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Rebellion in China and killer robots: Images of our future, envisioned by New Order 'Gurus' 5


Anyone who observes the current issues of world developments can only conclude that the horrifying scenes of the sanitary pogrom that the citizens of...

Science is taking a big leap towards the dark side and it seems we are all hypnotized 6


A shocking and newsworthy confession by the director of the world-renowned medical journal, The Lancet, has been literally ignored by the mainstream media. It...

How The NSA hacks your devices 9 How The NSA hacks your devices 10


“It’s not as bad as you thought – it’s much worse.” A leaked NSA cyber-arms catalog has shed light on the technologies US and...

Ibuprofen Leads to Leaky Gut 42 Ibuprofen Leads to Leaky Gut 43


So many people take ibuprofen or brand name versions of it like Motrin that it’s almost become the 21st century aspirin, doled out to...