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TV Show Ghost Nation captured apparition of legs walking across stairs

TV Show Ghost Nation captured apparition of legs walking across stairs 1

If you have been watching and keeping up to date with new TV show Ghost Nation on Travel Channel then you have more than like seen the episode ‘Ghosts From the Battlefield’.

Jason, Steve and Tango investigate a property just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The owners of the property claim of having possessed mannequins and seeing apparitions.

They believe that the property is being haunted by civil war soldiers from the battle of Gettysburg. One such apparition is a white figure seen on the steps.

During the investigation the Ghost Nation team captured an apparition of legs walking across the stairs where the white figure was seen.

Could this be some of the most compelling evidence of ghosts?

Jason Hawes believes it to be a residual type haunt rather than an intelligent type.

I thought this would have made more news than it has done, nothing much has been said about the episode or what they captured.

I wanted to post about this to get your opinion on the footage.

What do you think of it?  Is it a genuine apparition?

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TV Show Ghost Nation captured apparition of legs walking across stairs 2

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