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Two satellites have exploded under mysterious circumstances in space

US Air Force experts analyze strange incidents in near-earth orbit: someone or something destroys satellites, tearing them apart.

The US military reported the destruction of the Chinese weather satellite Yunhai 1-02. Considering that the device was launched into orbit just a year and a half ago, this incident looks very strange.

It is noteworthy that a week earlier, at the same altitude of 800 kilometers, the US meteorological apparatus NOAA-17, which had worked for about 20 years, exploded.

It looks strange that both destroyed satellites were simply torn to pieces.

Some experts believe that a detonation of the batteries occurred on the satellites, however, it is difficult to say what exactly led to this event. Other researchers do not exclude the start of star wars, and now it is worth strengthening control over the movement of satellites, both their own and those of others.

Some researchers believe that the whole point is in the changes taking place on Earth, which may be related to the possible upcoming change of the planet’s poles.

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Earlier, a group of scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA) discovered the so-called South Atlantic Anomaly, over which malfunctions of satellites and other spacecraft occur.

There is of course a third scenario, an unusual asteroid bombardment which has become a common reoccurrence.

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Is something flying towards Earth and the satellites are on its way?

Asteroids are a very important topic, since something has been going on with these falling rocks lately, however, we are trying to make messages on this topic only on key events, but the situation is developing according to some kind of bad scenario.

California, March 20:

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Pennsylvania, March 21:

Indonesia, March 16:

Brazil, March 16:

Florida, March 21:

Amsterdam, March 22:

England, March 20:

Somehow it coincided that the meteorites went like a ribbon – quite a lot of them fell in a few days and they are all bright, they all got into the media, because themselves do not stare at the sky, but review the press. 

In general, the situation is kind of strange and one gets the impression that the meteorite cloud through which the Earth currently passes is some unusually dense, could affect and damages satellite’s and there is a high probability that in the coming days something somewhere crashes from above in a big way. 

We hope that it will not be an asteroid with a diameter of hundreds of meters, in anticipation of which, according to rumors, quarantine was arranged. 


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