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Urban Legend of Red Mist – Forbidden episode of Spongebob

Urban Legend of Red Mist - Forbidden episode of Spongebob  86

SpongeBob SquarePants is a television show that is extremely popular around the world and has earned more than $8 billion in merchandising revenue for Nickelodeon. The cartoon features a wide variety of characters that live in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom. One of these characters is named Squidward Tentacles. The show is made for kids, but in 2004 an urban legend emerged surrounding a lost episode of the show that is said to display Squidward’s Suicide.

Red Mist is really a controversial real-life bootleg tape featuring an unaired episode of Spongebob Squarepants. Much like the long-lost but recently found “Suicide Mouse” tape, Red Mist was purportedly made by the now imprisoned Scottish animator with the series who that will pass the tape off since the season 4 premiere episode and featured the death of Squidward.

Description in the tape

Red Mist starts with Squidward preparing to practice his clarinet as part of his room as Spongebob and Patrick play merrily outside. Squidward wraps his mouth around the clarinet which is only able to play one note just before being interrupted by a person knocking about the door. He walks down and opens the door and discovers than a traveling salesman are at his door. The salesperson, a huge Scottish fish, asks if he might have a moment of Squidward’s time. Squidward tells him he is not interested and slams the door within the man’s face, walking into his room. The salesman begins knocking once more, and Squidward paves the way angrily. The salesperson, searching very upset, tells Squidward that “the red mist is coming” and precedes to walk off, confusing Squidward. Squidward walks into his room and lastly begins playing the clarinet. Right after performing various off-key notes, Spongebob and Patrick start laughing outside, interrupting Squidward however once again. Squidward walks over towards the window and shouts at the two, telling them he desires to practice for the concert he is going to be performing at. Spongebob and Patrick apologize with tears to them and walk into their houses. Squidward, undecided about himself, walks back over and begins playing his clarinet again, now uninterrupted. The scene then fades to red throughout twelve seconds.

Maybe by glitch, exactly the same scene is repeated once extra that is somewhat widespread in rough cuts of animation. Nevertheless, this occassion, up your eyes have already been replaced with new, a lot more realistic eyes with red pupils, clearly not true but a lot more realistic than CGI or animated. The audio is likewise fully absent using this scene, save for occasional clicks.

After the repeat in the prior scene, a new scene begins with the same red eyes, but in the theater where Squidward is playing his clarinet. The frames within the animation skip just about every four seconds, even so the sound remains synced. Right after an unruly efficiency of an song he dubbed “Red Mist”, Spongebob and Patrick are noticed inside the crowd booing Squidward, quite uncommon for the kids. The scene pans to reveal the same Scottish salesman sitting subsequent in their mind, also booing, as Squidward walks returning to his household along with head as part of his tentacles. What’s odd is that the scene in fact shows him approaching his residence, with nothing happening inside the background, for three minutes and fifty seconds before abruptly cutting to red for another twenty seconds, equally he comes to his house.

A new scene appears, back to the original cartoon eyes, with Squidward using a chair in the room that night, having a blank look on his face for roughly a few seconds prior to beginning to sob softly. Once again, the audio is fully missing for many of the scene, until the sobbing begins. This is in the event the sound of a slight breeze via a forest might be heard within the background. Additionally, it begins pretty mildly zooming in on Squidward’s face, only noticeable in case you compare ten seconds of frames alongside each other. The noise of him sobbing can suddenly be heard, very loudly and severe when the screen twitches in on itself briefly. The salesman’s laughing can also be heard echoing in the background.

Soon after an additional thirty seconds, the screen blurs and twitches violently plus a single frame flashes above the screen. Upon pausing it specifically on the frame, the viewer are able to see a real-life photo of any deceased six year-old boy laying inside the forest within his underwear, whose face has become mangled, eye have been popped, and stomach cut open with entrails laying beside him. Next to him, the shadow in the photographer is clearly visible with component within the photographer’s hand appearing to the proper of your screen.

Red Mist VHS Tape

Following this photograph is observed, it cuts back in Squidward sobbing, a lot louder than prior to with the information definitely seems to be blood operating from his eyes as an alternative to tears as well as the sound with the salesman nonetheless heard. The noise of the wind inside the forest can also be played in a much louder volume, but now using the sound of branches snapping along with the screams on the young boy heard. After twenty extra seconds, one more single frame appears, this occassion of eight year-old girl inside the forest laying on the stomach in a pool of blood, together with her back cut open and entrails piled on top. The cisco kid on the photographer can be visible.

