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US geologists: a large-scale series of earthquakes began at the fault in Yellowstone

US geologists: a large-scale series of earthquakes began at the fault in Yellowstone 1

The Yellowstone supervolcano poses a threat not only to America, but to all of humanity. Scientists have calculated that if the volcano starts to erupt, it will affect the entire planet, since the ash ejection can block the sun’s rays for several years, which will lead to a decrease in temperature and cause massive famine. 

But there is still no exact date for the eruption of the supervolcano, so the US Geological Survey and world scientists are studying the processes taking place both near the volcano’s caldera and in the depths.

A few days ago, there was a report on a series of earthquakes that occurred in the national park. A large number of high-precision sensors have been installed in the Yellowstone area, which not only measure the amplitude of seismic activity, but also send a report to the US Geological Survey so that scientists can analyze the data. The last series of earthquakes in strength did not exceed the usual indicators and so far there is no reason for panic, but experts note that everything can change at any moment.

A new series of underground rumors has been recorded since December 1, but experts compared this series with the Yellowstone earthquakes, which occurred 11-12 years ago, and it turned out that in 2020 the strength was much lower, but the frequency increased significantly. As for 2008, that year in one month more than 800 underground mines of various strengths were recorded. This led to significant deformation of the soil near the caldera, so scientists had to urgently study the processes taking place under the caldera.

Scientists also noted that the epicenter of earthquakes takes place at the point where the fault passes – the caldera boundary. This fault arose after the surface collapsed during a powerful eruption 631 thousand years ago.

Some experts are confident that a new eruption will take place in the near future, so more funds and efforts need to be spent on monitoring the situation, which will allow early warning and evacuation of millions of Americans who may become victims of the disaster.


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