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Unusual cases in which children recall their past lives and prove it

Unusual cases in which children recall their past lives and prove it 3

Reincarnation is a fascinating topic that has been marginalized for far too long in scientific research. Fortunately, it has recently begun to generate serious interest in the scientific community.

Decades ago, the American astronomer and astrobiologist Carl Sagan said that “there are facts in the field of parapsychology that, in my opinion, deserve serious study, and one of them is that young children sometimes report details of their previous life, which, after verification, turn out to be accurate and that they may not have known about other means than reincarnation. “

Fast forward to today, and we make an amazing discovery, as many researchers have taken on the task of studying this intriguing and inexplicable – at least from a materialistic scientific point of view – phenomenon.

Topics such as reincarnation belong to the intangible sciences, an area of ​​research that deserves more attention. As Nikola Tesla himself said, “on the day when science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

University of Virginia psychiatrist Jim Tucker is arguably the world’s leading researcher on the topic, and in 2008 he published a review of reincarnation cases in Explore.

Jim’s typical reincarnation case involves subjects reporting their past life experiences. Interestingly, 100 percent of the subjects who recall past lives are children. The average age at which they begin to recall their past life is 35 months, and their descriptions of events and experiences from their past life are often extensive and surprisingly detailed. Tucker pointed out that these children show very strong emotional involvement when they talk about their experiences; some even cry and beg their parents to take them to their previous family.

Subjects generally stop making past life statements between the ages of six and seven, and most of them seem to lose past memories. This is the age when children go to school and begin to gain more experience in their current life, and also when they lose their memories of early childhood.

Eli Lash is a renowned physician in Israel who has worked as a senior consultant for the coordination of health services in the Gaza Strip. He passed away in 2009, but prior to that, he was investigating an alleged reincarnation case in which a three-year-old boy claimed to have remembered his past life. In this life, he remembered how he was severely hit on the head with an axe, and he had a long red mole on his head.

The boy pointed to the person who killed him in a past life

A modern boy, whose name remained confidential throughout the study, also had a mole in the same spot, which is interesting because numerous studies such as that published in Explore indicate that common birthmarks are common to children who remember their past lives.

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The boy’s father and a number of other relatives in the village decided to visit neighboring communities to see if his past life could be established, and Dr. Lasch was invited to join. On this journey, they visited several villages until the boy remembered the one he needed. He remembered his own first and last name, as well as the first and last name of his killer.

This man, whom the boy remembered how his previous incarnation disappeared 4 years ago and was never found. It was speculated that the man must have been in trouble, as people were known to have been killed or taken prisoner in the border areas between Israel and Syria on suspicion of espionage.

The group passed through the village, and at some point the boy pointed to the house of his past life. Curious passers-by gathered around, and suddenly the boy approached the man and called him by name. The man admitted that the boy named him correctly, and then the boy said,

“I was your neighbor. We had a fight and you killed me with an axe. “

Then Dr. Lush noticed that the man’s face suddenly turned white as a sheet. Then a three-year-old child said,

“I even know where he buried my body.”

Then the boy led the group, which included the accused of murder, to the fields located nearby. The boy stopped in front of a pile of stones and said:

“He buried my body and the ax with which he killed me under these stones over there.”

When the pile of stones was dismantled, they found a missing person and a murder weapon – an ax. The accused confessed that he had a quarrel with his neighbor and killed him with an ax.

The boy told his father that in a previous life he was his grandfather

Sam Taylor got dressed 18 months after the death of his paternal grandfather, he first began to remember the details of his past life when he was just over a year old.

When he was 1.5 years old, he looked up when his father changed his diaper and said, “When I was your age, I used to change your diapers.” He started talking more about being his grandfather. He ended up sharing details of his grandfather’s life that his parents thought he could not find out in the usual way, such as the fact that his grandfather’s sister was murdered and that his grandmother made milkshakes for his grandfather every day with the help of food processor. at the end of his life.

Ryan – Midwest Boy

Ryan’s story began when he was 4 years old, when he often had terrible nightmares. When he was five years old, he made a statement to his mother. He told her, “I used to be someone else.”

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He often talked about “coming home” to Hollywood and begged his mother to take him there. He told her in-depth stories about meeting stars like Rita Hayworth, dancing in Broadway productions, and working at an agency where people often changed their names. He even remembered that the name of the street on which he lived had the word “stone”.

Ryan’s mother, Cindy, said that “his stories were so detailed and extensive that it was incredible.”

Cindy decided to read books about Hollywood in her local library, thinking that maybe something would catch her son’s attention, and it did. Cindy said that once she found a photo of the person Ryan claims he was in his past life, everything changed.

Unusual cases in which children recall their past lives and prove it 4

They decided to seek help from Tucker, who got down to business and began his investigation. After about two weeks, a Hollywood film archivist was able to confirm the identity of the person in the photograph. The photo was from a movie called Night After Night, and that man was Marty Martin, who acted in films and then became a Hollywood influencer and passed away in 1964.