The scene reverts returning to Squidward, now with the similar realistic red eyes from before, entirely silent as well as zero longer sobbing. The sound of the forest still cannot be heard. An additional three seconds later also it cuts back towards the sobbing, this time around piercing loud and with the sound with the forest heard. The screams of both a boy and litttle lady might be heard mixed together because song “Amazing Grace” plays on both the clarinet and also the bagpipes. In the course of this, seven frames are noticed in black or white of your boy from the very first photograph laying in the woods. Throughout the seven frames, the hand in the photographer reaches in and grabs the boy’s entrails, as his remaining eye is targeted on the man’s hand and also blinks once.

This cuts returning to Squidward again, this time around staring in the viewer as the sound from the salesman echoes “DO IT” and “the red mist is coming” repeatedly. After forty seconds in this, you swiftly pans seem to reveal Squidward holding a practical gun, searching as although it were Photoshopped into your scene. Squidward lifts the barrel into his mouth and fires, with blood shooting rid of his head.

Squidward is alive, however right now suddenly within the forest, with one eye dangling through the side of his face, popped. A hole also appears inside the side of his jaw. Standing over him is the Scottish salesman in the first place in the episode. Captions also appear in the bottom of the screen, repeating everything that is stated. Squidward asks the guy “What do you need from me?” and also the salesman tells him “I want ’bout tree fiddy”. Squidward asks “What does tree fiddy mean?” plus the salesman answers “Ya’know, tree dollars and fiddy cents.” Squidward shouts “I ain’t giving you no tree fiddy!”, just as the monster reveals a small zipper along the side of his head. After unzipping it, the salesman transforms in to the Loch Ness Monster, an eight story-tall crustacean from the protozoic era and asks responding “How about two fiddy?”. Squidward retorts, “Oh, now it’s only two fiddy! What? What is the sale on Loch Ness munchies or one thing?” The Loch Ness Monster swims off angrily, promising to one day return and extract revenge on Squidward. The colours invert themselves as well as the scene cuts to blue.

Delivery of the tape

On November 7, 2004, soon after the original animation of the storyboards had been carried out in Fife, Scotland, the tape was delivered to the lead animators and sound editors at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California during the middle of the night. The tape was taken in to the editing room where it absolutely was watched by stated animators and editors, at the same time as two sixteen year-old interns. The tape, which has been likely to function the rough cut of “Fear with a Krabby Patty”, instead began with a title card working with the name “Red Mist”. When thrown off at very first, the animators continued watching, discovering the tape ended up heavily tampered with as getting some cruel joke.

As a result, 3 animators (Barry O’Neill, Grant Kirkland, Jr. and Alyssa Simpson) had been sent to the hospital, 1 editor retired (Fernando de la Peña) and 1 intern (Jackie McMullen) committed suicide. The tape was sent to the police, who determined so it ended up being created by Andrew Skinner, a disgruntled animator from Fife, Scotland, who may have considering that been arrested for nine counts of murder, such as the murder of these two young children noticed inside the tape. Oddly enough, after going by way of the information for the VHS, police discovered that the last edit to the tape was made exactly twenty 4 seconds just before it was watched because of the Spongebob staff.

1 copy within the tape was created (just before police confiscated the initial) by Chaz Agnew, writer of the article as well as the sole surviving intern from that night. Agnew has created various attempts to distribute copies of Skinner’s tape and hopes to secure clearance rights to push out a it on several on line auction internet websites soon.


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Tesla autopilot sensor recorded “ghost” in an empty cemetery

Tesla autopilot sensor recorded "ghost" in an empty cemetery 87

A Tesla electric car with an activated autopilot function recorded an invisible person who allegedly moved around the cemetery. Social network users jokingly noted in the comments that, most likely, this is some new function from Elon Musk, which allows you to see ghosts.

In the United States, a Tesla electric car with an activated autopilot function recorded an invisible person who allegedly moved through a cemetery.

The corresponding video was posted by Twitter user Ovidiu Maciuc.

The recording shows how a silhouette of a man appears on the monitor of an electric car, moving around the cemetery. After that, the driver raises the camera and starts filming the graveyard through the windshield, but there are no people there.

After some time, the “ghost” went in the opposite direction from Tesla and disappeared from the on-board computer screen.

Social network users jokingly noted in the comments that, most likely, this is some new function from Elon Musk, which allows you to see ghosts.

