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UFOs over Ukraine – Scientists spotted mysterious flying objects and found how they fly

Ukrainian astronomers conducted a number of studies, during which they were able to touch space and found out what types of UFOs fly over Ukraine during the war; they shared their discoveries with German journalists. The studies of Ukrainians were published on September 1 by Bild.

As journalists of the publication write, Ukrainian scientists describe two types of UFOs – these are Cosmics and Phantoms.

“Cosmics” they called luminous objects that should be brighter than the sky in the background. “Phantoms” are dark objects that stand out against the background up to 50%.

One of these objects flew at an altitude of more than a kilometer and blinked “with an accuracy of hundredths of a second with an average frequency of 20 Hz.” 

Ukrainian researchers found unknown flying objects in the sky. 
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Astronomers believe that “phantoms” are from three to twelve meters in size. They were completely black and did not absorb any radiation. They fly insanely fast – up to 15 kilometers per second. This is 54,000 km/h.

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Many objects have been observed, the nature of which is unclear. The publication writes that Ukrainian scientists observed both individual cradt and entire detachments.

UFO sightings in Ukraine – NAS scientists conduct observations

The main astronomical observatory of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine has conducted an independent investigation into UFOs, according to its own statements. Scientists Boris E. Zhilyeav, Volodymyr Reshetnyk and VM Reshetnyk published their observations in the paper “Unidentified aerial phenomena I. Observations of events“.

Two observation stations were installed in Kyiv and in the village of Vynarivka south of the Ukrainian capital for the observations. The distance between the two places is 120 kilometers. 

The observations were made with color video cameras in the daytime sky. The researchers also developed a special observation technique that was able to record the high speeds of the objects


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