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Unknown Entity Terrorizes Neighborhood of La Banda


IMAGE: School 646 Los Pinos – at the city of La Banda, seems to be the epicenter of the phenomenons.
ARGENTINA. In the city of La Banda, pronvíncia San Tiago del Estero, a strange “entity” is disturbing the neighborhood of Villa Raquel. There, residents, especially those living in the vicinity of the School 646 Los Pinos, are daunted by the apparitions of a bizarre small creature.
The occurrences and the fears of the local population began after that debris (objects) of rituals, that seem to be satanists or umbandists, appeared on the streets of the neighborhood. Supposedly, there may be a link between the rituals and apparitions of strange being who, it seems, installed himself, mainly, in the building of the School.
The situation of tension is such that that some of the police who make round at the streets near the school – are asking to be transferred after the events. These men do not hide who are terrified by the frequent manifestations of the mysterious “spectrum” and other scary phenomena they see happening overnight.
Dina Gómes, a resident of the street Laprida and Andrea Herrera, owner of a shop situated in front of the school, reported that students comment that a boy, appears seated sitting on the toilet in the bathroom of the institution.
But the “intruder” is not confined to the bathroom, he moves by other luagares in school, and neighborhood. As students have reported, the “alien” when seen, has the appearance and size of a small child but the thing manifests itself invisibly too.
Andrea Herrera (the neighbor), referring to rumors among students reveals: They told us that the lights go out and feel the presence of someone beside you, hear the steps but when you look, there’s nobody … sometimes hear screams or a confusion of sounds.
Herrera also explained that ...parents of students questioned teachers but they do not believe us … because, they say, do not hear or see nothing. Let’s talk again … with professsores for something to be done because it can not continue.
This image, poorly identified, appears in one of the numerous reports in Spanish that have been published about this case. Specifically, the online newspaper EL SIGLO. The text related says: The photo that caused disturbance. See below for enlarged detail of the supposed face of the creature.
Apparently obtained through the camera of a mobile phone, the record shows a place that seems a bus and, the photo shows  (right) – what seems to be the half of a humanoid face, spectral figure that resembles – not a ghost or an alien, but a demon.
Although the midia  be referring to the creature as a “ghost” or “ghost-boy” reports of residents in the streets around the school points to some other type of “entity.” In addition to appear in the dependencies in the School, this “spectrum” also goes further afield and invades the nearby residences.
A resident of the street Ing. Iturbe, mechanic, said he had some unexplainable experiences in recent months. He tells:
It all started when when I bought my house here on the corner, a few months ago. The first time was during a very hot night. I could not sleep and then I saw a figure seemingly human but very small, with about 40 cm or so. Was walking on the school wall …
What happened … then not have any kind of explanation: three times I saw the being – tiny, like a child of two or three years inside my house. Nothing makes. He don’t try to attack me and I also don’t make nothing  with it, but my kids no more want to stay in this house. Some say that this is a thing of practitioners of magic, but the truth, honestly, I do not know.
IMAGE: Priest Juan Castro Zavalía, Christ the King Parish, La Banda city.
Recapping the case history, Villa Raquel’s residents highlight the fact that  the apparitions of the creature began after that  the satanic practices in the district were detected.
In fact, at the city of  La Banda, and – especially – the neighborhood of Villa Raquel recently, has been in the news precisely in function of  the episodes more or less related to black magic.
The Priest Juan Castro Zavalía, of the Christ the King Parish spoke on the subject in reportage to the newspaper LA UNION (Argentina), in the February 22 edition (2013) :
La Banda is a very important center of the province (San Tiago del Estero) and I believe is the largest in relation to such practices Satanism, the cult of Santa Muerte, the umbandas, everything is very mixed. Here, all these sects are very abundant. There are many witchcraft in La Banda, all kinds of meetings.
We are always dealing with witchcraft. The practioners leave offerings (profane) in the door of the parish’s church, make animal sacrifices. Many people get upset when find these sacrifices on the doors of their homes. People are superstitious …
HUMAN SACRIFICES. There are strange practices: There are people who constantly ask me to bless bottles with holy water; bottles of 3 liter. These people are strange (here) in the church, do not know them, do not know what they will make with holy water … There have been crimes, (ritual crimes) where human sacrifices were made.
BLACK MAGIC. On April 07 this year (2013), “works” or spells apparently umbandistas, were found nearby, precisely, of the School 646 Los Pinos, causing fears in the population of the neighborhoods  of Villa Raquel and Los Lagos. Moreover, from the early episodes, vandalism and theft also were practiced at that school.
The ritual offerings have been repeated since then. The case has been reported to the Police station 14, which has jurisdiction in that area but materials used in rituals profane (and primitive) were found at different points in the vicinity of the Mercy cemetery.
Candles, photographies, poultry offal, grains, fruits and other items are often used in witchcraft (it is believed, Afro-Brazilian origin) – rituals of a “religion” or sect that has instaled a temple in the neighborhood of  Mishqi Mayu.
Eventos inexplicables generan temor en vecinos y vigilantes de la escuela de Villa Raquel.
EL LIBERAL/ARGENTINA, published in 08/04/2013.
Niño fantasma atemoriza en una escuela.
EL SIGLO, published in 14/04/2013.
Padre Castro Zavalía: “La Banda es el centro más grande de las prácticas de satanismo”.
LA UNION/ARGENTINA, published in 21/02/2013.
Encontraron restos de ritos umbanda en una escuela.
EL LIBERAL/ARGENTINA, published in 07/04/2013.



