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“UFOs remain a mystery,” says Ex-Navy Admiral

A United States Coast Guard photographer, Shell R. Alpert, took a photograph that allegedly shows unidentified flying objects flying in a “V” formation at the Salem, Massachusetts, air station at 9:35 a.m. on 16 July 1952, through a window screen. (Official U.S. Coast Guard photograph: 5554. Library of Congress Control Number: 2007680837)

Speaking on Thursday (10) at the conference of Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning, retired Chief of Naval Operations Gary Roughead says UFOs remain a mystery.

Admiral Gary Roughead.

The former US naval operations chief said on Thursday that unidentified flying objects that appeared to have outnumbered US Navy fighter pilots in videos shot in 2004 and 2015 remain a mystery.

Retired Admiral Gary Roughead said after a talk in Sarasota:

I watched the videos and, at least in my time, most reviews were inconclusive as to what they were. But the whole issue of self-defense is something the department is taking very seriously.

Three gun camera videos – one taken from a USS Nimitz-designated F-18 operating in Southern California in November 2004 and two more from USS Roosevelt-linked Super Hornets during maneuvers in Jacksonville in January 2015 – were authenticated as official images from the Department of Defense government last year.

The 2004 shooting target, dubbed “Tic Tac” by its oblong shape, dropped from 80,000 feet (24,000 meters) to 20,000 feet (6,000 meters) in less than a second, a speed that would have easily destroyed a conventional aircraft. New York Times spread the story in 2017 and last summer, in an unprecedented move, the Navy publicly announced that had issued new guidelines for its pilots to report “unidentified aircraft.”

Roughead led the Atlantic and Pacific fleets before serving as CNO from 2007 to 2011. Scheduled for a talk by Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning On China’s 21st century military strategy, the Admiral said that “there were not many” of these events at his command, but the development of “unmanned autonomous aircraft” remains a priority.

He informed:

I think we will continue to see new technologies in the form of unmanned systems that will begin to interfere with military capability. And we are not alone. There is no doubt that China and Russia want to plan.

Not knowing what they can be – are they phenomena or vehicles that someone has managed to establish? – I think one of the biggest challenges that most people saw is, where would they have come from? And frankly, I didn’t spend much time on this issue.

The retired Navy Commander, David Fravor, who chased the UFO Tic Tac and told this experience to the Times, also reported a related mystery occurring simultaneously underwater, under Tic Tac. Roughead said underwater weapon systems represent the next major evolutionary obstacle.

He said:

I remember there was one (UFO), and it may have been after I retired, which seemed to be underwater. If indeed it was a real vehicle, how was it launched and recovered? Because, as you know, it’s not easy to get something that can perform extraordinarily well in the air and dive into water and become something else. What was this phenomenon, I can not say.

Indeed, Roughead recalled how, in public speeches for defense contractors, he announced that the next “revolutionary” breakthrough will be submersible military material, whose source of energy could be “more transformative than autonomous things in the air.” He compared the scale of such ambitions to the Apollo Mission Moon photos, which will require “a triad of business, government and academia coming together.”

He said:

The aerodynamics, the hydrodynamics and the force required to be able to fly and operate at depths, and the power required to move at high airspeed, and then convert that energy into something underwater – these are huge technological challenges. There is no doubt that in the future of war, probably long after I leave, we will see this sort of thing starting to happen.

Imagine, said Roughead, being able to park virtually undetected military technology on the ocean floor in a strategic location, “tell it to sleep” indefinitely and activate it when needed.

But with a little insight, he added, investigations into these mind-blowing scenarios could be used to build bridges with rivals like China.

Roughead said:

We have to look for opportunities, we have to look for places where we can unite people who care to say, OK, there is a technological question here, how we will bring together brilliant minds.

How do we protect our legitimate national security and intellectual property technologies, but still face some of the difficult problems? I think it’s a way to close some gaps in the way and bring trust between the two.

The first step for me is: How do you define how we can work together to remove some of the sensitivities and suspicions? Until you have this discussion, you will not make any progress. The journey begins with the first step.



Aliens & UFO's

Hollywood UFO stories are becoming much more realistic

The Pentagon admits that UFOs are real. So Hollywood is doing a flurry of movies and TV shows about how we should look for them.

UFOs are everywhere and Hollywood noticed it. Talking about UFOs is no longer something conventional, with the former Blink-182 singer, Tom DeLonge, causing the US military to admit they have UFO videos.

Small and large screens have always shown aliens and UFOs. From movies like Close Encounters of the Third Kind to The arrival and even the franchise The Avengers, bizarre aliens and their vehicles arrived on Earth and this has caused audiences around the world to question the existence of extraterrestrials. But there is a greater focus on UFO hunters in Hollywood.

Robbie Graham, media critic and author of “Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood’s UFO Movies”, said:

I think it’s fair to say yes, and that this resurgence in popularity is a direct result of the 2018 Pentagon revelations, which captured the attention of mainstream media (in the U.S.) like no UFO story in decades. This helped to legitimize UFOs as a topic of dominant debate and opened up new lines of scientific and political research for TV producers who are always looking for new approaches to this enduring and popular subject.

Recent researches indicate that just over half of Americans believe that UFOs exist and a third believe they are alien spaceships. Graham is not entirely convinced that UFOs will be the next big thing. But he points out that young people are being drawn to the subject like never before.

Graham stated:

It seems that ufology is not as stupid as it was before, thanks to an influx in recent years of relatively young and modern researchers who were attracted to the subject through its new legitimacy. Ufology was once an old person’s game; now it’s a youth game.

