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Triptych Enigma: Freemasonry’s Forbidden Ancient ‘Universal Religion’

Triptych Enigma: Freemasonry's Forbidden Ancient 'Universal Religion' 13

An  unprecedented new archaeological discovery has been made that ties  the world’s ancient pyramid-building civilizations together and shows  they all practiced the same advanced “Universal     Religion.”
The  discovery, on the surface, is a seemingly simple one: it is the  discovery of a key architectural parallel they all shared, and which  is still visible in the ruins of their temples. We can see this  parallel in the photo below. Note how the ancient Egyptians, Mayans,  and Indonesians—ancient  pyramid-building cultures that scholars claim were not     connected—all  built parallel-looking “Triptych” temples:
The  pyramid-cultures all built “Triptych” three-door temples,  with the door in the middle wider and taller than the two flanking  it.
As  we can see, the facade of each temple has the same unmistakable  three-door pattern. Astonishingly, the universality of this  architectural phenomenon has yet to be noted by archaeologists, and  as such I have chosen the term “Triptych” to describe it,  due to its similarity to the Triptychs painted by many Renaissance  painters (many of whom, we shall find later, were aware of these  Triptychs and their meaning).
These  ancient Triptych temples, far from being an isolated phenomenon,  occur in just about every ancient culture across the world. And they  occur multiple times in each culture. Note the Mayan Triptych temples  visible below:
The  abundant occurrence of the Triptych across the ancient world is not a  random coincidence. The Triptych represents more than merely an  architectural element; the Triptych is the chief symbol of an  advanced Universal Religion that was once shared globally in  Antiquity, mainly by the pyramid cultures. The discovery of the  Triptych provides, for the first time, conclusive evidence that  ancient cultures worldwide shared the same spiritual beliefs. It also  indicates that these cultures did not evolve independently, but were  probably descended from the same more remote parent source.
The  Universal Religion symbolized by the Triptych was banned in the West  2,000 years ago by the Catholic Church, but nonetheless it has  continued into modern times, surviving in the beliefs of Secret  Societies and their art and architecture. Look, for example, at the  headquarters of the Freemasons, the Skull & Bones, the Shriners  and the Knights of Pythias. Each building’s facade depicts an  unmistakable Triptych pattern:
The Triptych pattern is visible on the facades of the most famous Secret  Society headquarters (see below).
The  Universal Religion shared by the ancients and hidden in these Secret  Society Triptychs is a complex and detailed spiritual belief system.  Its tenets have been known throughout recent history by philosophers,  poets, theologians, astronomers, alchemists and occultist—all  of whom have been initiated into its wisdom.
The  Universal Religion teaches that:
–  Deep down each one of us is an eternal spiritual “soul”
–  This soul is our real true immortal “Self”
– This Self  is actually a divine “god” or deity with overreaching  powers
The  problem is, we have amnesia of our immortal godhood Self (capital S)  because it is covered up by our mortal animal bodily self (lowercase  s) while we live our lives on earth.
You  don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”  —C.S.  Lewis
“Man  is a god in the body of an animal according to the pronouncement of  ancient philosophy…”  [1]    Dr.  Alvin Boyd Kuhn
“A  man is a god in ruins.  [2]    ”  —Ralph  Waldo Emerson
By  following a careful set of instructions—encoded in the  Triptych—we can transcend our body and see our real god Self  within. This has long been the goal of alchemists, occultists,  spiritualists and philosophers, and it is achieved by an age-old  spiritual practice known as “Awakening Our Third Eye,” with  the Third Eye being a vestigial organ of spiritual illumination that  lies hidden in the human forehead. Whereas the two eyes see outward  at material things, the single Third Eye sees inward at the inner  soul.
The  Third Eye is well-known in esoteric circles and has been variously  described throughout history as the “Divine Eye,” “All  Seeing Eye,” “Mind’s Eye,” “Eye of the  Soul,” and “Inner Eye.” While the name for it  differs, what remains constant throughout the esoteric doctrines is  that the Third Eye is not a metaphor, symbol, or analogy. It is  affirmed to be a real, physical part of the body able to strengthen  or atrophy as much as any other muscle; by exercising it, one slowly  but steadily increases their awareness of their natural spiritual  powers.
Single  “Eye” and “Third Eye” portraits stretch back  thousands of years and appear again and again in myths, sculptures,  engravings, and paintings in ancient pre-Christian cultures across  the world. In fact, the further back in time we look, the more we see  the Third Eye in art, architecture, literature and poetry.
The  information here is exciting, new, and groundbreaking: it is,  however, merely scratching the surface of what this discovery means  and how this discovery could have extraordinary impact and importance  for archaeology, history, religion, and spiritualism. The  pyramid-building civilizations, and the similarities between them in  their religion, art, and architecture, are not non-significant  outliers that appeared through convergent evolution; they are,  rather, part and parcel of an ancient mystery religion that spanned  both time and space.
The  evidence of this has recently been regained, and this article has  presented to you a small piece of it: namely, a brief, very general  idea of the religion and its expression in cultures, including the  East and the West. Most notably, we touched upon the idea of the  Church’s attempted extermination of the Secret, and the way the  Masons subsequently encoded it in the very facades of the cathedrals  they built for the Church.
There  are, of course, many other tie-ins and parallels that could be done  with this information, some of which I have done for myself in  Written In Stone.  In it, I discuss everything touched upon in the article, and expand  upon it—including research into the religion’s philosophies,  its expression in various different religions across the globe, and  its potential origins and paths throughout history, enabling the  dissemination of this information across the globe and into cultures  as seemingly different as the Mayans and Egyptians.
This  is, however, merely a drop in this new, unexplored ocean: even with  all the research I have put into the subject, there is far, far more  work to be done in the field. What is important about this discovery  is simply that it has been discovered: for the first time ever in  modern history, the lost Universal Religion of the ancients has been  reconstructed and is now open to everyone who wishes to study and  research it further, whether philosophically, religiously, or  historically.
It  is in this spirit of adventure that I would like to end this article  and thank everyone for reading; go forth and learn about the  Universal Religion for yourself in my book Written  In Stone. I hope it  enriches you and spurs you to look into this discovery more and join  me in my quest to uncover the truths lost to history, the facts and  evidence that have sunk deep into the mists of time!
Triptych Enigma: Freemasonry's Forbidden Ancient 'Universal Religion' 14
Triptych Enigma: Freemasonry's Forbidden Ancient 'Universal Religion' 15
Triptych Enigma: Freemasonry's Forbidden Ancient 'Universal Religion' 16
Triptych Enigma: Freemasonry's Forbidden Ancient 'Universal Religion' 17
Triptych Enigma: Freemasonry's Forbidden Ancient 'Universal Religion' 18
Triptych Enigma: Freemasonry's Forbidden Ancient 'Universal Religion' 19


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