Martin actually danced on Broadway, worked for an agency where stage names were often created for new clients, traveled overseas to Paris and lived at 825 North Roxbury Drive in Beverly Hills. These were all details Ryan was able to give Tucker before they knew who he described; for example, Ryan knew the address was “The Rocks.” Ryan was also able to remember how many children Martin had and how many times he was married.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Ryan knew that Martin had two sisters, but Martin’s own daughter did not. Ryan also remembers the African American maid; Marty and his wife hired several people. These are just a few of 55 incredible facts that Ryan can recall from his previous life as Marty Martin, although his memories grow dim as he gets older.

Chanai Chumalaiwong

Chanai is a boy from Thailand who, when he was three years old, began to say that he was a teacher named Bua Kai, who was shot while riding his bike to school. He begged and pleaded to be taken to Bua Kai’s parents, who he felt were his own. He knew the village they lived in, and eventually convinced his grandmother to take him there.

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His grandmother reported that after they got off the bus, Hanai took her to the house where the elderly couple lived. Hanai seems to have recognized the couple, who were the parents of Bua Kai Launak, a teacher who was shot on his way to school five years before Hanai was born.

The amazing thing is that Kai and Hanai had something in common. Kai, who was shot from behind, had small round wounds on the back of his head, typical of an entry wound, and larger exit wounds on his forehead; Hanai was born with two moles: a small round spot on the back of his head and a large, irregular spot in front.

The case with P.M

P.M was a boy whose half-brother died of neuroblastoma 12 years before his birth. The half-brother was diagnosed after he began to limp and then suffered a pathological fracture of the left leg. He underwent a biopsy of a nodule on the scalp just above his right ear and received chemotherapy through the center line in the right external jugular vein. At the time of his death, he was two years old and was blind in his left eye.

P.M. was born with three moles, which correspond to the lesions on his half-brother, as well as a tumor 1 cm in diameter above the right ear and a dark oblique mark on the lower right front of the neck. He also had a so-called “corneal leukoma” due to which he was practically blinded in his left eye. As soon as P.M. he began to walk, he limped, sparing his left side, and at about the age of 4.5 he talked to his mother about his desire to return to the family’s previous home, describing it with great accuracy. He also talked about his brother’s skull surgery, although he was never told about it.

Kendra Carter

When Kendra started swimming lessons at the age of 4, she immediately developed an emotional attachment to her woman coach. Soon after she started her studies, she began to say that the coach’s baby had died as she had an abortion

Kendra’s mother was always in her lessons and when she asked Kendra how she knew about these things, her answer was: “I the baby that was in her tummy. ” Kendra talked about the abortion and her mother later found out that the coach did indeed have an abortion 9 years before Kendra was born.

Kendra became happy and cheerful when she was with the coach, but was otherwise silent, and her mother allowed her to spend more and more time with the coach until she stayed with her three nights a week. In the end, the coach fell out with Kendra’s mother and broke off contact with the family. Then Kendra became depressed and did not speak for 4.5 months. At this point, the trainer regained more limited contact and Kendra slowly began to speak and participate in the sessions again.

James Leininger

At the time of this incident, James was a 4-year-old boy from Louisiana. And he believed he was once a World War II pilot who was shot down over Iwo Jima, the island the United States fought to capture in 1945.

His parents first realized this when James began to have nightmares when he woke up and yelled “I was hit!” and “the plane is on fire.” He knew details about the plane from the Second World War that would have been impossible for a young man to know.

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For example, when his mother called the object at the bottom of the model plane a bomb, James corrected it by informing her that it was a “drop tank.” On another occasion, he and his parents watched a documentary, and the narrator named the Japanese plane Zero when James insisted it was Tony. In both cases, James was right.

James also insisted that in his previous life he had taken off from a ship called Natoma, which the Leiningers discovered was the WW11 (USS Natoma Bay) aircraft carrier. James said his previous name was also James, and, shockingly, the USS Natoma Bay squadron had a pilot named James Houston who died in battle over the Pacific Ocean.

Dr. Tucker received additional documents for several of James Leininger’s statements, and they were made before anyone in the family even heard of James Houston or USS Natoma Baby.

Ask yourself, how could a two-year-old in Louisiana remember that he was a World War II pilot shot down over the Pacific Ocean?

The biggest skeptic in this case was the boy’s father, who remarked that he was “the original skeptic, but the information James gave us was so startling and unusual. If someone wants to look at the facts and challenge them, they can Explore all that we have. “

Reincarnation is real

Personally, we sincerely believe that reincarnation is real, but we do not think that this is the only version of what happens after death.

We believe that some souls can reincarnate, as we have seen above, into another life. I also believe that some can reincarnate not on earth, but on other planets altogether, as creatures that we consider aliens.

Moreover, we believe that reincarnation is only one option for the soul; perhaps they have the opportunity to travel to other dimensions and experience life there, or completely abandon reincarnation and experience life in a non-physical realm free of a physical body.

Perhaps the soul must continue to reincarnate until certain lessons are learned to move to another “level”.

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We also believe that there is a common place from which all souls originate, so perhaps some of us are going there. We believe, like Plato, that when a soul enters the physical body, it forgets where it came from and does not remember its previous experience.

We do not believe that this material world is the only one in existence; there are worlds that are beyond our physical senses. Perhaps we recognize them in the afterlife?

Of course, we can only speculate, but really don’t think that reincarnation is the only option for a soul that has left its body. Maybe the soul has a choice of how and where to reincarnate?

There may be other options


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