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Unusual Square Clouds Are Forming Around The World

Unusual Square Clouds Are Forming Around The World 5

Disturbing photographs and footage have been released from multiple sources showing square shaped clouds showing up all over the world.

The clouds range from loosely four-sided to perfectly formed squares. One of the images was released by Astronaut Reid Wiseman in the International Space Station.

He noted the strange shape and posted a comment with the image on Twitter. The square cloud was shown to be colliding with the Kamchatka volcanic debris. Many Twitter users asked if the clouds were natural and joked about them possibly being due to a “Borg Cube” or “Aladdin’s Magic Carpet”.

Unusual Square Clouds Are Forming Around The World 6

Other footage has been cropping up on the internet ever since, such as one originally posted to Facebook which shows a low lying, 90 degree sharp angled cloud taken on a phone camera. This video is believed to have been shot in Arizona, USA, however other images which originate from countries such as the UK suggest this phenomenon could be more than a coincidence.

The theory that it is tied to the HAARP program has been put forward as an explanation. The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program was created by the US Military along with other research bodies. It sends a high-frequency signal into the Earth’s ionosphere supposedly to study the effect the ionosphere environment has on the signal and vice versa, among other kinds of research.

Some theories suggest that HAARP could be used for other purposes such as weather control and creating geological disturbances such as the ability to set off volcanoes or earthquakes. The late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela stated he believed HAARP or a similar project to be responsible for the Haiti earthquake. The Venezuelan media even mentioned the project by name. President Chavez called out the US particularly for “playing God”.

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Unusual Square Clouds Are Forming Around The World 7

An explanation for the unnatural formation of these clouds has not been offered by any scientific resource.


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