This 3,600-year-old manuscript could change history

This manuscript book called Kolbrin, speaks of the long forgotten or unknown events of the past, even before our written history.

The Kolbrin Bible, also known as the Bronzebook or Coelbook, is the first Judeo-Christian document that combines the events currently described in the Bible, and also warns of the impending cataclysms that are to come.

It speaks of unknown episodes of the ancient past of mankind that have been deliberately hidden by the current Christian textbooks.

It is the only document of its kind that still exists, and tells the whole story of human genesis, from the first people who stepped on Earth before the arrival of Adam and Eve, to the great Egyptian rulers.

According to this ancient text, the term “fallen angel” mentioned in Genesis refers to mortal men who married the daughters of Adam and Eve and had children, rather than the common belief of angelic or “divine” beings.

It is also mentioned that these men descend from a highly advanced earthly society that survived the first cataclysms by hiding in underground shelters.

They were known as “The Children of God” and the aforementioned catastrophe was the result of their actions. Some researchers even link this story to that of Atlantis and Lemuria, the legendary civilizations believed to be over after an impending cataclysm.

Composed of eleven books, the Kolbrin Bible offers extensive knowledge of our past, comprising of five books written by the Celtic mystics after the death of Jesus Christ and also six books that are composed of ancient Egyptian scrolls written by scribes after the events that followed the Hebrew exodus from Egypt.

It is believed that Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’ great uncle, succeeded in rescuing the Egyptian scrolls of the conqueror Julius Caesar who invaded Egypt and set fire to the largest library in the world at that time, The Alexandria Library. The destruction of more than 700,000 rolls with an incalculable value in this place was collected over the years.

According to Crystalinks, The Kolbrin is a collection of ancient manuscripts said to have been salvaged from the Glastonbury Abbey arson in 1184. The Kolbrin said to have a connection with Jesus historically through Joseph of Arimathea, they have been discussed online by James McCanney, Alex Merklinger and others.

It has been rumored that Nicola Tesla acquired some knowledge from this book according to James McCanney. In the past, only a select few, some might say an elite group, have had access to this book. Now, the current caretakers of this ancient knowledge believe ‘these are the days of decision when humankind stands at the crossroad,’ and are making the book available subject to explicit conditions.

The dogmas that date from before the known written history would have been consumed that day, but fortunately, there are some people who retain a small portion of that forbidden knowledge.

Joseph and the followers of Jesus later moved the Judean scrolls to Britain in a desperate attempt to preserve their context.

The manuscripts are kept secret inside Glastonbury Abbey, in Somerset County, in the southwest of Great Britain, where they have been for many hundreds of years.

However, a relentless fire enveloped the abbey in 1184, but the scrolls were saved from this other desperate “attempt” to hide the true history of mankind.

Some of the manuscripts were carved in the form of thin bronze sheets and deposited in copper-clad containers, which also helped them resist any fire or attack.

The book also contains some unique prophecies. One of them even describes how the flood caused by the arrival of the supposed Planet X, linking the two events in a scenario never seen before.

Then, with the dawning, men saw an awesome sight. There, riding on a black rolling cloud came the Destroyer, newly released from the confines of the sky vaults, and she raged about the heavens, for it was her day of judgement.

The beast opened its mouth and belched forth fire and hot stones and a vile smoke. It covered the whole sky above and the meeting place of Earth and Heaven could no longer be seen. In the evening, the places of the stars were changed, they rolled across the sky to new stations, then the floodwaters came.

The floodgates of heaven were opened and the foundations of Earth were broken apart. The surrounding waters poured over the land and broke upon the mountains. The storehouses of the winds burst their bolts asunder, so storms and whirlwinds were loosed to hurl themselves upon Earth.

In the seething waters and howling gales, all buildings were destroyed, trees were uprooted and mountains cast down. There was a time of great heat, then came a bitter cold. The waves over the waters did not rise and fall but seethed and swirled, there was an awful sound above.

Could this mysterious compilation of forbidden knowledge rewrite the history of mankind as we know it?

Attempts to erase this evidence throughout history have been very clear, which demonstrates the great value and truth that is contained in those manuscripts.

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Who and why he removed 10 pages from the Devil’s Bible?

One of the largest medieval manuscripts is the so-called Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil’s Bible, because it has a large image of the Devil on one of the pages .

