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Very rare red rainbows somehow become frequent occurrence

Very rare red rainbows somehow become frequent occurrence 1

In a very short period between the 11th and 15th July 2020, two countries, separated by thousands of kilometers, unexpectedly encountered another amazing atmospheric phenomenon – a red rainbow.

However, the surprised officials commenting on the news, immediately stated that it was just a rare, although natural red rainbow phenomenon.

Finland, July 11:

China, July 15:

As we can see, only a month passed and such a rare rainbow appeared in two more places. It seems that red rainbows are not so rare, but they are only incomprehensible: why these red rainbows were not there before? Is it because there wasn’t much of them before. For example – before there was no purple sky:

Previously, there were no black sun rays:

Previously, satellites did not photograph balls flying around the sun.

Finally, there was only one sunset before:

In not so distant times, when watching the sunset, a couple in love always looked in one direction, but now, as we see, they can go one way, and they can go the other way. Somehow, everything has started spinning so quickly that when a couple of months later, a third appears and we are all dragged to admire the spectacle – there will be not two, but three suns.

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We do not know, however, what will happen if twin suns appear: Nibiru, as people think, has many satellites, so there can really be four or more suns, so personal sunsets will be enough for a whole family with many children.


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