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Bizzare & Odd

VIDEO: Japanese Girls’ Thighs the New Hottest Ad Space

VIDEO: Japanese Girls’ Thighs the New Hottest Ad Space 1

Ad execs in Japan are using a classic tool to get consumers to pay attention to their products: sexual appeal. But unlike the standard commercials-with-hot-women-in-them-for-no-reason approach, ad agency WIT has come up with a new way to sell products through sex: skin.

WIT is currently hiring girls to put temporary tattoos of ads on their thighs and walk around showcasing the ad between a miniskirt and thigh-high socks. Products advertised in this manner include the movie Ted as well as Green Day, according to Time.

While over 3,000 young women have signed up to sell their bodies in the name of consumerism, not just everyone is hired. Besides the legal requirement that the ladies must be over 18, they also must send in pictures of themselves in two different locations (to verify that their attractiveness is not just an illusion created by a pretty background and flattering lighting) and have 20 friends on social media sites. Sorry nerds, only popular girls allowed here.


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