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UFO reverse engineering at Area 51 during Project ‘Redlight’ was accidentally admitted

UFO reverse engineering at Area 51 during Project 'Redlight' was accidentally admitted 1

Several government whistleblowers claimed that a secret ‘Project Redlight‘ was held near the 51 area, with an effort to reverse engineer extraterrestrial ships.

The project was launched in 1954 in the framework of Majestic-12. According to sources, the main objective of this project was to test a previously captured alien aircraft. The project took place in Nevada, at the Area 51 and S-4 military facilities, but was subsequently frozen, because an accident occurred that caused damage to the spacecraft and  death of pilots. The Red Light project was launched again in 1972, and as some sources report, it brought partial success.

And although the official authorities deny involvement in such projects, it is quite simple to prove its existence – many witnesses saw UFOs, which was accompanied by black helicopters without any identification marks. According to some reports, this project is still operating in Zone 51.

Now, documents never noticed before, confirm that the Project Redlight was real and it was operated within the Project Oxcart, a program designed to test experimental aircraft.

No official definition stating the purpose of the Redlight (or the nature of their test vehicles) was disqualified, but, interestingly, almost at the same time as it was in progress, a major defense contractor was researching propulsion methods behind unidentified flying object data and trying to find out how the vehicle worked and how they could be controlled by a pilot.

Certainly they tried to reverse engineer and much other evidence proves it. But the question remains: did they succeed?


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