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UFO appeared live on Rome and a huge fleet of aliens on live ISS broadcast

During the direct inclusion of a journalist conducting a report for the Telecinco channel (news, Spain, Rome, May 8, 2020), a blue disk-shaped object flew in the sky behind the journalist.

Thousands of viewers saw what happened and began to discuss what had happened by uploading video recorded from television screens to social networks.

To eliminate the possibility of falsification, It is the original video on the Telecinco website and a really disk-shaped UFO flies in the background at the moment of direct inclusion from Rome. The trajectory of the object completely eliminates the flare option.

This is a flying object, and not the reflection of some kind of light source. An impressive open UFO demonstration during the live broadcast, watched by thousands, hundreds of thousands, and maybe millions of people.

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A huge fleet of alien ships on ISS

Many strange things are happening in the world and beyond. For example, a real UFO fleet that is visible from cameras installed on board the ISS. This armada flies in open space and NASA refuses to comment on what is happening.


 Look at these pictures taken during the live broadcast from the ISS, does it look like ordinary stars? Please note that objects fly not randomly, but in a geometric formation, as only ships operated by someone can do. Space … please pay attention to the ships.


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