The weight of the book is 75 kg, its width is 49 cm and its height is 89 cm. It is estimated that it would take at least 30 years for one person to write and draw the whole book.

According to legend, however, it took only one night to do so for an unknown monk living in the 13th century AD. The same monk was imprisoned in a cell for violation of discipline and vows, and a much more severe punishment awaited him. In an attempt to avoid punishment, the monk decided to surprise the superiors with a book that described ” all the knowledge of the earth .”

To write this book, the monk turned to the Devil himself for help. In exchange for his soul, the Devil created the Codex Gigas overnight.

Initially, the Devil’s Bible was stored in the monastery in Podlazice, in the territory of modern-day Czech Republic, near the town of Chrudim. After a while it was moved to the monastery in Brumov. In 1648, it was stolen by Swedish soldiers and taken to Sweden as a prey. In 1649 the manuscript was placed in the Royal Library of Stockholm, where it is still preserved.

There are 310 pages in the Devil’s Bible, but there were 320 pages before. So, 10 pages were taken and what was written in them is still unknown to anyone.

It is officially believed that the statutes of the Benedictine monastery are written on these 10 pages, but many conspiracy theorists are sure that no one would extract the written rules of the monastery from such a huge and valuable book, and that the missing pages clearly contain much more important information.

For example, the prophecies about the Apocalypse. Or, the so-called “devil’s prayer”, the reading of which, under certain conditions, is described on the vanished pages to summon the Devil. At the same time, the sheets did not just fall out of the bound book because of old age and decay. They have been deliberately removed. They were cut off from the Codex and this is evident from the cropping of these pages.

None of the historians knows when and by whom these pages were removed. In the 16th century, one of the mystics of the Paracelsus Circle became interested in the Code, and in 1590, his student visited the Brumov Monastery to study it.

The Code also attracts the attention of the Holy Roman Emperor – Rudolf II, who sought occult information in it. He even ordered the Codex to be transported to his Prague Castle. Then the legend of the Devil’s Bible began to spread. Most probably, it was Rudolf II who tore these pages, finding in them the occult records he needed.

Another oddity of Codex Gigas is that no one has even tried to rewrite this book. In those centuries, when printing was not yet invented, important manuscripts were constantly rewritten to reproduce.

Moreover, even more voluminous and complex texts have been rewritten than the Devil’s Bible.

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Black Cats and Witches

In some areas where people live, black cats that are completely black in fur, are a rarity, and this factor adds to their mysterious trait. Also, in the night, a black cat can be practically invisible, so people in the darkness see just the two eyes of the cat, which can be a pale shade of green, orange, or yellow or be amber colored.

Many superstitious people were terrified, thinking an invisible creature or demon with 2 eyes or simply 2 floating, glowing eyes were staring at them in the dark. Black cats were the traditional and most common creatures that lived with witches even though witches had other animals around them, at times, as rats, dogs, ferrets, birds, frogs, toads, and hares. These small animals were often kept in pots or baskets lined with sheep’s wool and fed various things including milk, bread, meat, and blood. Often, such animals would have the same affectionate nick names or common names that parents give their children.

When a person, for example, an old lady, especially a person who lives alone, has, for example, a pet black cat; there are people who strangely talk to their pets as though they are human beings and can understand every word. Centuries ago, when belief in witchcraft was very strong, many people that saw and heard a person talking to an animal seriously wondered if the animal was a spirit or demon in animal form that attends and obeys its master- a witch. The occult name for such an animal is called a familiar. There are other reasons that can make people further wonder if a person is a witch; as that person being unnaturally mean; highly aggressive; hateful in personality, and if such a person were also very ugly, it would add to their resentment by others.

The American author, Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) wrote a short horror fiction story called “The  Black Cat” that would reinforce the idea of a black cat having supernatural powers. In that story, a black cat gets its revenge against its owner who has abused it, then horribly mutilates it, and later kills it.Once, in the 1970’s, there was an occult supplier who sold, among many other things, tall candles in the shape and color of a black cat. The sales pitch was that the black cat, being a symbol of bad luck, when burned in candle form would destroy that black cat image and this became a ritual for good luck.For many, many years, black cats have gotten a bad rap; a really unfair, undeserved reputation of being evil and harmful to humans. Some people, over the years, tried to undo; reverse this situation by claiming that black cats are actually good luck. In certain parts of Europe, for instance, black cats are looked upon as actually bringing good luck.

Some folks, centuries ago, thought that at times a witch’s familiar or familiars was a person or people that , from the power of witchcraft, got turned into an animal or animals as punishment for somehow angering a witch.Black cats began to develop an association with evil in the minds of various people, centuries ago, from the extreme worry that any black cat there was could be a demon in disguise. Many people developed a great fear, distrust, and revulsion to all black cats and would chase them away, at times even throwing small objects as stones at the animals.Various people began to believe that the black cat, from its demonic significance, brought bad luck, especially if a black cat crosses your path.

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