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Tsunamis will engulf continents: Potential warning on imminent Pole Shift in no less than 8 months

There is a very strange change in trend in the visions of well known sensitives hanging out on YouTube, 444prophecynews.com and similar sites. It’s like a dam has burst now and in every headline “the whole Earth will shake”, “tsunamis will engulf the continents” and all sorts of fireballs falling from the sky. People see it somehow massively and the event is clearly approaching.

Our attention was attracted by a message with the nickname ANNO.DOMINI. The attention of ANNO.DOMINI was attracted by the message of Mr. Cryptic1, who was told to look at Patagonia, which is likely to sink soon. And as ANNO.DOMINI writes, about 12 years ago he also had a revelation about the pole shift. And, according to this revelation, the new South Pole will be in the area of ​​the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego – the southern edge of Patagonia: 

The program highlighted the South Pole in red, the North Pole in blue, it will be somewhere in the Chita region.

ANNO.DOMINI is not Edgar Cayce, nor a NASA supercomputer and Pentagon’s professional sensitivities, however, as we all understand, no one will provide us with information from the above list. If Cayce drew such a detailed map, it is now in a safe, which is guarded around the clock by sentries, so we are studying what is available. And in our opinion, what is available has every reason to be true. 

First, if we mentally continue a straight line in the direction of the existing movement of the magnetic pole, then we just hit somewhere in Chita, where, as it were, the new magnetic pole should be in time:

The magnetic pole is not geographical, but no one knows exactly what the difference is between them. Maybe it is created by vortices in the Earth’s, or maybe it is like a marker, ordering the geographic pole to take a new place. 

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This is how the Eastern Hemisphere will look if the ANNO.DOMINI scenario is implemented, that is, the South Pole is Tierra del Fuego, the North Pole is Chita. 

And this is a map of the Western Hemisphere:

The equator in the West will be in Florida, in the East – along the northern edge of the Gulf of Guinea. America will become the tropics, Canada will turn into Texas, Europe will also move south.

In the Eastern Hemisphere, the turn will be centered, as it were, in Turkey, to which the Greek mystics have long been promising some kind of terrible destruction. And this is quite natural for the axis of rotation of the lithosphere. Norway will be at the same latitude, while England will plunge into the tropics. 

Everything could move in about 8 months if the evolution of the magnetic pole maintains its speed and direction.

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