired at the enemy at once. The “military organ” seemed to Louis and his ministers such an inhuman invention that its author was expelled from the royal chambers in disgrace.

The natural question would be: how did this society allow the creation of the atomic bomb? It is known that the development of this weapon began in Nazi Germany, where at that time there were quite strong intelligence services. It is possible that the society’s network of agents in Germany was discovered and destroyed; it simply lost the opportunity to influence events. There is another answer to the question: the atomic bomb was “allowed” to prevent a third world war. Thanks to such a deterrent as atomic weapons, humanity has been living in relative peace for a long period.

For some researchers, the “Nine Unknowns” are associated with the rulers of Atlantis, while others associate them with the nine brave and pious knights who founded the Templar Order in Jerusalem. Without assumptions, there is no way to get by here, because everything is covered with a thick veil of mystery. There are other opinions, even to the point that these are all fairy tales. But would the ancient sages describe something that actually does not exist, much less keep it all secret? Of course not! And if so, then everything that is described there is not myths or fiction.

Regarding the activities of the Order of Nine and their successors, there is currently the following opinion:

“Is it necessary to so zealously hide and destroy science just to prevent Armageddon? It’s not for nothing that they say that poison not only kills, but also heals. It must be assumed that hidden or destroyed knowledge could bring not only great harm, but also certain benefits for all humanity.”

In addition, there is no doubt that, except for secret societies, secret knowledge was the lot of those in power, who understood that by revealing knowledge to the masses, they would forever lose their power. So it was yesterday, so it is today, so it will be tomorrow! Today, secret ancient knowledge is diluted with new knowledge based on modern technologies.

However, there is also such a version of hiding knowledge. Open knowledge, just like free lunches, costs nothing. But if this knowledge is hidden, then you have to pay to get it. How else could Ashoka’s kingdom survive when it stopped making its income from wars? Only by doing such an interesting business. Therefore, secret societies are extremely interested in the sole possession of all knowledge and technology without exception.

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Myth or reality? 

Most likely, Emperor Ashoka really could have assembled a council of nine wise, educated contemporaries and kept their names secret. Not only he, but many ancient rulers did this. These people studied combat tactics, weapons production, studied social processes, and conducted scientific experiments. 

The mystery of the waters of the Ganges is associated with the legend of the Nine Unknowns. Many pilgrims, carriers of the most terrible and most varied diseases, bathe in it without any harm to those who are healthy.

Sacred waters purify everything. They wanted to attribute this strange property of the river to the formation of bacteriophages. But why are they not also formed in the Brahmaputna, Amazon or Dnieper? The sterilization hypothesis appeared in the work of Jacolliot a hundred years before the possibility of such a phenomenon became known. These studies, according to Jacolliot, emanate from a secret temple carved under the bed of the Ganges.

The religious, social, political movement of the Nine Unknowns embodies the image of a bright science, a science with a conscience. With the power to control the destinies of mankind, but refraining from using its own power, this secret society is the most beautiful tribute to freedom on a high level.

Watchful atop their temple of glory, these nine men see civilizations created, destroyed, and re-emerged. They are not so indifferent as they are tolerant, ready to help, but always remain in silence, which serves as a measure of human greatness.

 Myth or reality? If it is a myth, then, in any case, it is an excellent one, reaching us from the depths of time, and at the same time – the surf of the future.


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