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Ufologist said that the found crystal skull refers to aliens

Ufologist said that the found crystal skull refers to aliens 1
Photo: YouTube

Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring reflected on his Instagram page on the origin of one of the crystal skulls, demonstrating a corresponding video. The researcher said that he is leaning towards the version that the ancient artifact is related to aliens.

Ufologist said that the found crystal skull refers to aliens 2

When watching a video from the British Museum in London, the ufologist wondered what one of the mysterious artifacts still refers to. 

Two key questions for Scott Waring were whether it was an Aztec skull or evidence of alien remains after a UFO crash in the Amazon. In his version of the origin, the researcher nevertheless leaned towards the second option:

“Some say it has mystical powers derived from its ancient origins as an Aztec symbol of death. Others believe it is one of 13 crystal skulls that will foretell the destiny of humankind when brought together in the same place. Whatever legends are attached to the crystal skull of the British Museum in London, one fact stands out. No other object in the museum’s extensive collection has acquired such a cult following from New Age devotees. It may possibly be an alien skull.” the ufologist said.

It is worth noting that reports of tiny crystal skulls began to appear in Western publications from the mid-19th century. Traders of pre-Columbian antiquities passed them off as the heritage of the civilizations of the Aztecs, Mayans and Olmecs, claiming that the age of the finds is at least 500 years old.


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