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Video: World Banker Makes Stunning Confession

Video: World Banker Makes Stunning Confession 1

The economic crisis should make people realize that banksters have deliberately lent too much money, knowing it will lead to chaos. Some at the top want to sit in international financial commitées to monitor the world economy as some kind of legislative and regulatory officers. But first they need currency crashes, instability and a global downturn. Perhaps a third world war. Then people will call for a tightly regulated not competitive market. China is a test for how the world government might work.

WORLD BANKER MAKES STUNNING CONFESSION THE FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BANK, JAMES WOLFENSOHN, MAKES STUNNING CONFESSIONS AS HE ADDRESS GRADUATE STUDENTS AT STANFORD UNIVERSITY. HE REVEALS THE INSIDE HAND OF WORLD DOMINATION FROM PAST, TO THE PRESENT AND INTO THE FUTURE. THE SPEECH WAS MADE JANUARY 11TH, 2010. THE NEXT 19 MINUTES MAY OPEN YOUR MIND TO A VERY DELIBERATE WORLD! HE TELLS THE GRAD STUDENTS WHAT’S COMING, “A TECTONIC SHIFT” IN WEALTH FROM THE WEST TO THE EAST. BUT HE DOESN’T TELL THE STUDENTS THAT IT IS HIS INSTITUTION, THE WORLD BANK, THAT’S DIRECTING AND CHANNELING THESE CHANGES. WOLFENSOHN’S OWN INVESTMENT FIRM IS IN CHINA, POISED TO PROFIT FROM THIS “IMMINENT SHIFT” IN GLOBAL WEALTH.I’m afraid that this man is helping an agenda to justify their diabolical agenda for depopulation , which will occur in many way’s and is already in full force , using overpopulation as an excuse , they are preparing and brainwashing the people , i do agree that the population issue is a serious one and should be discussed all around the world searching for sensable solutions , but they are not doing that are they.


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