For many though, if you take into account the comments, the video seemed rather creepy. Some even tried to guess what the navigation system actually showed.

Some users thought the system could recognize ghosts. Others refuted this version and said that the reason for all this is an insufficiently accurate sensor, which was used for the equipment of the Tesla car.

Earlier it became known that Tesla electric cars in the near future may receive a new function with which they can talk with pedestrians. For this, American cars will be equipped with special external speakers. 

In addition, Tesla cars in the future will receive the option to change the horn and sound of movement at low speeds to warn pedestrians. According to Elon Musk, among the sounds of movement there will be the sound of the clatter of a horse’s hooves, and as a whistle – the bleating of a goat.

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Mysterious energy source melts Tel Aviv sidewalks, leading to the evacuation of several buildings in Israel

Mysterious energy source melts Tel Aviv sidewalks, leading to the evacuation of several buildings in Israel 88

About two weeks ago, Tel Aviv residents noticed that the concrete surface outside their homes was heating up and steam was coming out of the ground. Tests showed that steam that reached 60 ° C (140 ° F) was water based.

The witness explains: “I was afraid that there was a power line in the area and asked a worker to dig out the ground with a shovel. Steam suddenly came out. I imagined it was probably a geyser. It seemed to me that this was a geological incident – also because there were no problems with electricity in the building. “

Although the experts did not find any hazardous substances or any risk to the stability of buildings at the site, residents as well as kindergartens in the area were evacuated.

Officials described the heat source as “trapped energy” of unknown origin.

Work continues, steam is still rising and the ground is still hot. It is currently unclear what is causing the warming. Note the hole dug in the area. The area is still blocked.

Mysterious origins

City officials said they will “continue to monitor the temperature of the earth, which is expected to cool down for a long time, and will continue to investigate the causes of the unusual event.”

Israel Electric Corporation has not found a connection between heat and power in the area.

The Israel Geological Survey confirmed the rise in temperature after testing ground and water temperature levels, but said it has not yet found an explanation.

Despite their best efforts, municipal officials, the fire department, Israel Electric Corporation and the Ministry of the Environment have yet to find a source of heat.

Meanwhile, the Tel Aviv municipality has informed dozens of evacuees that they can return to their homes. However, residents are not going to return until they receive a detailed account of the source of the mysterious event.

“They evacuated us because they were concerned about our safety, and now they are urging us to return without any convincing explanation. How can you be sure that there is no more danger? “

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The night sky in southern Taiwan shows a weird red moon alarming netizens: 2021 disaster year omen?

The night sky in southern Taiwan shows a weird red moon alarming netizens: 2021 disaster year omen? 89

Some people in Chiayi, Taiwan took pictures of a large dark red moon hanging in the night sky on the first night of 2021 and uploaded them to Facebook. There are also people in Tainan who have photographed the rare “red moon”. The weird scene has aroused heated discussions among netizens. Some people worry that an earthquake may occur, while others suspect that this is a precursor to the year of disaster in 2021?

Yesterday, on January 1 at about 8:00 in the evening, Chiayi residents shared a photo of “2021’s first red moon” on Facebook. As you can see in the photo, the weather was quite good at that time. There was a clear big round moon in the night sky, but it was a dark red moon, which was very different from the usual moon.

Later, people in Kaohsiung and Tainan also posted photos of the red moon they had taken.

The weird and rare “big red moon” immediately attracted the attention of netizens. Some people think that such a sight is caused by air pollution, and some people think that the red moon is “extremely beautiful”, but many people worry about whether it is a harbinger before the disaster ? 

“Hope is not a harbinger of disaster~”, “A harbinger of disaster in 2021???”, “It looked uneasy”, “After seeing the red moon, I hope everyone will be safe”.

Some netizens worry that this is a pre- earthquake omen.

“Remember the red moon before the 921 earthquake (omen)”, “earthquake precursors”, “I feel that there will be an earthquake again recently”, and “It seems that 2021 will be another year of bloody disaster.”

The British clairvoyant Craig Hamilton-Parker published his prediction for 2021 on YouTube in December last year, stating that, as far as the world is concerned, 2021 will be a year full of social unrest, armed conflict and political changes. There will be difficult times right now until 2025.

He also predicted that the biggest worry is climate and earthquakes. A tsunami will occur near Japan. Large earthquakes will occur in the Himalayas, Iran and the Americas. There will also be problems such as floods, dams bursting, and huge icebergs obstructing shipping. Until 2025, the severity of environmental problems will gradually increase.

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