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Until the end of 2024: Indian boy Abhigya Anand gave a new prediction about the fate of the world and unavoidable shocking events in the near future

Until the end of 2024: Indian boy Abhigya Anand gave a new prediction about the fate of the world and unavoidable shocking events in the near future 1

Abhigya Anand is the 16-year-old astrologer from India who recently addressed the Earth inhabitants with a new message that is worth listening to. Like other people with a keen sense, the young visionary is looking for answers to the question: “What awaits us next in these difficult times?” His new predictions for 2024 could lift the veil of secrecy.

People started talking about the gifted Indian back in 2019. He predicted the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and named the exact date of death of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse in 2021. Based on astrological calculations, Anand determined the period of large-scale disruption of the world order on the border between winter 2021 and spring 2022. Its new long-range forecast through April 2024 will allow people to prepare as best they can.

Irreversible transformations for 2024

To see the events of the future, Abhigya Anand uses knowledge from ancient scriptures, the experience of ancestors, his own analytics and some historical facts. On his Youtube channel, the young seer said that the global growth of evil and conflicts on Earth is provoked by the special arrangement of the planets. It will have an impact for another 400 years.

“The coming era of Aquarius is bringing irreversible transformations in the world, and Russia will be one of the countries that will launch these changes,” says the young boy. 

According to him, wars will attract the attention of the world community for another whole year, but this is not only about the military conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Hostility will flare up in different parts of the planet.

Many countries will increase their military budget. Bloody Mars in the eighth house warns of aggression and competition, mass deaths and disputes over big money. His warlike energy is capable of transforming any local feud into a full-scale conflict. Anand calls on politicians to weigh every decision and think 20 steps ahead.

What has Mother Nature prepared for us?

The indigo boy indicates that the fall of 2023 will be difficult. According to his calculations, the planet will be shaken by severe natural disasters from mid-October to the end of December. Humanity will have to “disentangle” their consequences until the first month of spring 2024. Anand calls for storing rainwater and focusing on energy production using solar panels.

“Humanity will be confronted by fire, water and air. The planet is expecting a whole series of earthquakes, which will follow one after another. But we will not be able to clearly say where to expect the next one,” warns the astrologer. 

He also managed to identify some points by the stars – the USA and Italy.

Environmental disasters

The young astrologer also draws attention to other large-scale problems that threaten the life of humanity. 

“We are living in perhaps the driest time in history. The water level drops, and monuments of the past, buried in the depths, come to the surface. These signs are harbingers of trouble,” says the seer.

In the period from 2024 to 2026, the world will experience a change in zones of influence. This could lead to unwise distribution of food, causing hundreds of thousands of people to go hungry. Nature will take revenge for the abuse of pesticides and delays in the grain deal. Unfortunately, no one can influence this situation.

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We will observe a change in polarity in the global economy. Rich countries will begin to rapidly lose their prosperity. And the third world countries will enter a “golden era”: they will experience unprecedented economic growth, agricultural development, the creation of new enterprises and the introduction of advanced technologies. But this takes time, including to survive the inflation of world currencies.

One way or another, the scale of financial instability will amaze all of humanity.

The astrologer reports that we may soon see the revelation of a worldwide scam. Perhaps we are talking about cryptocurrency. 

New dangerous viruses

In his new prediction, Abhigya mentions the oldest creatures on our planet who will “raise their heads again.” We are talking about viruses, and the young astrologer sees the root of all troubles in the scientists who are trying to fight them. Because of this, viruses mutate, and in the winter of 2023, people will have to take on the challenge again.

The boy warns: the new pandemic will surpass the one we experienced 2 years ago. The first outbreak of a new dangerous disease will be recorded in Africa. Countries will again be forced to close their borders.

But the wise Indian reassures: humanity is capable of protecting itself. The key to overcoming adversity is compassion. We need to be kinder to animals and those who are smaller and weaker. According to the laws of balance, nature will calm down and show more mercy to ourselves. Everything ingenious is simple, isn’t it?


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