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U.S. UFO encounter reports published 86 U.S. UFO encounter reports published 87

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U.S. UFO encounter reports published

The American publication has published real reports by U.S. Navy pilots about a meeting with unidentified flying objects over the past few years. Journalists note that the documents themselves contain some oddities, and for some signs, a significant proportion of such cases were classified.

In total, The War Zone announces the receipt of eight documents marked “unclassified” and “for official use only.” Seven of them are related to events that occurred with F / A-18E / F Super Hornet aircraft (carrier-based fighter aircraft of the American naval aviation) from 2013 to 2014 in the airspace off the coast of Virginia and North Carolina. The eighth document describes the incident that occurred in 2019, and the plane included the Grower EA-18G (a US Navy’s super-hornet carrier-based electronic warfare aircraft) flying in another part of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maryland. It is reported that these are the only messages stored in the centralized aviation incident database WAMHRS.

U.S. UFO encounter reports published 88

UFO and the mysterious ship

June 27, 2013 F / A-18F from the 11th fighter squadron, flying from the naval base of Oceana (Virginia), met with a “white aircraft in shape and size approximately corresponding to a drone or rocket.” The pilots observed the object when it passed to their right at an altitude of about 5000 meters. An unknown plane was gaining altitude and had a visible exhaust trace.

At the same time, neither Super Hornet nor Oceana recorded the radar track of the aircraft. The commander of the Atlantic fighter wing (the wing is the next level of command after the squadron) “contacted the operational units, but no one reported such operations.” The Cape’s Navy Airspace Control Center in Virginia reported that “no aircraft have been identified or flagged in this zone.”

The Navy did not issue any notices to flight personnel (NOTAM) and did not set time limits for flights (TFR) based on this hazard report, but issued internal notifications to tactical aviation units, air traffic controllers and unmanned aerial vehicle operators of potential dangers associated with unauthorized or uncoordinated actions of drones.

A few months later, on November 18, 2013, the F / A-18E Super Hornet from the 143rd squadron discovered an unidentified object flying at an altitude of about 3700 meters at a speed of Mach 0.1.

“The aircraft had a wingspan of about 5 feet (one and a half meters – approx. Ed.) And was painted white without other distinguishing features,”

– said the pilot, who visually observed the object for an hour.

According to the report, the US Navy concluded that this facility was an unmanned aerial system, but the special departments were again unable to establish the operator of the device. As in the previous case, the command limited itself to issuing internal warnings.

It is very curious that, as stated in the document, “during the incident, surface movement was weak, only one commercial fishing trawler and one unidentified US naval vessel headed south,” and it was not possible to establish which ship it was. “. “It is not entirely clear how the Navy was able to determine that one of their ships acted on the surface in the same area, but could not figure out which ship it was,” the author of the article notes.

Flying suitcase

March 26, 2014 Super Hornet from the 106th squadron, flying out of the Oceana base, discovered a possible radar track at an altitude of about 5800 meters, the object was moving at a speed of 0.1 Mach. The wing pilot did not see the object on the radar, so there was a debate between the pilots over whether the track could be displayed erroneously due to strong winds.

“The unknown plane turned out to be small, about the size of a suitcase, and silver,” the report said. The pilot could only go within three hundred meters of him and could not identify the device. After that, the pilots lost sight of the object and were no longer able to restore visual contact.

Ground controls did not again record an unknown aircraft. At the same time, the squadron commander noted that coastal systems cannot notice an object of this size if it does not give “friend or foe” signals, which is a “serious security problem”.

“I feel that this is only a matter of time before one of our F / A-18 aircraft collides in the air with an unidentified UAS [unmanned aerial system],” he added.

Neither NOTAM nor TFR were issued either, although internal warnings followed.

Spherical UFOs and Dog Fights

On April 24, 2014, another “super hornet” from the 11th squadron collided with several “unidentified airborne devices” (UADs) while taking off from the Oceana Naval Airfield. The crew initially discovered two such objects on the radar, one at an altitude of 3700 meters, and the other at an altitude of 4600 meters. Both objects were almost motionless at Mach 0.0. Then the presence of the devices was confirmed using infrared sight (ATFLIR).

During the study of the first pair of UAD in the ATFLIR “field of view”, apparently, two more objects passed at high speed. On the radar of the plane, two moving vehicles did not appear.

