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UFOs in the Arabian Desert. What can be hidden behind the animal shaped rock formations?

UFOs in the Arabian Desert. What can be hidden behind the animal shaped rock formations? 1

A few years ago, when an archaeological team was conducting research in the Arabian desert, they suddenly encountered a UFO and witnessed transporting aliens coming out of it. They were shocked and posted a weird video on Qatar One, a UFO hunting website.

At that time, the archaeological team was planning to go to the Arabian Desert to investigate a mysterious prehistoric labyrinth. When they were about to approach the maze the day before, the sky turned gray and then a bright spot suddenly appeared. The bright spot flew at a very fast speed and instantly arrived 200 meters away from them.

UFO 3 in the Arabian Desert (16:9)
The bright spot flew in front of them at a 200 meter distance and an extremely fast speed. (Image source: video screenshot)

Faster than the speed of light

From when they found the bright spot on the sky to when the flying saucer appeared on the sand in front of them, there was almost no time difference, they felt that it was faster than the speed of light. Put it this way, they just saw the bright spot on the sky, and almost at the same time, the flying saucer appeared on the sand in front of them! Therefore, the members of the archaeological team were all taken aback!

However, what surprised them even more was that after the flying saucer fell on the sand, it slowly opened the hatch. Then, a suspended ladder fell down, similar to a human aircraft, and from the suspended ladder a humanoid creature appeared. Its shape is almost the same as that of human beings.

UFOs in the Arabian Desert. What can be hidden behind the animal shaped rock formations? 2
The hatch opened and then the suspended ladder of the aircraft was dropped. 
(Image source: video screenshot)

The archaeological team who had witnessed all this yelled in surprise, and they were greatly stimulated! This surprises them more than any archaeology they have ever undertaken! However, the most calm person in the archaeological team was Foster, the photographer. He was the only one who recorded this amazing process with a video recorder, and this was actually due to his good professional habits.

When the sun went down and night fell, the people of the archaeological team were still enthusiastically discussing their encounters and this amazing scene. They watched the video over and over again in the tent, and suddenly, someone shouted:

“The maze! The maze! It is a hiding place for aliens!”

After he shouted, the other team members suddenly realized that there must be a place there, some kind of mysterious connection.

According to the investigation of scientists, there is an amazing maze in the hinterland of the Arabian Sand Sea. It is made of stones. They are one meter high and about 3 to 4 meters wide. The walls of these mazes can be overlooked from the air, but there are many of them.

There are many animal shapes, and each maze has a stone gate, there are more than 400 stone gates in total. After textual research, these animal-shaped labyrinths have a history of almost seven thousand years. Until now, scientists have not figured out who built these strange animal models in this uninhabited desert hinterland more than 7,000 years ago, and whether these animal models are indicative of underground labyrinths. Scientists don’t even know what these constructions were built for.

And now, as it seems, aliens could have built these mazes there! In addition, the aliens are still using these strange ancient buildings to this day. The UFO they encountered to convey the alien situation illustrates all this. They built the maze into various animal models in order to allow UFOs to enter this sandy sea as a lighthouse; the maze was created to prevent humans from entering, and even if they entered, they would trap the intruder in it, without any possibilities to get out.

UFOs in the Arabian Desert transmit aliens?  Coming and going like light, scientists have discovered the mystery behind the ages

For this reason, the archaeological team temporarily abandoned these tasks and withdrew from the Arabian desert. When they returned to the base camp, they put they uploaded the video and anyone who has watched this it has been amazed. Fake as some claim or not?

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