Unknown Australia: From giant fences around secret bases to ancient connections to Antarctica 

Australia is a country distinguished by its uniqueness and closedness. On its territory there are many zones to which access is limited. These places are often called national parks, but for unknown reasons, military installations are located inside them, which apparently does not create obstacles for the local fauna, including kangaroos.

It is interesting that these territories are inhabited by Aborigines – the indigenous people of Australia, but access to these places is limited not only for tourists, but also for the local population. Access is allowed only to military personnel and officials.

Ancient maps dating back to before the great disasters show that Australia was once connected to Antarctica. This division is thought to have influenced the distribution of species found in these regions, some of which may have been quite unusual.

The Australian government has built enormous lengths of fences, including the 3488-mile-long Dingo Fence, which was officially declared a means of stopping rabbits from spreading to farmland in the 1880s. However, local residents are skeptical about this version, pointing out the presence of rabbits on both sides of the fence both before and after its construction.

Today, the rabbits in these areas have disappeared, but the fences continue to function, maintained by running electric currents through them at a cost of about $10 million annually.

Australia has several “no-go zones”, including a huge area in the center of the country the size of England, home to aerospace bases and military training areas, with access restricted exclusively to government employees.

It is officially stated that between 1956 and 1963 part of this zone was leased by Great Britain for nuclear testing, although the areas affected by radiation make up only a small part of the entire prohibited zone.

In this territory there is the only highway on which traffic is allowed with an absolute ban on leaving it. It has been suggested that the real reason for such strict restrictions is due to the presence of ancient cities in these territories and roads connecting them, which may be being restored and explored at the present time.

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On satellite images in restricted areas, one can find traces of ancient star forts and roads to them, the existence of which is not officially mentioned in the history of Australia.

Nowadays, many closed bases have been built on these ancient ruins, which from satellites resemble military installations. However, according to information from various sources, they are guarded by people in unmarked uniforms. Could it be that private corporations are conducting secret research here?

In addition, Heard and McDonald Islands, referred to as Australia’s external territories, are also subject to strict restrictions on visitors without special government permission, despite having their own internet domain.

The similarity of the contours of Australia and Antarctica, as well as the uniqueness of the Australian fauna, confirm the hypothesis of an ancient connection between these territories, which may explain the presence in Australia of animal species not found anywhere else in the world.

Numerous “no-go zones”, fences and restrictions on visiting certain areas in Aussieland are shrouded in mystery and speculation about ancient civilizations and the unique history of this country. However, recently in Australia, unidentified flying objects have increasingly begun to be observed, that is, in common parlance, UFOs.

Here is one of the rare and controversial photographs from the archives of one of the tourists who was able to observe strange devices and phenomena directly near the Australian dingo fence. There are certainly more questions here than answers.

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Maybe there is indeed a certain type of Area 51 beyond the Australian fence?


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