It was again not possible to identify objects and establish their operators. The end of this report is similar to the previous ones – it is again said that “a mid-air collision is only a matter of time.” The command again did not impose flight restrictions by issuing internal notifications.

On the same day, April 24, 2014, two more F / A-18Fs (11th Squadron) made radar contact with another unidentified vehicle in the same area during a training air battle (known as dogfighting, “dog fighting”) . Both aircraft fixed the object on radars – the UFO hovered at an altitude of about 3,500 meters and did not move. No visual contact has been established.

On April 27, 2014, for the third time in five days, the F / A-18F crew from the 11th squadron, departing from Oceana base, reported a collision with an unknown airborne device.

The pilot describes a “meeting in the air with an object like a balloon.” This is the first document that gives any substantial description of stationary or almost stationary devices from previous reports.

Otherwise, this report is the most “Spartan” in the sense of details. As in the rest of the cases, US Navy officials sent out many internal warnings.

On February 13, 2019, almost five years after the last collision with an unidentified object recorded in the U.S. Navy database, the crew of the EA-18G Growler combat aircraft from the 23rd Air Test Squadron, flying from the Patuxent River Naval Airfield in Maryland , visually noticed what was called a “red weather balloon” at a height of 8,200 meters in the report.

Neither the military nor the civilian control services were aware of any planned balloon activities. The report said the Navy was unable to identify the individuals or organizations responsible for lifting the balloon. In response to the incident, various internal warnings were issued.

Do you hide other meetings with UFOs?

Recall that this is only officially recorded in the database messages about meetings of naval aviation with UFOs. Apparently, in fact, there were more such meetings, given the previous reports of the Navy pilots, official and unofficial, that several such incidents occurred over the Atlantic in 2014-2015. But there are no reports on that period in the database.

The War Zone received a copy of the report of another incident involving F / A-18E from the 106th squadron on March 13, 2018. Then the crew saw on the radar four separate unknown objects off the coast of North Carolina. According to the report, all the devices moved at a speed of approximately 0.1 Mach at an altitude of 5000 to 6700 meters. The pilot visually identified one of them at an altitude of 6000 meters. The device, according to him, was a drone in the form of a quadrocopter about a meter wide. The objects, as the pilot reported, barely moved and were scattered over an area 40-50 miles wide. The nearest vehicle was 15 miles from the only boat seen in the area.

The report does not contain a serial number, which raises questions about where the document could eventually be sent and what official actions the Navy could take in this regard. According to the publication, the squadron transmitted the report to the fighter wing, and it was to be expected that the document would be sent from there to the database, but it does not seem to have happened. This seems strange given that the squadron commander has repeatedly stated the security threat posed by these UFOs.

The War Zone suggests that for some reason, these reports subsequently began to be transmitted through separate or even secret channels.

In this regard, the publication recalls the incident with the Tik-Tak flying object, which was radar and visually observed in November 2004 near the coast of Mexico and the United States in the Pacific Ocean by the strike group of the American aircraft carrier Nimitz. According to one of the pilots, the object looked like a smooth white bright ellipsoid (or a shape close to an ellipsoid) measuring 9 to 14 m in length. Following the incident, the AUG chief intelligence officer sent a full report to the US Navy 3rd Fleet Intelligence Agency, headquartered in San Diego, California, via secure email. For reasons that remain unexplained, the senior intelligence officer refused to send the report further upstairs and deleted the email.

It is also curious that almost half of the reported incidents occurred with the aircraft of one squadron, the 11th. Given that several squadrons are based at the Oceana airfield (and even more in the vicinity), this may indicate that not all units officially reported these meetings. In addition, US Air Force pilots often train in the same area, but they do not indicate anything like this in their reports.

The publication notes that the incidents with UFOs may have a completely earthly reason: allegedly, a potential enemy could send aircraft into the training zone of the American military aviation in order to collect intelligence data.

Recall that at the end of April, the Pentagon published three videos that capture “unidentified phenomena”. One of them was recorded in November 2004, the other two in January 2015, according to the agency’s website. All these videos in 2007 and 2017 without the permission of the US Department of Defense were in the public domain. Their authenticity was confirmed by the US Navy. Note that we are talking about incidents not described in the article The War Zone.

