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U.S. plans to seize Great Britain are revealed

The mutual distrust and fear during the Cold War gave rise to wild scenarios. For example , the United States was seriously developing a plan for a large-scale invasion of Britain and the capture of the islands. In the event of an attack by the Soviet Union on them, of course.

By the way, the British side was not going to resist and even helped in the preparation, even after long persuasions, Daily Mail writes, presenting declassified archival documents containing a huge number of detailed photographs of the coastline, diagrams and descriptions of potential landing sites, as well as data on the depth of coastal waters. Although this information was not useful for its initial purpose, ecologists, geologists, archaeologists and other scientists now have unique samples on the basis of which it is possible to track half-century environmental changes.

In 1946, the US military launched the Sandstone project (Sandstone) – but do not confuse it with a series of nuclear tests of the same name in 1948. The Pentagon seriously took the possibility of aggression from the Soviet Union, and in the event of the capture of Europe, the British Isles became the ideal base for containing the “red threat”. Therefore, in the event of the communist occupation of the United Kingdom, it was necessary to develop a detailed capture plan, similar to the landing in Normandy, only with the help of more modern means.

Together with their colleagues from the UK, the Americans shot literally every inch of the coast. Photos were taken both from the air and by experts on the ground. Since the process was time-consuming and very expensive, it dragged on until the mid-1960s. Almost all sections of the coast were subjected to a detailed description, but, as it turned out, it was completely impossible to reach some places. Nevertheless, as a result, the main bridgeheads for landing were determined, where nothing would prevent American tanks, jeeps and trucks from quickly moving inland.

Similar interesting finds following the traces of the Cold War are not uncommon. For example, in February 2020, PM wrote about a find in Germany. Archaeologists excavated an ancient Roman villa near Cologne and  found a cache with a brand new Soviet spy radio station, which was hidden there shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Bizzare & Odd

Mysterious lights in the sky scared the people of China

The night sky over Matsu and Jinmen surprised the locals, many people photographed the sky and clouds, where unusual light spots shone brightly.

In Chinese and Taiwanese social networks, this event became so “viral” that the authorities even had to broadcast a story in which, with reference to meteorologists, this phenomenon was explained by the effect of “light pillars”.

Strange lights in China

True, meteorologists did not bother to clarify how this phenomenon appeared in the subtropics. Indeed, there is such a phenomenon, but these “pillars” look like a vertical luminous strip and, most importantly, this optical effect occurs at sub-zero temperatures.

This is how the phenomenon of “light columns” looks like

Jinmenquandao are islands in the western part of the Taiwan Strait, ruled by the Republic of China. Geographically located close to the coast of Fujian province of the People’s Republic of China, east of Xiamen city and south of Quanzhou city of Fujian province of China.

The Matsu Islands is an archipelago in the northern part of the Taiwan Strait, ruled by the Republic of China, near the coast of Fujian province.

This phenomenon was observed at 1:15 am on August 9, 2020. In the night sky of Dongju, Lianjiang County, a thin cloud floated, and at least 12 to 21 luminous points appeared in it.

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Bizzare & Odd

Noah’s Ark or Nazi ship: a mysterious “ship” discovered off the coast of Antarctica

One of the users of Google Earth examined in the images a huge “ice ship”, which lies not far from the coast of Antarctica. The huge ice structure south of New Zealand strikingly resembles a cruise ship with a row of windows and many chimneys.

The “ice ship” was noticed by a video blogger registered on YouTube under the nickname MrMBB333, who describes himself as the guardian of the Earth.

“I follow [on Google Earth] everything from the seabed to space and everything in between,” MrMBB333 says about himself.

In one of his latest videos, the author highlighted the part of the snow-covered Antarctica, in which, in his opinion, he found the ship. According to him, the vessel is about 130 meters long.

If you do not look closely, then we can assume that this is a huge iceberg, but if you examine the find in more detail, then there is absolutely no doubt that this is a real ship that was built on purpose.

Users in the comments under the video, which MrMBB333 posted on his channel on August 7, continue to argue where such a large ship could have come from in Antarctica. One user suggested that the ship was built a few years ago to save rich people in the event of the end of the world. Others leaned towards the shipwreck version. Another part believed that the YouTuber managed to find the mysterious Noah’s Ark. Also, the widespread version was that the ship had some direct relation to a secret Nazi military base.

At the moment there is no information about what kind of ship it actually is. In order to lift it off the ice and transport it for further study, it will take a lot of resources, and it is not possible to do this now.

Earlier in the same video, MrMBB333 shows another piece of ice in Antarctica, which he claims has wall marks and parking spaces. In the comments to the video, users either jokingly or seriously build conspiracy theories about the origin of the ship.

Various versions are being put forward: from a secret Nazi base to traces of an ancient civilization.

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Bizzare & Odd

53-year-old looking 25 reveals the secret of “eternal youth”

Edson Brandao from the Netherlands told Unilad how at 53 he manages to look several decades younger.“People are always shocked when they find out that I’m 53 years old. They all think I’m 25,” he admits.

Brandao claims that he never resorted to the help of plastic surgeons, and his appearance is the result of a healthy lifestyle.

He adheres to a special diet: he does not eat fried and canned food, and also avoids sugar.

The man combines all this with strength training. He prefers mineral water from drinks, drinking about two liters daily.

Brandao also stresses that he has never smoked or used drugs in his life.

“Now I feel no worse than when I was not even 30,” he says. – I feel the same energy as before. To be honest, I’ve never felt so good.” he says.

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