Universal knowledge, absolute weapons and immortality: What did Alexander the Great want to find in the distant northern country of Hyperborea?

The mythical Hyperborea, the country “beyond the north wind,” is overgrown with rumors and legends. Mentions of it date back many years BC, and debates about its existence continue to this day. 

The inhabitants of Hyperborea, the Hyperboreans, possessed “secret knowledge” that allowed them to remain in “heavenly bliss”, not knowing disease and war.

Treasured land of happiness and prosperity

Hyperborea itself arose among the Hellenes – this is how they nicknamed the country “far in the north.” In Greek myths, the mysterious region was located beyond the lands of the Scythians. The sun practically never left the sky, severe winds and bad weather did not bother the great people. The Hyperboreans were presented to the Greeks as healers, philosophers, predictors, scientists, striving for new knowledge and pleasure.

They knew no grief and were virtually immortal – they interrupted their lives only if they were bored with life and decided that they had enough for their lifetime. Apollo, the patron and hero of the Hyperboreans, was closely associated with the northern ethnic group. His servants, Aristaeus and Abaris, taught the Hellenes various sciences. The rich society of the distant country regularly brought generous gifts to the Greeks.

Hyperborea is a typical example of an unknown country, where there is no grief and disease, where everyone is well-fed and happy, a kind of “better world” in Greek mythology.

Where was Hyperborea?

According to the French philosopher Rene Guenon, it was Hyperborea that was the primary center of civilization, and only later Atlantis appeared. The exact location of the state is unknown, but presumably it could be located in the lands “Beyond Boreas,” that is, somewhere in the north.

The earliest mentions of Hyperborea date back to the 7th century BC. e. – the ancient Greek poet Hesiod talks about it in his poem “Theogony”. The historian Herodotus and the poet Ovid also do not ignore this mysterious land.

Hyperborea was mentioned by ancient authors – Pliny the Elder and the 1st century Roman geographer Pomponius Mela. In the Indian Rig Veda, Iranian Avesta, Chinese chronicles, Russian and German epics one can find a description of a wonderful country “at the end of the world.” Some Western historians identified the ancient Arctic country with Russia; Nostradamus in his centuries called the Russians the Hyperborean people.

Surprisingly, everything indicates that Hyperborea was located at the North Pole. Occultist Helena Blavatsky believed that Spitsbergen and New Earth are the remnants of a once-existing large ice continent.

The most famous maps depicting the continent of Hyperborea include the map made by the Flemish Gerardus Mercator in the 16th century. A huge continent surrounds the North Pole, with a high mountain in the center.

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Scientists believe that 30 thousand years ago the Arctic climate was mild. The Great Glaciation, which supposedly occurred due to a shift in the earth’s axis caused by a collision with a large asteroid, led to the extinction of a powerful Arctic civilization. Ancient myths explain the disappearance of Hyperborea by the war of this state with Atlantis. Fighting using powerful weapons led to the World War, the flooding of Antarctica and the death of Hyperborea.

Secrets of Hyperborea

Legends say that there was once a Golden Age on Earth under the control of a highly developed civilization. The Hyperboreans were rich and free. They possessed the elixir of immortality and could live forever until satiety set in. Highly developed technology allowed them to use aircraft, and weapons of enormous destructive power provided protection from enemy attacks. According to some assumptions, the period of existence of the ancient civilization was about 15 thousand years.

Hyperborea has always attracted occultists and theosophists. It was believed that this state owned the “Great Magic Triad” – “Immortality”, “Absolute Weapon” and “Universal Knowledge”. Miracle weapons in mythological legends are described as all-defeating fiery arrows that Apollo buried on the “Hyperborean Mountain”. Both the Nazis and security officials of the Country of Soviets were hunting for the “Absolute Weapon”. Nicholas Roerich was interested in “universal knowledge”.

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Searches for Hyperborea

In Russia, during the reign of Catherine II, two expeditions were equipped to search for the ancient Arctic country. In the 19th century, two expeditions to the Arctic were also carried out under the command of Karl Koldewey and with the participation of cartographer August Petermann. As is known, they did not find the northern continent.

