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Vampire Burial Found in Bulgaria, Similar to Burial Found Last Summer

Vampire Burial Found in Bulgaria, Similar to Burial Found Last Summer 1

Archaeologists working on Bulgaria’s Perperikon site have found the 700 year old grave,belonging to a male, about 35 to 40 years of age, who was impaled with a ploughshare through left side of his chest.  Archaeologists date the grave to the 13th or 14th century using coins found in the grave, but this date is presumptive without confirmation from other testing like radiocarbon dating.

Dr. Nikolai Ovcharov, the archaeologist working at the site, described this as the “twin burial” of the vampire grave excavated last summer in Sozopol, because both bodies had a ploughshare run through the left side of the body, between the neck and chest.  Though the finding of vampire burials seem to be fairly common across Bulgaria, with more than 100 discovered, this appears to be the first for Perperikon

The Sozopol ‘vampire’ received tons of media attention last summer (links here and here for this story).   Archaeologists soon identified these remains as belonging to the famous Black Sea pirate, Krivich.  A pirate who’s a vampire!  This is asking to become romance novel or a Starz series.

Source: Sofia Globe


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