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US official: “Roswell wreckage was from an alien flying saucer”

US official: "Roswell wreckage was from an alien flying saucer" 1

What Major Jesse Marshall, who was in charge of investigations at the scene, reveals in his diary – He denounces a conspiracy to cover up the truth by the US military – The secret code of his diary that the CIA is investigating.

Two days after the statements of the former Israeli Director of Space Security of Israel, Haim Essed, fresh news appear, adding new questions about the existence of aliens.

Jesse Marshall, a US official who was responsible for on-site surveys and examined the famous debris in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 records that he found “indestructible debris not built by human hands” in his personal journal that disclosed for the first time.

Major Jesse Marshall examines the wreckage found at Roswell.

Jesse Marshall worked in the Information Office of the 509th Bomber Squadron at Roswell Air Force Base and was in charge of investigating the famous 1947 crash. His grandchildren in a recently publication, writes characteristically that “the wreckage was not made by human hands” and that one could distinguish incomprehensible symbols engraved on them, which he describes as “alien”.

“Major Marshall was discretely following orders from above, but in his family he always claimed that a conspiracy of concealment of reality had been set up”

Let’s start from the beginning. On July 8, 1947, aircraft wreckage was found on a ranch near Roswell. Investigator Jesse Marshall said from the outset that the wreckage was “unidentified” (UFO), sparking intense media interest. The same day, the military commander of the 8th US Air Force stated that it was in fact the remnants of a meteorological balloon.

The case was forgotten for almost 30 years, until 1978 when Stanton T. Friedman, a researcher and passionate about UFOs, interviewed Major Jesse Marshall, who had been silent for 30 years because of orders from above.

Map of the area around Roswell.

Marshall made it clear to Friedman that “the army had disguised the recovery of an alien ship.” His story then spread immediately to the UFO circles, through a documentary about UFOs of that time. In February 1980, the popular newspaper The National Enquirer conducted its own interview with Marshall, making the Roswell incident a front-page issue internationally. 

Mouths began to open, testimonies to be added, such as that of the local funeral contractor who spoke of “autopsies on strange creatures .

The two grandchildren of Major Marshall. Jesse on the left and John on the right.

In 1997 the Pentagon was forced to re-investigate by order of Congress, which concluded that the wreckage was not from a meteorological balloon, but part of a secret program called “Project Mogul”. As for the autopsies of extraterrestrial beings, the research answered that they were probably “disturbed memories from the recovery of burnt anthropomorphic dummies”.

“Our grandfather was neither accidental nor crazy. He was in charge of the Information Office for the bombing program during World War II. “

Major Marshall died in June 1986 and his grandchildren say that until his death he strongly argued that the remains were from a flying saucer. As the major typically says, “he was forced by the Army to remain silent and because he was a high-ranking official, he followed the orders from above, but in his family he always claimed that a conspiracy of concealment of reality had been set up”.

Fanatic UFO supporters often demonstrate in Roswell.

His personal diary and interviews with family members are included in a new documentary “Roswell: The First Witness” that will air for the first time on Saturday, December 12 on History Channel.

Marshall’s diary passed from his son to his grandchildren and now to CIA investigator Ben Smith, who has been deciphering a secret code that appears to be in the diaries, between the use of words and pauses. used by Jesse Marshall.

“Our grandfather was not illusional or crazy. He was in charge of the Information Office for the bombing program during World War II.” his grandchildren declare in front of the lens of History Channel.


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Watch the video: US National Archives- Roswell Reports, 03/31/1997:

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