In 2017, former Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge, publicly announced his UFO / technology / media company, To the Stars Academy, along with an article from New York Times announcing a secret Pentagon program designed to study anomalous phenomena. Young UFO enthusiasts have turned to social media, #UFOTwitter has become a real hashtag and the once invisible UFO speech has become incredibly public.

Aiden Gillen told the Motherboard in an interview:

I think people are more open to considering it a real phenomenon than just a psychological one.

I suppose you could have said this also in the 50s and 60s, in the age of science, that people would be more open to the idea that we are not alone in the universe. I am also fully aware of how unlikely we are to meet.

Gillen, known for playing Littlefinger’s role in game of Thrones from HBO, interprets the Dr. J. Allen Hynek at the Project Blue Book of History Channel, what returns next week.

Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek, in the Blue Book Project series.

Blue Book Project is a fictional TV series about the Air Force’s infamous UFO investigation program of the 1950s and 1960s with the same name.

Gillen said that humans are naturally curious about UFOs:

It is inevitable that you will ask yourself. This is something that people have been doing since we started supporting ourselves as a species. ‘What’s up there?’ It’s always been, ‘What’s up there?’

Although Gillen does not think the government should spend large amounts of money chasing UFOs, as there are more pressing problems, he thinks that talking about UFOs is no longer taboo.

He explained:

I think there is something that is getting cool about UFOs. It’s easier to talk or reference [sobre eles]. I feel that Immediate Third Degree Contacts is one of the coolest films of the 70s, and when that role came out, I thought, “This is really cool ..

Although TV dramas like fictional Blue Book Project, UFO-themed programs still have a long way to go.

Graham said:

They depict presenters chasing lights in the sky in jeeps while wearing night-vision goggles and noisy walkie-talkies (radios). It is absurd and devoid of educational value. However, it doesn’t have to be that way, and this wave of factual UFO TV shows is likely to reflect a more serious tone that the mainstream media has started to adopt on this topic. Certainly, UFOs are ‘selling’ like never before. They are a hot property in the TV area at the moment and everyone wants a slice.


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Physicists say Tic-Tac UFOs can cover interstellar distances

The implications of this study are striking and show that efforts to uncover UFOs are being continued in all areas.

Physicists say Tic-Tac UFOs can cover interstellar distances

A study carried out by physicists and scientists at the University of Albany and the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies examined the flight characteristics of so-called Tic-Tac UFOs:

Estimated accelerations range from almost 100g to 1000s of gs, with no air disturbances observed, no sonic noise and no evidence of excessive heat proportional to the estimated minimum energies. According to the observations, the estimated parameters that describe the behavior of these ships are anomalous and surprising.

Physicists say the UFO

As a basis, video recordings / known data were used, as well as testimonies from the pilots. The study believes that UFOs are likely to be very advanced vehicles:

The estimated extreme flight characteristics reveal that these observations are either fabricated, or seriously wrong, or that these ships exhibit much more advanced technology than any known spacecraft on Earth.

The flight maneuvers observed also suggest that these vehicles would be able to travel interstellar distances in a short time:

The observed flight characteristics of these ships are consistent with the flight characteristics required for interstellar travel, that is, if these observed accelerations were sustainable in space, these ships could easily reach relativistic speeds in a matter of minutes to hours and cover interstellar distances in a matter of days to weeks, adequate time.

Due to the credibility of the witnesses and the technology used to document these encounters, scientists do not believe that these encounters are measurement errors or fabricated data:

The number and quality of the witnesses, the variety of roles they played at the meetings and the equipment used to track and record the ships favor the latter hypothesis that it is a technologically advanced ship.

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Vatican prepares conference on extraterrestrial life

A conference with an extraordinary theme will be held at the Vatican on February 12: The Universe and Possible Encounters with Other Civilizations.

Vatican prepares conference on extraterrestrial life

As is known, Catholicism represents one of the most important religious currents in the world, it has an ancient and modern cultural heritage.

Accumulated information from several centuries suggests that UFO students know that this organization knows more than it needs to recognize encounters with alien races and the existence of unknown flying objects.

From 2 March 2020, the Vatican will allow several researchers from various countries to access information from the end of Pope Pius XII’s pontificate, that is, from 1958 to the present day.

The Vatican is considered one of the most important centers of historical collection in the world. It has about 150 thousand documents, 650 different files in an extension of 85 linear kilometers of shelves, which are said to allow to know 8 centuries of history.

Everything suggests that there may be an opening for the revelation of the existence of extraterrestrial life in the universe and, possibly, be in our world.

On February 12, the conference will be held under the title: The Universe and Possible Encounters with Other Civilizations, sponsored by Nazionale Ufological Center, an Italian organization that has members related to the Vatican and the Italian government.

It will be presented by Vladimiro Bibolotti, a freelance journalist, aware of the UFO phenomenon since 1975, and a member of this Center since 1995, of which he was president until 2019.

Bibolotti has an experience that accredits him as a specialist in ufology. He also has connections that connect him to the Vatican.

Bibolotti mentioned in 2014 that:

“if massive contact occurs or the existence of extraterrestrial life is revealed, all religions would have to join new scenarios, in addition to creating another worldview”.

This Center is related to the organization founded by Tom DeLonge, who participated in the public release of US Navy UFO videos.

In 2019, the UFO phenomenon was marked by the recognition of American agencies, which are taking a new turn in their knowledge.

Within the clergy, what is related to the UFO phenomenon is considered strange and denied, but supposedly they would be changing their irreducible positions.

Of course, ufology and the Vatican have more in common than we want to recognize, and everything suggests that some answers can be found in their archives.

Perhaps this opening can be significant so that, once and for all, it is established that we are not alone in the universe.

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