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UFO incidents are on the rise today! What is the secret behind the frequency of their appearance?

Space is filled with life, and besides us there are a lot of civilizations that are at a higher level of development, but our planet is inhabited by such worthless, irresponsible and suicidal people, when even now, we continue to fight with each other, build some kind of political combinations and promote the ideas of some small group of people who are not set up to save our humanity. 

As humanity moves towards collapse, UFO cases will become more frequent, and in this article we will tell you why this will happen.

In July 2023, hearings were held in the US Congress, where the military officially admitted under oath that they had witnessed UFOs, and how they were forced to keep silent about it. 

Perhaps soon we will be presented with the remains of a UFO and even another biological life form so that we understand what they are. And here many are asking the question: why are they showing us all this? There is a theory that perhaps someone wants to stage an alien attack on us and thus create a unified government. But actually it is not.

There are far from stupid people in governments, and they, observing the progression of unidentified flying objects, which today is more and more recorded around the world, came to the conclusion that this should be talked about openly.

And if earlier it was possible to deceive us and manipulate our opinion, and even if we encountered and saw a UFO, it was possible to say that this is some kind of physical phenomenon, and we mistakenly took it for some kind of man-made apparatus of alien origin, that is, it was possible to refer to our imagination, then today, when everyone has fixing devices in their hands, and every minute a lot of people have photos and videos in their hands, it is natural that there is a lot of information about UFOs, which are no longer so easy to declare as natural phenomena.

South Wales, July 2023.
Leningrad region, Russia, February 2023.
Arizona, USA, February 2023.
Heilongjiang Province, China, February, 2023.

Unfortunately, today there are a lot of facts involved in observing unidentified flying objects, and the more rapid the destruction of our planet occurs, the more we will observe UFOs even in the range we see. Many do not know that we see only in a very small spectrum, and even our equipment allows us to detect visible objects in a very small range, and life is much wider.

Imagine that there are billions of planets like ours in our galaxy alone, and billions of those on which there is life: someone is the same as us, someone is more backward, but there is also a huge mass of those who were smart enough to unite and not let their planet die. They did not want to die with their homeland, but save their lives and future humanity, therefore, completely different technologies have been revealed for them, and this is natural, because even today we have the means on our planet that are not used for the benefit of humanity.

Just imagine what will happen in 10 years, if we work not to kill, but to improve our lives and make it safe. And today there will be more and more such aircraft from representatives of different levels of civilizations, and this is a natural process. After all, they are those who were able to go through a similar situation on their planets, but found the strength in themselves to resist the darkness and reach out to each other, and now it is interesting for them to observe what their fate would have been if they had not taken this step.

UFO and laser beam on the background of the exploding Sakurajima volcano (Japan) January 18, 2021.

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A simple analogy can be made. Imagine that you have a home ant farm, and you put in even more water and food than they need. But you see that the ants start fighting each other for this. They do not go for food and water, which is in abundance, but begin to divide, fight, kill, they have commanders who weave intrigues, divide and rule. 

For aliens, we are the same ants, and instead of living and appreciating the most important and most valuable thing we have – this is love, respect for each other – we continue to sow discord, hatred, and the closer we get to the inevitable, the more UFOs will appear openly, and their variety is huge.

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Brazil, March, 2023.
USA, Ohio, 2015.
Australia, 2018.

It is natural that at the first level of development among those civilizations that have only overcome this force dividing us today, which prevents us from uniting, when they just began to learn alternative physics in order to create such aircraft, the first of them could could be subjected to certain accidents, but even at the second level of development this is already becoming unrealistic, but we practically do not see higher civilizations. 

All that we notice is civilizations that are not far from us, which have curiosity and inquisitiveness. Therefore, before we leave this planet as beings unworthy of life, not deserving the right to life, we will at least admire how we could live. But it is much better to become worthy among the worthy and to be at a high level of development, than the simply senseless choice to depart this world.

Some people may have doubts, but if you have the opportunity to look through sufficiently powerful telescopes, for example, at the Moon, then watch carefully and you will definitely see anomalous objects that are controlled and move freely; or watch the sun and you will also see objects much larger than our planet.

UFO near the Sun, 2022.

We are told that this is impossible, because our consciousness does not even perceive that there can be artificially created man-made devices larger than our planet. Our limitations and the scarcity of our thinking can deprive us of such opportunities, and they already have these opportunities now, and only because at one time – in the same time as we live now – they were able to make the right choice and stopped being afraid. 

They plucked up the courage to speak the truth and stretched out their hands to each other so that they could become human and that each of them could become human. See how simple it is. Everything depends on each of us.

If we want to separate, laugh at each other, satisfying our own baseness and trying to rise at the expense of criticizing or insulting someone, then are we people? We are just laughing ants walking towards the inevitable. And only the desire for life and the desire to become a man can save humanity in the near future. 

Today we are faced with a choice of what fate we will accept. If we make the wrong decision, then we can repeat the fate of Mars and Phaeton, and we are the last planet in our solar system where life can still exist, and this is worth thinking about.


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