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Unexplained Cave Creatures

When I started doing some research into ancient giant skeletons found in caves and those who have theories of a hollow earth and societies living deep in the earth through cave systems, I began to have a lot of questions about what else might be happening caves. Then, I started discovering more and more cases of Lizardmen, Bat-women and all kinds of wild beings. Let’s cover some of these freaking scary cases –

At my favorite site for collecting witness accounts, Phantoms and Monsters, you find stories of an Austrian geologist who encountered Lizard people in a cave and some spelunkers in Missouri who also ran into these Lizard people. “About 30 ft away they saw two creatures, one was very tall (at least 7 ft, maybe more) and very powerfully built and reddish in color. The other was smaller (about 6 ft tall) and was a pale, almost albino color. This one was not as powerfully built as the other. Both beings resembled large reptiles.”  Both described similar organized groups, living down there, even using technology.

Ghoststudy offered an interesting posting about this picture above.  The report was a man went into a cave, a flash went off, screams were heard and he wasn’t found, but his camera with this photo in it was.  Later, this story was discovered to be an urban legend hoax. It was a display that was briefly lit by a flashing light and someone took a picture of it.

Some of the more interesting cryptids that show up in stories around the world including a 4-foot spider in caves deep in the African Congo.  How about a 12-foot bat reported in West Africa?

Stollenwurm is a Swiss monster described as 2-6 feet long, a lizard with the face of a cat, and scales all over, believed to live in Alpine passes and can stand up to threaten others.

If you like dinosaurs, Papua, New Guinea has the Ropen, a supposed enormous prehistoric bird said to live in caves.

Wichtlein and Tommyknockers, both gnome-like fellows said to inhabit caves.

Ancient giant skeletons were found in caves in the western USA and said to have lived in underground caves throughout southern California.

From the land of my grandmother in Swedish Lapland, the Uldru were said to burrow underground and when the nomadic lapps set up their camps, if they heard them digging, they left. They were considered to be troublemakers.

For the best collection of cave monsters on the Internet, check this link.

I find this fascinating because who isn’t creeped out by caves and the unexplored ones especially. I believe that caves definitely hold cryptids, what kind I can’t say, but it is a most excellent place to retreat, be protected from the elements, and rarely come upon.

Some suggested cave movies

The Descent: Women descend into cave with humanoid cryptids

The Cave: Team researches cave and face terror

Catacombs: Woman stuck in catacombs being tormented

Gargoyles: Cryptid in cave

Lost Boys: Vampire in cave



A Briton captured on camera a creature similar to the Loch Ness monster

A resident of British Southampton Steve Challis, during a vacation in Scotland last year, photographed a creature in a lake that looks similar to the famous Loch Ness monster, reports the Daily Record.

Photos were taken during a trip to an excursion to Arkart Castle on the shores of the famous lake. A man photographed the opposite shore when he noticed a ripple in the water. He took some pictures, and then the creature itself appeared out of the water for a moment. 

After that, it disappeared and did not appear again. As a result, the camera recorded the animal in only one frame, which Challis discovered a few months later, when he looked at the quarantine pictures taken during the trip because of the coronavirus.

After the Briton shared a strange picture on the Internet, users suggested that it was the famous Loch Ness monster. However, the photographer does not share this opinion. He does not believe in the monster and believes that the creature he shot was simply a big fish or seal.

Interest in the photograph was expressed by blogger and expert on Nessie Roland Watson, but he suggests that the picture taken by Challis was edited in Photoshop. Challis claims that the photograph is genuine. He drew attention to the fact that the shot he made was completely different from those snapshots of monsters that the network abounds in. At the same time, he is still convinced that he shot just a big fish.

The story of the Nessie creature from the Scottish Loch Ness attracts many tourists who want to see it with their own eyes. According to eyewitnesses, the mythical monster from the urban legend has a long neck and a huge torso. Nessie’s existence is not proven.

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A video of the second “confirmed” appearance of Nessie appeared on the internet

A Nessie fan recorded a second meeting with her this year. O’Faodhagen, a 55-year-old employee of the Irish hospital, claimed to have seen Loch Ness floating in Urquhart Bay.

He managed to film this meeting. He is delighted with the video. O’Faodhagen sent his results to the Official Loch Ness Monster Observation Register, and they confirmed the footage as an official second observation in 2020.

The video shows a dark figure rising from the water.

She splashes, creating waves and a white foamy substance. Then it goes under water and reappears. Despite the fact that he saw about 1.2 m of the creature emerging from the water, O’Faudhagein estimated that it probably had a length of at least 3 m. The frames that show this creature last 1 minute 38 seconds. O’Faudhagain said that Nessie had not appeared for the past three months. He decided that Nessie went to quarantine.

Her appearance surprised him. He believes that Nessie has stepped out of the depths to say hello. O’Faodhagen noticed that during her appearance on the lake there is no activity. On January 18 of this year, he observed her appearance from the water. Gary Campbell, keeper of the Official Loch Ness Monster Observation Register, confirmed this observation.
According to O’Faodhagen, it is very exciting to get a new observation, especially when it happened almost immediately after the first. And he seems to know what he is looking for.

Last year, he managed to capture 4 encounters. 2019 was a record year for people who saw the Loch Ness Monster. A total of 18 observations were confirmed. This is the biggest since 1983.

Some believe in the existence of Nessie, others are critical. Perhaps it is not worth denying that a strange creature unknown to science lives in the dark waters of the lake. If you have not seen any phenomenon, this does not mean at all that it is not.

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A creature assembling a Mermaid discovered in Antarctica: Google Earth user provides evidence

A Google Earth user spoke about the incredible discovery that he managed to make in Antarctica. Thanks to the rather rapid melting of the ice, he managed to consider a strange creature in one of the images received.

He claims to have found a frozen mermaid in the ice, or a “sea creature resembling a mermaid.” YouTube user Florida Maquis claims that the mermaid is by no means a natural geological formation. 

The man believes that either a mermaid or some obscure sea creature froze in the ice, which very much resembles a popular mythical creature. At the same time, the user is trying to prove that his find has absolutely nothing to do with natural formations of a geological nature. The user is sure that this is some unusual creature from mythical stories. He says:

“I found in Antarctica many different things that seem to be sea creatures. I think that due to the melting of snow and ice, the mermaid became visible, its shape simply cannot be explained by ice crumbs or snow.” The coordinates of the mermaid-like object are 76 ° 52’51.92 “S 145 ° 42’4.27” W.

The video above was posted online with confirmation of the man’s words. It was watched by several thousand people who commented on what they saw. Most users are sure that the video does not contain a mermaid, but, for example, a walrus. Some believe that this may turn out to be a dolphin of a sufficiently large size. Some say it could be a Ningen. The author also found support from some users who have no doubt that the mermaid is depicted in the frames.

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