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Vatican intends to uncover secrets regarding one of its 20th century leaders

Vatican intends to uncover secrets regarding one of its 20th century leaders 1

Pope Pius XII – a rather controversial figure in the history of K. K. He ruled the Catholic Churchfrom 1939 to 1958, that is, in the period that coincided with the Holocaust, World War II and other important historical events.

Since the Pope never openly condemned the actions of the Third Reich, Pius XII was often called the “Pope of Hitler.” Now it turns out that the archives of the Vatican, relating to this period and the very figure of the Pope, will be available to all interested parties.

Historians note that Pius XII did much behind the scenes to support the allies and Jews oppressed in Europe. However, discussions about his collaboration with Germany are still ongoing. It is possible that this status will change on March 2 this year. This is when archives should be made public. Information on this issue is fairly reliable, as it comes from the Vatican archival, Cardinal José Tolentino Calac de Mendonka.

Vatican intends to uncover secrets regarding one of its 20th century leaders 2

What can these files contain? There are many interesting facts, for example, about the Third Secret of Fatima, about church activities during the Second World War, as well as about those who count on the appearance of even data on UFO cars. Why was it decided to make these documents public? This is likely due to the recent actions of the retired Pope Benedict XVI who seeks to canonize Pius XII. The church wants to uncover the truth about him, which would be difficult to achieve without publishing the entire archive about him.

Many historians and even ordinary believers hope that the archives will explain some facts about the church of this period. A good example is Fatima’s third secret, which was supposed to be revealed in 1960. The Vatican had to abandon it, in particular, because after Pius XII read it in the late 1950s, he was shocked to such an extent that he bitterly burst into tears for two days, and then ordered that this should never be revealed.

However, when it was made public in 2000, many people accused the Vatican of secrecy of some data for some vague purpose. Rumor had it that the third secret concerned the death of John Paul II, but many believers are still afraid of the information presented in it.

However, this is not the end of the dispute over Fatima. Archives can actually respond to rumors that Pope Pius XII saw with his own eyes something resembling the miracle of the sun described in Fatima. This was to happen four times when he was in the Vatican. Pope claimed that he could look at the sun unscathed and watched how it moves in the sky. Although he did not call it a miracle, the cardinals to whom he talked about it, confirmed that he really believed that he saw the same phenomenon as the people gathered in Fatima. Of course, there are opinions that what he saw was an unusual weather anomaly, while others believe that it was a UFO machine.

Of course, it is not yet known what is hidden in this archive. These are only assumptions that may not be true even by 1%. However, we learn about what happened during the reign of Pius XII on March 2. Documents will not appear on the Internet, but will be available to all researchers interested in their content. Perhaps one of them will be able to digitize them, and then we can comprehend the secrets of the 20th century church with our own eyes.

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