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U.S. Army shelled a UFO with thousands of artillery shells, it mysteriously disappeared without damage like a “ghost”

UFOs first appeared in January 1878. J. Farmer in Texas, USA Martin saw a circular object in the sky. After that, 150 newspapers in the United States published the news, calling this object a “flying saucer.”

In the 1940s, Idaho entrepreneur K. Arnold while on a private plane passing near Mount Rainier in Washington, witnessed nine disc-shaped UFO at high speed and since then, we are witnessing an explosion of UFO occurrences.

The UFO sightings that took place in the world in the last century have been reported countless times by the media, and the most mysterious one was the “UFO shelling incident by the Los Angeles Air Defense Force”. This incident is known as the first UFO shelling incident in human history. However, it was interpreted by the US military as a “weather balloon.”

The Second World War, which swept across the world in 1942, would have three years to come to an end. After the “Pearl Harbor” incident, the American people were already in panic. At midnight on February 24, a UFO incident occurred in Los Angeles, USA.

That night, several shining circular unknown objects suddenly appeared in the sky late at night in Los Angeles, which attracted the attention of the US Department of Defense. The downtown area of ​​Los Angeles immediately entered a state of light control. The city was like an iron box with no light coming out, only the air defense sirens were reminiscent in people’s ears, while ordinary citizens were hiding shiveringly in this “iron box”.

The U.S. military believed that this was another long-planned airstrike plan by the Japanese army, and several searchlights shot at the constantly shining flying objects in the sky. The artillery shells rushed into the midnight sky of Los Angeles with the tearing “sound of death”.

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The 2000 rounds of the anti-aircraft artillery regiment were quickly shot out. The confident US military thought it would wipe out these “Japanese aircraft”, but when they looked at the sky again, they saw another strange sight. UFOs seem to be provoking the army, changing their positions in the sky. Before the military could figure out the situation, they mysteriously disappeared like “ghosts”.

The headlines of the newspaper the next day quickly reported the strange incident that happened in Los Angeles: Many houses were accidentally hit by artillery fire, 5 residents were killed as a result, and 3 suffered a heart attack because they could not stand the noise of the lethal artillery fire which went on for several hours.

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The military immediately issued a statement that they believed that the UFO that appeared over Los Angeles this time was a Japanese commercial aircraft. These planes just wanted to take advantage of the night to distribute flyers and perform psychological warfare missions.

Later, the U.S. Air Force Historical Archives attributed all this to a missing weather balloon. However, a large number of people and scholars do not buy this account, they believe that if these UFOs over Los Angeles were indeed planes, it would be impossible to survive the powerful firepower of the US military.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that they should be aliens living thousands of light-years away, and appeared above Los Angeles in order to explore the situation of the earth. Coincidentally, five years later, another UFO incident that shocked the world occurred in the United States.

In 1947, a crashed flying saucer and the corpse of the alien were discovered in Roswell. However, the US military’s statement on the matter has not changed. They still claimed that the UFO that fell was only a weather balloon. Later, under pressure, the US government had to admit that what appeared over Los Angeles that day was indeed a UFO. The Los Angeles battle is therefore called the first UFO shelling incident in human history.


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