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Unusual and Little-known Artifacts of Antiquity

Unusual and Little-known Artifacts of Antiquity 13

Sometimes archaeologists discover many unusual and rare things that have come to us since ancient times.

Here are some of these unusual artifacts.

Gold spirals from Denmark

In 2015, on the island of Sheland, also known as Zealand, Danish archaeologists discovered nearly 2,000 small spirals made of gold. The spirals were buried in the ground in an open field. They immediately puzzled historians.

Fleming Cowl of the Copenhagen National Museum writes:

“We do not know what they are intended for. I personally tend to think that they are part of the rich decoration of the mantle of a priest or royal person, or perhaps they were fringed on a hat or umbrella. Or, they were inside the decomposed tissue. “

Unusual and Little-known Artifacts of Antiquity 14

The thin spirals reach 3 cm in length, and the dating shows that they were made approximately between 900 and 700 BC.

The spirals were discovered in the same area where other curious gold artifacts – gold cups and rings – were previously discovered. The symbols depicted on these objects clearly indicates a pagan cult of the sun.

Bone armor

In 2014, in Omsk, Russian archaeologists have discovered a unique bone armor created in the Bronze Age 3900-3500 years ago.

Unusual and Little-known Artifacts of Antiquity 15

The armor is perfectly preserved. According to scientists, it belonged to a noble warrior and was very expensive. It does not indicate which bones and which animals were used to create it, but presumably these are the remains of horses, deer, and elk.

The armor is buried at a depth of one and a half meters, on the bank of the Irtysh River. Earlier, nothing like this was found in these places, as in other parts of Siberia. This is why a theory emerges that the bone armor is actually made from a different culture, and the unknown soldier received it as a trophy.

Pyrite mirrors

Pyrite mirrors, or so-called “Mesoamerican mirrors,” are a little rough but incredible artifacts. A total of just over 50 were found and only in one specific territory in Arizona (Arizona).

Unusual and Little-known Artifacts of Antiquity 16

About a thousand years ago, noble and rich people lived in this place called Snaketown. It was these pyrite crystal objects that were made for them.

According to historians, the tradition of such mirrors may have come to Arizona from the territories of Mesoamerica. The technique of processing mirrors from Arizona is very similar to that of the Olmecs, Mayans, and Aztecs.

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In these places, pyrite does not occur, which means that it was brought from somewhere outside. Maybe from Mesoamerica itself, like exotic trophies.

To make such a mirror was a very difficult and painstaking job. A small mirror took 110 to 160 days to work. It was necessary to carefully process the thin slabs of pyrite and then carefully glue it to a wooden base.

The Sicilian monolith

This site was discovered in August 2015, at a depth of 40 meters, off the coast of Sicily (Sicilia). It is a stone and apparently man-made megalith reaching up to 12 meters in length.

Unusual and Little-known Artifacts of Antiquity 17

The megalith is divided into two parts and has three holes on it, including one on the slightly pointed tip. It was created about 9350 years ago (!), That is, it is twice as old as Stonehenge.

According to historians, this may be an ancient lighthouse. Another theory is that it used to be, in ancient times, a cult site that was later flooded.

The Jerash silver scroll

In 2014, in the ruins of an old house in Jerash (Jerash), Jordan, a unique artifact has been discovered – an ancient amulet from the 8th century AD, which contains inside fragile silver sheets of text.

Unusual and Little-known Artifacts of Antiquity 18

Unfortunately, it is impossible to retrieve the sheets without damaging them, which is why scientists resort to modern technology. Using 3D scanning, they are able to understand 17 lines of text.

According to historians, these are records of a “Jewish magician” who lived about 1300 years ago. Part of the text is written in a Greek-like language and is a spell against disease. Another part of the text is completely incomprehensible. All we know is that the language is similar to Arabic.

Egyptian Dolls

Dolls of Ushebti, sold in ancient Egyptian temples, were made of stone, clay or wood. They were placed in the casket of a dead man.

Unusual and Little-known Artifacts of Antiquity 19

At the same time, each doll was given a special spell that this doll had to say before Osiris, the God of the dead. Therefore, such dolls were still called “defendants”.

According to Egyptian mythology, after death, a person’s soul falls into the afterlife of Osiris. He decides where to set her up and sends her to work. Ushtubi dolls helped the soul, replacing it in hard work.

The richer the deceased was, the more Ushebti dolls laid in his coffin to help him in the world beyond. Once, archaeologists discovered a burial site with 365 dolls, one for each day of the year. Injuries are often found in tombs and less frequently in scarab amulets.

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The standard doll spell states:

“Oh, whisper! If you are instructed to do any work that needs to be done in the beyond – look, be on your guard to do what is to be done for the person there. “Here I am!“- to answer when they call you.”


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