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Two ‘alien ships’ are recorded on both sides of the sun

Two 'alien ships' are recorded on both sides of the sun 1

NASA cameras captured two alien craft on either side of the sun. The corresponding footage on her channel was presented by amateur astronomer Gina Maria Colvin Hill.

She regularly shares videos with Internet users that cause heated discussions, because people are always attracted by something mysterious. As you can see from the frames with the naked eye, there are two elongated alien objects that move on both sides of the Sun.

Netizens began to discuss the submitted material with interest. For example, one commenter noted that he once saw a super-mother ship that looked like the city of New York lay on its side beneath it, and it included thousands of small alien objects of various types. 

Someone noted that NASA is well aware of what is really happening on and around the Sun, but they are in no hurry to inform the public about this. 

There are suggestions that it is there that there is a portal for the movement of UFOs. Also, subscribers of Gina Maria Colvin Hill noted that alien ships are surprisingly large, even surpassing the Earth, which leads to the question: “How many life forms are in outer space.”

If we take into account that the diameter of the sun is 1.4 million km, then the length of the ship is about 14 thousand km.

One of the users also assured that she had seen a similar portal recently on NASA footage, to which the astronomer suggested that it might open at a certain time.


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