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Fact or fiction

Ufo Struck By Lightning In Austria Filmed By A Group Of People

Ufo Struck By Lightning In Austria Filmed By A Group Of People 3

Accidentally caught in Austria the moment a lightning strikes supposedly in an unidentified flying object. The video was posted on the user’s YouTube channel “Inder 12”.(UFO struck by lightning in Austria)

Ufo Struck By Lightning In Austria Filmed By A Group Of People 4

Marie Mela, a resident of Vienna, met her friends celebrating the New Year in Lower Austria (federal state in the north-east of the country). At some point, one of his friends began to record fireworks thrown into the sky. The young man took his camera in order to record the lights of the fireworks, but at the moment he caught something unusual: at this moment, lightning fell from the sky on a large object that was floating, that until then no one had viewed. (UFO struck by lightning in Austria)

According to the girl Marie, these images are genuine, on the other hand, she herself does not try to convince anyone that they captured an alien ship, since she had not the slightest idea of ​​what could be. Many say that the video is edited, because the group in question is part of an audiovisual project. How about? Leave us your comment! 

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