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U.S. congressman stunned humanity with a sudden statement about UFOs: “The government has been silent for decades”

US Congressman Tim Burchett has urged the world to step up its investigations into UFOs and fears that tragedy could ensue if urgent action is not taken. The corresponding post was posted on DailyStar.

According to US Congressman Tim Burchett, the world needs to step up its investigation into 143 unexplained close encounters between an unidentified aerial phenomenon, or UAP, and military aircraft before tragedy strikes.

Although defense chiefs and NASA have launched separate probes to potential alien craft, the 57-year-old warned that progress has not been fast enough.

He urged the US government to release all records it has of UFO sightings and Top Gun pilots who claim to have had close contacts in order to be called to testify before Congress.

Tim, the former mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, expressed disappointment that defense chiefs have so far been able to find an explanation for only one of the 144 reported sightings since 2004.

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He stated that the search for truth was hampered by a lack of transparency “which is not only unfair to the public, but could also jeopardize the safety of our pilots.”

“Many military pilots have reported encounters with UFOs for which there was no logical explanation. Some of them warn that it is only a matter of time before a plane collides with an unexplained mid-air object. However, despite these warnings and reports, the first standardized reporting framework was not created until 2019. Our government has been surprisingly silent on this topic for many decades, despite many reports,” he said.

One of the unexplained sightings was a video taken by a military aircraft showing a UFO buzzing over a US Navy ship off the coast of California in July 2019.

The Tic Tac-shaped object flew over the Pacific Ocean for several minutes before disappearing below the ocean’s surface.

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