In Soviet times, in 1922, an expedition led by occultist Alexander Barchenko set off to search for ancient civilizations in the Far North. Perhaps he managed to discover something interesting, but all his findings were classified. In our time, the philosopher Valery Demin, a follower of Barchenko, was actively searching for Hyperborea.

It seems that only Alexander the Great managed to reach the “land of the blessed”. Mentions of this can be found in Russian sources and in ancient tales of the Middle East.

Why did Alexander the Great turn to the North?

There was a legend that Alexander the Great, after conquering India, rushed to the North. This is confirmed by the “Drawing Book of Siberia”, compiled in the 18th century by the geographer Semyon Remezov, indicating the place to which the great conqueror reached. The legends of the Middle East also mention Alexander’s campaign to the North, to the Land of Darkness.

What prompted the Greek king to postpone his return to his homeland? For Alexander, a student of Aristotle, possession of sacred knowledge was more important than victories on the battlefield. Therefore, having gained access to an archive containing information about the Hyperboreans during the capture of Babylon, Alexander decided to master the ultimate weapon and gain immortality. The king, whose ancestry went back to Hercules of Hyperborean, decided to repeat the path of the hero of Hellas and reach the Far North. The route was suggested to him by an ancient map kept in the archive.

The ancient Russian narrative claims that Alexander finally reached the shores of the Arctic Ocean, having undergone several battles with the Rus along the way. He even crossed over to the “Isle of the Blessed.” But apparently, the King of Macedon never took possession of the secret of immortality. Death overtook him at a fairly early age, at 33 years old.

King of the Universe

During his lifetime, Alexander received the title of King of the Universe and every person who managed to achieve such a title dreamed of receiving the Ultimate Weapon. This weapon is mentioned in many ancient tales telling about heroes and gods. Moreover, as an example, there are numerous references in Indian, Hellenic and Eastern sources – “Titanomachy”, “Gigantomachy”, “Ramayana”, “Mahabharata” and many others. Of course, everyone had to hear the opinion that these were not ordinary legends at all, but historical and very reliable facts, simply data about events dressed in the form of myth, which the level of development of the people living then did not allow to explain more clearly.

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For example, ancient Indian literature retained a mention of a terrible weapon capable of destroying absolutely everything – Astravidya. The Mahabharata also mentions a catastrophic weapon – the “Weapon of Brahma”. It is described in detail, and the description is surprisingly reminiscent of the explosion of a thermonuclear bomb.

When using the “Brahma Weapon” pillars rise into the sky. Everything up to the horizon is plunged into darkness. Deadly whirlwinds sweep away everything in their path. The world is burning with the terrible heat of this weapon – thousands of people and chariots are incinerated in a terrible explosion. The burned elephants rush about in horror, not understanding where the pain and danger are coming from. Moreover, a huge “iron arrow” is used to deliver this weapon. You don’t need to have a rich imagination to understand what we are talking about – a modern nuclear missile. There are also mentions in Hellenic mythology.

For example, the Roman astronomer Julius Hyginus, who lived in the second century AD, talks about the victory of the Olympian gods, after which they hide their weapons in Hyperborea. These weapons include a fire arrow and a lightning bolt. Why not modern firearms, or maybe even Gauss rifles or lasers?

The Buryats, Mongols, Uighurs, Tibetans and Tuvans also have stories about a terrible iron bird that could destroy an entire people. But the people were saved thanks to a fiery arrow that shot down a large iron bird. Doesn’t this resemble a modern bomber and surface-to-air missile?

Alexander kept the knowledge acquired during the campaign and the papers captured in Babylon in a special chest. After the death of the king, his archive was kept for some time in the Jerusalem Temple, then it fell into the hands of the Templars, and after their defeat it went to the Freemasons. Mercator presumably drew his map based on Alexander’s papers and Catherine II, when organizing an expedition to the North Pole, was based on information about the Arctic ancestral home received from the Freemasons.

So far, no real evidence of the existence of Hyperborea has been found, there are only myths. But, as you know, myths do not arise out of nowhere. Findings made during Demin’s expeditions indicate that a highly developed civilization actually existed in the Far North on the territory of what is now Russia several thousand years ago. Whether it was Hyperborea – the future will tell.


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