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The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO’s in the public domain

The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO's in the public domain 101

The Black Vault, which publishes declassified data, has posted on its website an impressive archive of CIA documents related to UFOs. The founder of the project, John Greenwald, says that he received all the documents by official means from the hands of the organization’s employees.

And suddenly, the CIA declassified its entire database of UFOs. That is, the secret service has documents from the 1980s and everything shows that conspiracy theories are becoming a reality. Already, the “Black Vault” website contains several relevant documents, which can be downloaded by anyone.

The term “Unidentified Flying Objects” is commonly used in the documents.
Some of these may be due to light reflections or errors in the pilot instruments. However, some are objects of inquiry by the Pentagon.

The CIA claims that they have nothing else, but it is not possible to verify this statement.

It was possible to obtain information thanks to the Law on Freedom of Information, and the process itself was launched at the turn of the 70-80s of last century. 

The representatives of the special services had to admit that the public ultimately has the right to find out the secrets of the government, but the process of transferring information is not really regulated. According to Greenwald, he spent 25 years in endless meetings, disputes and bickering with the CIA, until he finally got what he wanted.

But not everything is so simple – the researcher was handed a box with about 10,000 printed sheets of very low quality. He had to scan them manually, some things could not be disassembled at all, many documents were scattered. 

“Starting about 20 years ago, I struggled for years to get additional UFO records from the CIA,” Greenwald said in an email to Motherboard. “It was like pulling teeth! I went around with them to try and do it, finally achieving it. I received a large box with a couple of thousand pages, and I had to scan them one page at a time.”

The CIA used the rather outdated .tif format, so software processing is also difficult. Ufologists don’t have to talk about a gift, it’s more like trying to get rid of garbage in order to get rid of annoying researchers. 

“Researchers and curious minds alike prefer simplicity and accessibility when they look at such data dumps,” says Greenwald. “The CIA made it INCREDIBLY difficult to use its archives in a sensible way. They offer a very outdated format (multi-page .tif) and offer largely unusable text output, which I think they intend to use as a “search” tool. In my opinion, this outdated format makes it very difficult for people to view documents and use them for any research purposes.”

However, there are also enough mysterious stories there.

Thousands of files were uploaded in the first 24 hours after release, Greenwald said. Some documents are crisp and clear, while others are almost impossible to decipher.

According to Greenwald, one of the most interesting documents in this article relates to the fact that the Assistant Deputy Director of Science and Technology passed on some serious information about UFOs to the CIA back in the 1970s. After that, it became extremely difficult to obtain information from the government about extraterrestrial phenomena.

The release of the documents comes six months before the UFO report to be released by the US government. This means that the revelations are not made at this time randomly.

In particular, intelligence experts have 180 days to formulate an official report on signs or secret aircraft near US military bases, which will be released later.

The CIA has laid out all its information about UFO's in the public domain 102

Greenwald posts the files in the Black Vault, as he claims that publishing the files is a matter of public interest and notes that citizens have a right to know.

“The public has a right to know!” Greenwald says. “When I started my research almost 25 years ago, at the age of 15, I knew there was something about this topic. Not from viral online pranks, not from secret meetings with insiders that no one has ever seen. No, this is all UFO evidence straight from the CIA and NSA. I feel like I’ve almost achieved what I set out to do – give people easy access to important material so that people can form their own opinion about what’s going on.”

The aliens are already among us.

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Trump-signed bill obliges US federal services to publish UFO contact data

Trump-signed bill obliges US federal services to publish UFO contact data 103

The incumbent president of the United States signed the government spending bill this Sunday. The bill signed by Trump, among other things, obliges the US federal services to publish data on contacts with UFOs. American magazine Newsweek told about it in its publication. This provision appears in the report of the Special Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Senator Mark Rubio. 

The document is an annex to the new Exploration Permit Act. It says that the US Secretary of Defense, the Director of National Intelligence and other officials must report on the facts of observation of aerial objects that could not be identified. They are also called “anomalous flying vehicles”. Of course, this is not only about “alien ships”.

Reports must be submitted no later than 180 days from the date of entry into force of the law. The special committee demands to include in them a detailed analysis of investigations of UFO “intrusions” into American airspace, which were conducted by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The publication calls all these requirements a “request”, stating that they are not binding, since they have no legislative force.

