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Vibrations in February 2024: Something extraordinary is happening in our brainwaves. It’s as if old plaster is falling off, breaking the pattern

Something extraordinary is happening in the mind. It’s as if old plaster is falling off, revealing long-forgotten knowledge embedded in the genes. You can’t touch it, you can’t prove it. Just believe, and learn, and grope towards the rightness of universal life, hitherto unknown to man. Whoever hears it will get it.

New light waves come one after another. The first major solar flare was on February 8th. Then on February 14th and 15th.

Following the first wave, smaller waves came, but longer and extended for two days on February 14th and 15th. These days the light activity has calmed down a little, but it is unknown what will happen next.

The previous jump was on June 18, 2023. Then something incredible happened. The graph not only recorded the flash, but also completely changed its usual pattern. Instead of the typical light waves, a strange pattern appeared.

Schumann’s resonance and the new life pattern

Now, probably, no one can conservatively declare that nothing is happening and that there is no Transition or Quantum Leap.

Something is happening, that’s obvious. Everything is subtle, but changing quickly. And this is due to solar activity and the solar wind, which disrupts the Earth’s geomagnetic field and leaks into our atmosphere.

What do solar waves bring to us?

Many people are now having a serious nightmare. A disruption of the atmosphere causes magnetic storms, and a huge part of the earth’s population experience pressure surges, headaches, severe dizziness, weakness, and loss of strength. But this can still be overcome somehow.

The main thing is the growth of awareness. And sometimes this is not the most pleasant process. First of all, we begin to realize and see in our lives what we had not seen or noticed before.

It’s like turning on a bright light suddenly in a dirty room

The first thing that catches your eye is dirt, not physical, but rather moral, mental, emotional.

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We see falsehood in relationships at home and at work, unhealthy, twisted patterns of behavior based on lies, manipulation, secret and overt sadism, bullying, violence, ourselves and our loved ones.

We see lies, they are everywhere. Lying is not like hiding a tiny secret from your partner. The very foundation of a relationship based on fears, petty self-interest, money-grubbing, and other unpleasant things can be a lie.

Just a week ago, all this seemed normal, and there was no reflection

But under the Light of Truth, it is impossible not to see and continue to endure. Such drastic changes in mind are brought to us by solar flares, starting in June 2021. Everything “stable”, sealed for centuries with real estate, mutual large investments, “ground in”, bolted, begins to burst at the seams.

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Someone is trying to close their eyes to this, not to notice, to look at life “positively”. Others ruin their lives on a grand scale, leaving their families, feeling complete incompatibility.

But the worst thing is to see and understand, but in order to save the marriage, begin to shift responsibility to third parties. They say it’s all their fault.

They usually blame both close and distant ones – psychologists, mentors, mother, girlfriend, in a word, those who pointed out this dirt. And you, as it were, are “good” and stand for stability and family values. And you can’t do anything, because you have children, real estate, etc. But you know what to do.

Everything needs to change

You must always start with yourself, of course. When you honestly admit your shadow and your “shoals”, then strangers will not seem as disgusting and vile as they seem at first. We need to give the relationship time and not rush into it.

Even if everything seems completely rotten and overwhelming, you still can’t make sudden movements on adrenaline. It is important to complete the gestalt. Otherwise you will leave, but it will not leave you. And everything will drag on for many years.

Especially if this is a long relationship or a permanent, stable job that you have devoted many years to. Everything should naturally come to a conclusion, to a logical end. And perhaps a new cycle will open, a second wind will come. Unless, of course, both sides are ready to change, change everything, rebuild the relationship in a new way. In a word, you need to remove dirt from the house, and not draw the curtains and turn off the lights.

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Change cannot be avoided, the time for stability is gone

If the work on yourself is not done on time, now, on this turn of the spiral, it will twist even stronger further. And breaking the pattern will be even more painful. Don’t reassure yourself, this won’t go away. It will subside for a while, calm down, but it will not go away.

Be soft, flexible, fluid. Avoid rudeness and aggression. Anger, strong resentment, suffering, self-blame at such high vibrations can kill you. Don’t give away what’s yours, and don’t grab onto someone else’s. Try to resolve everything peacefully, come to an agreement, don’t start a war right now. It is very dangerous.

Falsehood and lies are so visible and audible. It was as if the sound had been amplified and further illuminated.

Raising vibrations is closely related to the Power of Thought. Living Thoughts are now coming to you, changing reality. Unlike dead thoughts that have been spinning around in your head for years and decades in vain and leading nowhere. Everything you think, say and do now matters for the future. We all have to grow up quickly now.

Everyone lives in their own reality. Everyone is a player-architect who creates his own game. All the surrounding people are NPCs, among these people there are NPCs who also woke up from this social, cumatous, pattern-induced sleep.


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