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US Navy Admiral: There’s a big war coming and we’re not ready

The head of the US Strategic Command, Admiral Charles Richard, speaking at a conference a few days ago, said that the Ukrainian crisis is just a warm-up before a big conflict. 

“We are waiting for such a test, which has not been for many years,” the admiral said, expressing confidence that China would become the country that challenged the United States. According to him, the level of American containment of China is decreasing gradually, but steadily.

“This ship is slowly sinking. China is building up its potential faster than us. It doesn’t matter how good our commanders and our horses are – we simply don’t have enough of them. And this is a problem for the near future,” the Wall Street Journal quotes the naval commander.

Richard admitted that the United States lost to China and Russia in the hypersonic race, which he compared to space. He recalled that the Americans, initially lagging behind the USSR, landed on the moon first, and called for the same concentration of efforts.

“The Ukrainian crisis we are in right now is just a warm-up,” Navy Adm. Charles Richard, commander of US Strategic Command, told a conference this week. “A big war is coming. And it won’t be long before we’re tested in a way that hasn’t been tested “for a “long time”.

Well, the admiral said, “When I evaluate our level of deterrence against China, the ship is slowly sinking. It is sinking slowly, because, in fact, they are putting their capabilities into action faster than we are. Slow sinking is hardly consolation. Because “these turns continue”, it won’t matter “how good our commanders are or how good our ‘horses’ are – we won’t have enough of them. And this is a very short term problem”.

“We used to know how to act quickly, and we have lost that art,” the admiral added. The military talks “about how we are going to mitigate our perceived possible failure” in deploying new ballistic missile submarines, bombers or long-range weapons, instead of asking the question: “What is required for this? This is money ? Are these people? Do you need influence? This is the only way we got to the Moon by 1969.”

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How really bad is it?

The fact is that in its military construction, China counted on the fact that in the north there is, if not the second army of the world, then something similar. And as if under the wing of this army, it was possible to start rearmament, because in the event of a nuclear exchange with the United States, Russian vassals will join the war and there is a high probability of breaking through the American missile defense system.

But as it turned out over the past 8-9 months in Ukraine, the “second army of the world” turned out to be a complete mess. Its nuclear component has not been verified, but the Chinese most likely have reliable sources to clarify the situation.

For the time being, China turned out to be practically naked in nuclear terms – they are only building silos for ground-based solid-propellant missiles, and liquid ones are slightly out of date. Meanwhile, in the US, in December, the public will finally be shown the B-21 Raider, which, by and large, is a UFO. This is a combat platform that does not need fighters, AWACS, or reconnaissance aircraft. All this will be inside the B-21, while the role of fighters will be played by AI-controlled drones.

China, despite all efforts, could not even repeat the Northrop B-2 Spirit, which is already 30 years old. And if the US let the B-21 Raider into the series (the plane has been ready there for a long time and the hitch is only with the drones accompanying it), then China will never catch up with America. At the same time, we are not even talking about craft such as the TR-3B. 

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Thus, a very dangerous situation for world peace has developed: on the one hand, the Pentagon now has such an advantage in nuclear forces that it can slam the great and mighty China with one blow. Only the security of the allies stops, on which a swarm of tactical missiles will fly from Russia. At the same time, if China starts a nuclear war first and starts right now, it has a good chance to inflict critical destruction on the United States and then, during the recovery from a nuclear war, recover faster and win. 

This will be the same big war that the admiral is talking about.

We hope, that the United States and China will somehow come to an agreement, after which, nukes will be rolled away preventively by joint efforts. But they may not agree, so we shall see what happens. There can be no such war other than Armageddon.


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