If the executive branch fulfills this important request, the nation will finally have an objective basis for assessing the validity of this issue and its implications for national security.
– said the former director of human resources of the Senate Intelligence Committee Christopher Mellon.

The request from the special committee came after the appearance of the footage of flights of mysterious aerial objects, which were filmed by the pilots of the naval aviation in 2004 and 2015, published by the US Department of Defense.

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An Out Of This World Encounter: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the skies over Alaska

An Out Of This World Encounter: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the skies over Alaska 104

It was a normal flight. Well, not quite a routine…. It was Japan Air Lines special cargo flight 747 that carried a shipment of French wine from Paris to Tokyo. The flight plan was to include flight 1628 from Paris to Reykjavik, Iceland, via the North Atlantic and Greenland, then via Canada to Anchorage in Alaska, and finally across the Pacific Ocean to Tokyo. The crew included veteran captain Kenju Terauchi, co-pilot Takanori Tamefuji and flight engineer Yoshio Tsukuba.

On November 16, 1986, loaded with wine, JAL1628 took off from Paris and made the first leg of the journey to Reykjavik. The next day, they continued their flight over Greenland and then through northern Canada without any event.

An Out Of This World Encounter: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the skies over Alaska 105

Immediately after they crossed the Alaska border at 5:09 pm local time, Anchorage air traffic control contacted them by radio to report the first radar contact. The flight controller of Anchorage asked them to turn 15 degrees to the left and head towards a point known as Talkeetna on a course of 215 degrees. They were at an altitude of 35,000 feet and were traveling at about 600 miles per hour.

At about 5:11 pm local time, Captain Terauchi noticed the lights of some aircraft about 2,000 feet below and 30 degrees to their left. He figured it was probably an American jet fighter from nearby Eilson or Elmendorf airbases patrolling Alaska airspace, so he ignored them at first. However, after a few minutes, he noticed the lights were keeping up with his own aircraft, which would be unusual for patrol aircraft.

An Out Of This World Encounter: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the skies over Alaska 106

It has been about seven minutes since we started paying attention to the lights (when), in the most unexpected way, two spaceships stopped in front of our face, “shooting” lights. The interior cabin shone brightly and I felt warmth in my face.

Terauchi said he had the impression that two objects he saw below them a few minutes ago suddenly jumped out of him. The ships, one above the other, kept pace with the Boeing 747 for several minutes, moving in unison with a strange sway. After about seven minutes, they switched to a side-by-side arrangement. 

Terauchi said the “amber-whitish” lights were like flames coming out of several rocket exhaust windows arranged in two rectangular rows on the ship. He felt they were firing in a specific sequence to stabilize the ship, much like the small, maneuverable engines on the space shuttle. He also reported seeing sparks similar to fire when using gasoline or coal fuel.

An Out Of This World Encounter: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the skies over Alaska 107

Co-pilot Tamefuji described the lights as “Christmas platter” with a “salmon” color. 

He said:

“I remember a red or orange and white landing light, as well as a landing light. And a faint green, ah, flashing.”

He also described the lights as slowly pulsing. They got stronger, weaker, stronger, weaker, different from strobe lights. 

The lights “swayed” in unison, as if two planes were standing side by side, “very good formation … close.” He described the appearance of the lights as similar to a “head-on night flight” vision, where only the lights of an approaching aircraft can be seen, but “we cannot see the general shape.”

He said:

“I’m sure I’ve seen something.” 

It was clear enough to make me believe that an airplane was coming.

Flight Engineer Tsukuba, seated behind the co-pilot, could not see the lights so clearly. He first saw them “through window L1 at 11 o’clock and saw “undulating clusters of lights.” 

These clusters were “made in two parts … in the form of airplane windows.” He stressed that “the lights in front of us were different from the city ones.” He described the colors as white or amber.

An Out Of This World Encounter: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the skies over Alaska 108

Tamefuji decided to call Anchorage Air Traffic Control, and for the next thirty minutes the Boeing 747 and the AARTCC were in constant contact about UFOs.

