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Unprecedented Chinese attack on US: “They are the devil, they have committed war crimes”

The harsh statements were made by the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Wang Wenbin – “We hope Europe stops holding the candle to the devil” he said, among other things – He described the Americans as “masters of misinformation”

An unprecedented attack on the United States was launched today by China, through official statements made, speaking to the press, by the representative of the country’s Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin. Speaking to reporters, the Chinese official said the United States was using “supposedly democratic sensitivities” to “completely destroy sovereign countries.

In fact, not even Europe escaped from the Chinese fires . “We hope Europe stops holding the candle to the devil,” he said, blaming the United States for a series of crimes against humanity and war crimes, the killing of 300,000 civilians and the uprooting of 26,000,000 people from Afghanistan and Iraq.

In addition, he argued that “The United States is the greatest threat to the security and stability of humanity.” “The so-called democratic sensitivities are just a pretext to attack and completely destroy sovereign countries, they should have already been brought before the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity,” Wang said.

He attacked the US, calling the Americans “masters of misinformation”. These are the harshest statements Beijing has made against Washington in many years, signaling at least one verbal escalation, following the Chinese government’s repeated refusal to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

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It will be very difficult for Europe to avoid a third world war

Sweden and Finland intend to jointly express in May their intention to become full members of NATO, according to the press in the two Nordic countries.

Citing well-informed sources, the Finnish newspapers Iltalehti and Sweden’s Expressen stress that in three weeks Helsinki and Stockholm will publicly declare their desire to abandon international defense neutrality and join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Moscow has threatened Sweden and Finland with unspecified consequences if they join NATO, claiming that security at its borders is threatened!

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Of course, the Russians will continue setting ultimatums in Europe with their nuclear weapons and gas.

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