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US Navy has a secret Underwater Area 51

US Navy has a secret Underwater Area 51 1

Although this base is probably used for testing underwater weapons and equipment, some conspiracy theories have reportedly linked it to observations of aliens and time travel.

Although the mysterious US military facility, known as “Zone 51”, has long been the basis of various conspiracy theories. Most of them relate to UFO technology and contacts with extraterrestrial species. It seems that the U.S. Navy can just do all of this, according to media reports.

US Navy has a secret Underwater Area 51 2

The base in question is known as the Center for Underwater Testing and Assessment of the Atlantic, or AUTEC. It is located in the Bahamas. A statement posted on the Navy’s Systems Command website states that AUTEC’s goal is to provide “equipped operational areas in real-world conditions to meet research, development, testing and evaluation needs, as well as to evaluate operational readiness of combat fighters in support of the full range of shipping. ”

According to media reports, the “secret base”, which the US Navy began to develop since 1964, and which, apparently, was used for underwater vehicles and weapons tests. Since then, it has been associated with conspiracy theories and “a few strange reports of UFO activity” that were allegedly found in the vicinity of the base.

These reports, which are admittedly “widely unfounded,” contain tales of aliens working with US naval personnel in underwater structures, and even suggestions of time travel. Perhaps everything is due to proximity with the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

More mundane theories mention the testing of next-generation submarines, sonars, and guidance systems.


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