At this time, Captain Terauchi asked Tskububa to hand him a camera so that he could try to photograph the lights. However, Terauchi was unfamiliar with the camera and could not get it to work. Tsukuba was also unable to get his camera to work due to autofocus issues and finally gave up trying to take a picture.

At this point, they began to experience some radio interference, and Anchorage asked them to change frequencies. Terauchi later said that Anchorage kept asking him about clouds in the immediate vicinity: they asked us several times if there were clouds at our height. We saw thin speckled clouds near the mountain below us, with no clouds in the air from mid to top, and the airflow was steady.

Shortly after talking about clouds, objects flew to the left. Terauchi later said:

“In the direction where the ships were leaving, there was a pale white flat light, they were moving with us in the same direction, at the same speed and at the same height as us.”

Terauchi decided to see if they were seeing anything on their own 747 radar:

I thought it would be impossible to find anything on the aircraft radar if the large ground radar showed nothing, but I estimated the distance to the object visually and it was not very far. I set the digital weather radar to 20 (nautical) miles, the angle of the radar to the horizon (i.e. no deflection angle). This was on the screen. A large green and circular object appeared 7 or 8 miles (13 to 15 km) in the direction the object was. 

We informed downtown Anchorage that our radar had caught an object within 7 or 8 miles at the 10 o’clock position. We asked them if they could catch it on ground radar, but it looks like they couldn’t catch it at all.

An Out Of This World Encounter: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the skies over Alaska 109

At 5:25:45 am, after two minutes of searching, the military radar at the Regional Operations Center Elmendorf also picked up something. The ROCC radar controller reported back to AARTCC that it received some “pulse primary return”. By this he meant a random radar echo, not accompanied by a transponder signal.

When 747 approached Fairbanks:

The lights (of the city) were extremely bright for eyes accustomed to the dark (the cockpit lights were turned off to prevent internal light from reflecting in the windows.) We were just above the bright city lights and checked out the pale white light behind us. 

“Alas! There was a silhouette of a giant spaceship. We must run fast! Center of Anchorage. JAL1628 asks to change course 45 degrees to the right. It seemed like a long time before we got permission.”

Immediately after the plane turned right, AARTCC dispatcher called Fairbanks control radar to see if the short-range radar had a target near the JAL. Approach radar reported no targets other than JAL1628.

The aircraft exited the turn and flew towards Talkeetna at an altitude of 31,000 feet while the object continued to follow.

At approximately 5:40 am, a United Airlines passenger plane took off from Anchorage and headed north to Fairbanks. The AARTCC controller decided to ask the UA pilot to try to see the object that was following the JAL flight. The UA pilot said he would watch when he got closer. The controller requested that the JAL flight remain at 31,000 feet and the UA flight at 29,000 feet. He then ordered UA to make a few more turns so that the planes could fly within five miles of each other.

As the United Airlines plane approached, the UFO apparently fell behind, allowing the JAL plane to fly far ahead. The United pilot asked the AARTCC for the JAL pilot to turn on the headlights on the JAL plane so he could locate the plane. At 5:49:45 am, the JAL pilot did it. At this point, the planes were about 25 miles apart.

An Out Of This World Encounter: Japan Air Lines Flight 1628 spotted a giant UFO in the skies over Alaska 110

When the planes were about 12 miles apart, UA reported seeing JAL and nothing else. But by this time the UFO appears to have disappeared, and JAL1628 did not notice it either.

At about 5:51 am, the AARTCC demanded that a TOTEM military aircraft in the area also fly towards the JAL aircraft to take a look. For the next few minutes, TOTEM watched the JAL plane, but saw no other vehicles. JAL1628 proceeded to Anchorage and landed at 18:20.

The FAA conducted an investigation into the incident and did not submit its final report until March 5.

CSICOP (Committee on Scientific Investigation of Allegations of the Paranormal) Phil Klass issued a premature statement on January 22nd claiming that UFOs were the planets of Jupiter. and Mars is an impossible solution because UFOs were seen in the opposite part of the sky to the positions of these planets, and because UFOs moved from positions on top of each other to stand side by side. 

CSICOP later published a second explanation that the UFO was light bouncing off clouds of ice crystals – also unlikely because the sky was clear at the UFO’s stated altitude. 

The US Federal Aviation Administration attributed the ground-based radar images as “split radar from a JAL Boeing 747”.

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