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Trip Therapy: Beyond reality and the shrouds of consciousness

Trip Therapy: Beyond reality and the shrouds of consciousness 1

You may remember the Ken Russel-directed fantasy film “Beyond Reality” (1980 “Altered States”) starring William Hurt. An anthropologist decides to embark on the study of states of consciousness by taking hallucinogens in a sensory isolation chamber He will, of course, experience unusual and even very disturbing states of consciousness that can be described as a bad trip.

This movie was probably made to discourage the masses from using psychedelics (LSD, Psilocybe, Peyote, Ayahusaca and Datura), scaring them and permanently annihilating the influence of acid gurus such as Timothy Leary. Indeed, without going into a delirium of conspiracy theory, psychedelics are considered dangerous for the control of individuals, for the safeguard of the “order” of a right-thinking society. This was the position of governments at the time, and still today where in most countries these substances are banned. 

Unlike alcohol which stupefies the neurons and destroys the consumer’s intelligence, well-used psychedelics have the opposite effect of initiating, clarifying consciousness, and above all awakening. Which is much more subversive.

The rehabilitation of psychedelics for therapeutic and initiatory purposes

Having the chance to live in a country where many illicit substances are authorized for sale, I can only share a point of view not dominated by fear but the search for new frontiers of experimentation and evolution of consciousness. human. Far from romanticizing artificial paradises with playful hallucinations, the intention of this article is to highlight the benefits of psychedelics used for therapeutic and/or initiation purposes by warning against the dangers of irresponsible and ultimately disrespectful use. of these substances.

When you think about taking a psychedelic the important thing is to ask yourself why: is it to escape your problems? to live an incredible experience? to try to understand something, to get rid of a toxic vision or for a spiritual initiation?

Trip therapy is the name of a concept involving individual psychedelic therapies or group ceremonies with the aim of clearing a polluted and dying modern psyche, by disarming the conditionings anchored in the consciousness of a hypnotic collective hallucination. Cure evil with evil in a way.

You can choose a one-on-one session with a Buddy or Sitter who will guide you through the journey so that you can reach your goal and avoid a nightmarish and traumatic experience. Substances are used as tools to see and understand what is happening in the back room of consciousness and to correct. It’s not about getting high randomly, but about taking advantage of an “opening” in consciousness and perception to evolve into an improved version of yourself. Disturbance of the senses rearranges common sense.

The Wisdom of Responsible Drinking: Be Prepared

When one remembers Castaneda and the use of psychoactive plants by shamans for millennia, the initiatory use of psychedelic plants is correct. They exist to allow man to communicate with an immaterial dimension and to develop his understanding of reality and of himself. However, they are not exclusive and many other ways of exploring consciousness exist such as intensive meditation, sensory deprivation or, on the contrary, the exacerbation of sexual energy, physical exhaustion, trance and many others. other spiritual practices belonging to different cultures.

If you decide to undertake an inner exploration by taking a psychedelic, be aware that the dangers exist, it is a bit like walking on the razor’s edge. This requires information and caution to be sure to get the most out of it.

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To “stay the course” during the trip, it is advisable to ask yourself beforehand what is the intention behind your decision. Ask clear questions in writing, formulating in priority what is crucial, essential for you at this precise moment in your life.

Prepare yourself well in the days leading up to the experience, both physically and mentally and spiritually if that is your inclination. Be aware that the psychedelic plant will intensify whatever state of mind or mood you are in at the time of consumption. Only take a psychedelic when you feel good, even if the day before you were not at your best, it does not matter, what matters is to feel strong and in balance the same day. In case of depression or mental or physical pathologies, consult your doctor before starting a trip therapy.

Do not consume alcohol, take any medications or smoke cannabis, in combination with psychedelics. This will avoid a traumatic bad trip.

If this is your first time it is strongly advised not to be alone, having a friend to accompany you if things go wrong, preferably someone with experience of psychedelics, is essential.

Choosing a comfortable and peaceful place where you feel good, with good vibes such as your living room, your garden or your favorite corner of nature promotes an optimal experience.

If it is hallucinogenic mushrooms or truffles, consume them on an empty stomach, 4 or 5 hours after your last meal, and the day before, eat light.

Whether you are having a first experience or whether it is a recurrence, choose your entourage carefully, those with whom you can share the best and the worst. Even if it’s not a bad trip, negative emotions can arise and will be felt with much more intensity than normal.

Taking psychedelics alone is obviously a deeper and more introspective approach (see Adlous Huxley’s ‘The Doors of Perception’) but is not recommended for everyone. It all depends on your nature and previous experience.

If the subject interests you, do research, read, inform yourself before experimenting.

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To conclude, it is to be hoped that psychedelics will be rehabilitated, even in a controlled setting as a magic key to consciousness, a tool that would perhaps allow a mutation of thought outside the commonplaces.


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– Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge – Terence McKenna

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– The Psychedelic Experience – Timothy Leary


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