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US-Russia Nuclear Tensions: Are We on the Verge of a Global Nuclear Conflict?

The day before yesterday, radio signals were continuously transmitted on encrypted military frequencies from the Russian mainland to all units of the Russian ballistic missile submarine command. The “T-600” signal was broadcast as a top-priority reconnaissance directive, which Russian ballistic missile submarines interpret as the code “MONOLITH”.

This specific code is essentially the signal used by the Russian Navy to bring its strategic submarines to a state of immediate readiness, enabling them to launch ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads without delay.

Simultaneously, the US countered Moscow’s directive for the nuclear readiness of Russian strategic missile submarines by arming B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers with nuclear weapons. These weapons were stationed at Minot Air Force Base, and the arming process was publicly disclosed.

In particular, eight AGM-129 ACM cruise missiles equipped with nuclear warheads, which constitute the primary nuclear armament of the American nuclear triad’s aerial component, were loaded onto the bombers. This sudden escalation compels us to contemplate the destructive potential of global nuclear power, encompassing the arsenals of the US, Russia, and China, as well as those of regional powers.

Of the world’s roughly 12,100 nuclear warheads, about 9,583 are in military stockpiles for use by missiles, aircraft, ships and submarines. The remaining warheads have been retired but remain relatively intact and are awaiting dismantling.

Out of the 9,583 warheads in military stockpiles, approximately 3,880 are operational, deployed on missiles or at bomber bases. Among these, around 2,000 warheads from the United States, Russia, Britain, and France are on high alert.

Contrary to the principles and objectives of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, nuclear-armed nations appear to be intent on preserving substantial arsenals for the foreseeable future.

Furthermore, all such nations are actively modernizing their nuclear capabilities at a considerable rate, with some introducing new types or enhancing their prominence in national defense strategies and official declarations, indicating a resolve to retain nuclear weapons indefinitely.

Mysterious widespread outages

On April 15, 2024, U.S. weather services encountered a radar disruption impacting at least half of the country’s territory. It could have been a technical glitch, a cyberattack, or even FEMA training; the exact cause remains unknown.

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By April 18, the issue resurfaced, this time affecting the 9.11 service system on a much larger scale.

Furthermore, radio amateurs across the United States detected a significant flow of Emergency Action Messages (EAMs) emanating from an unidentified source for several hours.

Conspiracy theorists often find long emergency action reports troubling. However, according to former military communication experts, while a medium-length Emergency Action Message (EAM) is standard, a long EAM is unusual but not necessarily indicative of an incident. Conversely, a short EAM consisting of only four characters could be alarming, as it might signal an order to launch missiles. Notably, several such brief four-letter messages have been transmitted yesterday.

There has been a rise in communications between an unidentified air command post and U.S. Air Force bases that are responsible for ballistic missiles.

Recently, there has been notable activity involving tankers and strategic bombers.

Tanker activity over the Middle East has intensified recently; in the past few hours alone, at least five have been observed vanishing. Essentially, they have taken flight, deactivated their transponders, and disappeared to an unknown destination.

The whereabouts of the ayatollahs remain a mystery as well; their aircraft was last seen departing from Tehran a few hours ago.

Thus, pessimists believe that a global nuclear war nearly commenced overnight, whereas realists consider the possibility of significant clandestine events on a global scale. Optimists, on the other hand, typically refer to it as a training exercise that was merely overlooked for prior announcement.

We will determine the most accurate option in a few days. However, if the pessimists are correct, we may gain this knowledge much sooner, at almost any moment, though it will be shareable only with those nearby.

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